Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day

(rhythmic drumming) – [Narrator] I guess they
tell us that in 1969 Alcatraz was occupied by Indigenous People. – Our stand is Alcatraz Island, it’s a stand of self-determination and Indians are making their stand here and there’s nobody who’s
gonna move us from here. – I come out here, because it’s who I am. It’s in my blood to be here and to stand for my ancestors and to keep our tradition
and our culture alive. – When everybody’s
thinking about Columbus Day and celebrate the
discovery of the New World that have been taught to us, well, we recognize that
it’s Original Peoples Days. People who were here already
and received Columbus and the rest of the people
who came afterwards. (rhythmic drumming)

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  1. The rock and roll song "We Hold The Rock" tells the story of the occupation of Alcatraz Island in the 1970s by American Indian activists.

  2. There are no indigenous people to North America they migrated from Asia! It should therefore be called happy Asian immigrant day!

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