Sundance Catalog’s 25th Anniversary with Robert Redford

Welcome to Sundance. The place. Where it all
started. It is magical. Here you find a sense of discovery,
a sense surprise, a sense of laughter, yet a sense of calmness, a reprieve. A sense of
joy. As special as it is all year, there is nothing
quite like Sundance during the holidays. This holiday, we celebrate our catalog’s
humble beginning 25 years ago, from our General Store. Today, as 25 years ago, we offer the
collections that embrace creativity and new discoveries for artisans and customers alike. Sundance is a natural host that inspires creativity,
independence, and freedom. To us, Sundance is and always will be a dream
being carefully nurtured. It’s a place whose pledge is to creativity, independence, and
the people who represent this. Holidays at Sundance. Enjoying a drink at
the Owl Bar, sitting by the fireplace while the bartender shares endless stories. This holiday season brings the delight of
sharing the feeling of the season with loved ones. Sharing stories and cherishing the company
of those around. The alpenglow on the mountain ridge, the soft
snowfall, the crisp chill in the air, the smell of marshmallow s’mores over the fire, warming
the heart. Happy Holidays from us to you.

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