SUB)vlog. Night Routine. Table makeover. Cooking dinner

Today is a table reforming day. I’ll change it to a lighter color. Matt sheet paper purchased beforehand. Stick it well so that air doesn’t get inside. Using eyewear cleaning cloth instead of using a push stick. Pull the tip firmly so it doesn’t crease Change the chair cover. Use the chair cover purchased a year ago. I bought a small stove. The house is cold because it’s old I chose the best design and it looks fine. Working well I think we can stay warmer in this winter. The next thing to do is trim the SongE’s hairs. SongE lost a lot of hairs except legs. So I have to trim it often. My sweetie. Sometimes doing Spa for skin care. Always be rewarded with a snack at the end of the course She also takes out a dog Christmas gift calendar one per a day. Dinner time Today’s menu is fried octopus, Put the flour on the octopus and wash. Wash off the flour Add various vegetables. Season and mix well. Want to stir the octopus with soup so, I did not poach the octopus in advance. Taste and add seasoning. Well done. I make a mountain rice for my pig husband. I decided to eat today at the seat table so that the sheets would stick well. It is more delicious when you mix it. That’s all for today

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  1. 저 난로 장바구니에 담아놓고 필요한지 아닌지 확신이 안서서 고민하는 사이에 물량 없어서 3주 후에나 발송한데요 ㅋㅋㅋ 그 와중에 다이슨 히터가 오락가락해서 급하게 다른거 알아보고 있어요.. ㅜㅜ

  2. 집순이 주부일상보러 집순이주부 왔어요 🤭 ㅎㅎㅎ 영상도 예쁘구 우연히 들어왔는데 넘 반가워요 ☺️

  3. 손재주가 정말 좋으신 것 같아요! >_< 요리도 셀프인테리어에 이어 셀프미용까지!🌷영상 느낌도 너무 편안하고 좋네요😉

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