Summer Garden Party Styling Ideas // Garden Inspiration // The Gardenettes

We’re going to show you how to get the
party started this summer with some garden inspired ideas that will make you
look like the perfect hostess! Now this trick ticks all the boxes – you can use
household items and whatever you’ve got in the garden and best of all you can
hang them anywhere! Rustle up some old glass jars or bottles and an assortment
of shapes and sizes then just pop on a bit of natural twine so that we can hang
them from trees or even umbrella later on. Add a touch of foliage here and there
for natural texture and then you can hang them like floral lanterns from
branches of your favorite tree or wherever you want them! You could bring a
dash of Gardenettes glam to the table too with floral serviette rings and they’re
really easy to make all you need a floral snips, a bit of floristry tape
some craft glue and then some metal rings. Now I actually just made these using
floristry wire and tape then you need some garden fresh flowers and foliage.
I’m using a bit of umbrella fern some wax flowers, brightly coloured yarrow,
gorgeous pink lisianthus and a dash of eucalyptus foliage. I like to use a
little bit of foliage first and then just attach it to the serviette ring with a
little bit of floral tape. Now those first couple of winds can be a little
bit fiddly but then you’ll be off and racing, simply repeat the step with each
flower or sprig of foliage until you’re happy with the design then stick any
excess foliage to the bare part of the ring to cover the remaining tape. So
there you have it such a cute idea! Why not add a bit of garden style to
refreshing summer drinky-poos and cocktails too – fill a retro glam dispenser
with citrus slices in all of the zesty colours top it up with sparkling water
and a splash of elderflower cordial and it is delicious. You can turn iceblocks into
floral treats as well using edible flowers or herbs. Now to really round out
the garden party scene make sure you do something special for the hostesses or guests and create a floral headband or
crown fit for a Gardenette. Now let’s get this party started….Cheers

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