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  1. I just received a notification that you were live with the caption "Are you hungry?"!
    When I clicked on it, it said "This video is unavailable"

  2. Thank you for joining me for dinner. I hope you enjoyed it. If you love what I do and what to support me in a way that also gives you extra rewards, then you may consider becoming a patron: https://www.patreon.com/AnnaTyrie
    See you soon! x

  3. Hello Teacher.
    More than wonderful, I always follow, and take advantage of the new vocabulary, today's lesson is multi – and really useful, especially that it contains some details about Britsh kitchen , eating, vegetables and meat, many thanks and appreciation for this great work ,
    Great wishes.

  4. When stay home alone in the house i prepare beef with spaguetti, or sometime, tacos ( mexican food), well here in my country " asado"

  5. You're not only a good teacher, you're a good cook as well. It all looks so yummy. I like the end with all the dirty pots. Lol

  6. You're not only a good teacher, you're a good cook as well. It all looks so yummy. I like the end with all the dirty pots. Lol

  7. Thanks Anna for the feast. We have the same traditions in Australia. I had forgotten that a courgette is the other name for zucchini; here we use zucchini, the American word in place of courgette, I don't know why as for most things the UK usage is preferred over US usage. but having a mum from the UK and family there I did know the word courgette. Not a fan of sprouts too, but a big fan of Yorkshire pudding (my mum's – along with her gravy is the best). The downside of a roast is always the washing up!

  8. I love these videos! You should definitely keep making more cooking videos 😍. I’m doing the Sunday roast for sure!

  9. Hi Anna, I grew up eating a Sunday roast dinner as a child in America This is definitely an English meal. My Mom made the best gravy which I would pour all over my plate with the roast, potatoes and carrots. I will definitely subscribe to your channel. I enjoy the different English dialects in Britain from the west, east, north and south. My heritage came from the west side of England. My grandparents dialect exhibited this. Also, it is fun to hear the different English words and how they are used in Britain and America. Thanks again, Jeff Westover.

  10. Hello ! Anna, my love 😍. Have you ever eaten Brazil food ? rsrsrsrs If you eat you would never forget.

  11. Hi Annita, we've got almost the same tradition here in Argentina. We are used to cooking barbecues on Sunday, but if it's a rainy Sunday we cook any kind of pasta like spaghetti, caneloni or ravioli. Generally, all people here prefer the barbecue because we can pass time out with family and friends more easily. It's eaten at midday and after dinner we wait for our football team matche, we love football here, LOL. Well, as always, I'm looking forward to seeing your next video, greetings!

  12. Queen Anna ma'am, Good video for me because I belong to food& beverage industry.Anna ma'am which is your favourite food and drink please reply me,God bless you.

  13. OMG!!!!!!! It looks stunning!!!!!
    'Pig in blankets'?!?!? One of the most cutest and funny expressions I've ever heard!!!!
    Thanks for the recipe!!! 🙂
    By the way, as I'm fond of cooking, it would be a pleasure to contribute to translate this video for your Spanish followers! I can't see the link to do it! 🙁

  14. In America, beef pot roast is common on Sundays. We usually just throw it in the crock pot and slow cook it for 8 hrs in beef broth. Or you can slow cook it in barbeque sauce, then shred it, and make barbeque beef sandwiches or po'boys. I've never heard of Yorkshire pudding, but it looks tasty.

  15. Hi Anna, u r videos are amazing. I love them. Can you make a video about how to pronounce word “little” “bottle” or any dark l after t or d. I found it is quite hard to make this word sound the same as what you did. Cheers

  16. Hi Native!

    I'm a Londoner, and here's how I do the perfect roast

    Season and rest chicken thighs

    Put in to a deep pan with a little oil to brown. You can pop a lid on at this point

    Meanwhile, peel and quarter potatoes, rinse off and pop in seasoned cold water to par boil

    Then I cut some onions, mushrooms, carrots and peppers if I fancy and place into a deep dish, whilst I pop the kettle on to boil some water for the stock

    Once the kettles boiled add water to stock in a bowl, then pour over the deep dish with all the lovely veg

    Take the chicken out of the pan, drain off any excess oil and place into the dish, don't forget to spoon over and stir the stock

    Pop in oven, with a separate tray of goose fat. Then take your potatoes, drain, shake, session and cover to dry out. Add to sizzling fat, whilst turning your chicken.

    Prepare stuffing. Let it cool, whilst you prep your veg (in my case, cauliflower and sprouts!) Pop veg in pot with cold water and bring to the boil.

    Roll stuffing in to flat balls and pop in oven, turn potatoes and check chicken of course

    At this time, take chicken out, cover with foil, take deep dish out and add flour/ granules, splash of wine and pop on hob to thicken and reduce

    Drain veg, pop into bowl and add a knob of butter, salt and pepper and any other seasoning to finish off roasting in the oven

    At this time remove potatoes, place on to kitchen paper to drain, take out stuffing. Plate up chicken, potatoes, stuffing and bring out the roasted buttery veg.

    Once plated, give your rich gravy a final stir and and add to your plate to finish

    * A lovely extra is sliced avocado. Trust me it works!

  17. having a roast every sunday is fair enough. but doesnt explain why everything in a sunday roast is overcooked by the brits?

  18. Hello Anna, Salam…Your new flat is really captivating and very beautiful….May you be progressive always…Ameen…

  19. What do you all eat the rest of the week?

    I have Sunday roast most days of the week. I just toss root veggies in with some meat and cook it all for an hour at 350 Fahrenheit.

    I always thought pigs in a blanket was sausage links in pancakes.

    I make Yorkshire pudding on Christmas Eve. Too messy to do it any regular day.

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