Subway Sweet Sixteen – a surprise birthday on the train!

Hello, hi ladies and gentleman So my name is Addie and It’s my best friend Jenny’s sweet 16 birthday, and Jenny loves the subway. She loves it so much that we thought we would throw her a surprise birthday party right here on this subway car. She does not know this is happening. She thinks she’s going to a completely different birthday party. She’s going to come on at 57th Street. Our friend Sam is there. She’s making sure she’s gonna get on this car exactly. So if you’re going to be here for 57th Street, we’d love it if you wanted to hold up a sign like my friend here, or blow up a balloon or hold a streamer. Oh yeah what’s your name what’s “Niko” okay Niko says he would not miss this party and that’s how I feel! Does everyone have a balloon? Is everyone ready to be festive? OK here it is! Everyone crouch! Shhhhh! Niko! Hide Niko! Shhh! Shhhh! Oh this looks beautiful. 3, 2, 1! Surprise!! *everyone sings* Happy Birthday to you! We have cupcakes if you guys want a cupcake! Do you want to take a photo with Jenny by the photo booth? – of course! Hi if you’re just getting on and you’re like what’s going on… It’s Jenny’s 16th Birthday party! Bye Niko! 1, 2, 3 Sweet Sixteen! hey guys thanks for watching, and happy birthday to Jenny Big announcement: our annual Mp3 Experiment is happening on Wednesday June 21st. It’s a ton of fun. It’s a big participatory audio mob. Thousands of people will be doing it in Manhattan. Come be a part of it, and in the meantime subscribe we’ll have new videos coming out soon. Thanks guys.

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  1. I remember when this channel was good. I loved those movie pranks do more of those please. And the musical's. Those were me favorite's.

  2. This is fake. The women at 1:47 who says that you have really nice friends. She is an actor. See for yourself if you can recognize her.

  3. why do people so care about it is real birthday or not? You guys totally miss the point of what this prank is for.

  4. you guys are amazing. Never fail to make everyone happy. ☺ you deserve wayy more subs and more likes. 😃😍

  5. Just find out about this channel and I LOVE YOU GUYYYSSS!! You guys are awesome been watching you guys videos all day got me smiling and everything. Subscribed for life 👏🏽

  6. Wow..i never knew a subway can be so interesting in life…maybe.. sometimes.sorry if there's any typo+ grammar mistake

  7. aww, i love this video so much! it was so cool that everyone in the subway played along with the surprise and they were all having fun towards the end

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