Super Bowl Party Ideas by Mr. Handyman

[Exciting music playing] With the Super Bowl coming up a lot of us are planning parties with our friends and family. Now do we want to have an ordinary, boring football party?
Are parties ordinary? I don’t think so.
We are here to share with you a few ideas that Mr. Handyman thinks will make your football party much more memorable. Let’s face it, sometimes the food is just as exciting as the game so you need a great place to put it.
I can think of a good place. Seriously who wants plastic football themed tablecloths when you can have your very own field? Just take a piece of plywood and cut it to fit your table. Attach green outdoor carpet to it with duct tape, add a few lines and tada! you’re a very own field in your dining room or kitchen. Mmm. These pretzels are making me thirsty. With all that pretzel eating and cheering you’re bound to be thirsty. Here’s where we can do something really fun. Let’s make a football themed bar.
A bar? All right. Let’s go. See look what we made, a football themed bar that is really gonna wow your guests.
See, it worked. We made a box out of two by fours and board. Put a football shape on the front. A little green outdoor carpet on top, and we’re ready to go. Plus we had a little leftover so we made coasters.
All right.
Now follow me I have something fun for during the game.
Let’s go. While you’re watching the game some of you might think that you could do a better job calling the plays. Why not give your guests a place to show off what they would do and turn your coffee table into a field chalkboard. We’ve cut a piece of plywood to fit the coffee table giving it several coats of chalkboard paint. Added lines with the paint marker and numbers with vinyl stickers and finish the edges with some duct tape and we’re ready to go. Let me show you what I would do. Touchdown! Got it?
Got it. Wait, are we X’s or O’s? Don’t forget some of your guests might like to really get in the game. With the plywood left over from your coffee table chalkboard. You can build your very own football throw game.
Go ahead honey, give it a shot.
All righty.
Alright! Good job, honey!
Touchdown! Now if your handwriting isn’t the best you can use vinyl stickers to do the lettering on your board now There’s one other thing We still have to do and that’s make goalposts out of PVC pipes, so we can play football in the yard right, honey I’m already on it For details on how to complete these and other projects visit our website at

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