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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I have an easy and affordable
graduation centerpiece for the class of 2018 here we go the qualities I love in the centerpiece
cheap easy and very quick to make so let’s get started I’m going to start off
by taking out all the content from inside the frames all four of them now
I’m going to go ahead and paint the frames black yeah I know the frames are
blackboard they’re not a gloss black and it’s the little details and make things
look a little more quality in a little more polished so painting it gloss black
is going to make a look 20 times better I’m going to be using gift bags from
Dollar Tree to make my centerpiece and I wanted to show you another bag they
carry so if you like this one as well you can incorporate it or you can swap
for one of these so alright and next what I’m going to do this one out of the
way I am going to use the glass from the frame to Center the amount that I need
from the gift bag and it’s going to be tight but that’s okay so here are my frames that look very
very nice look at that see how pretty and shiny totally makes a difference
I’ll let this dry for about an hour and you want to do that before you start
handling it because then it’s going to be all over your hands non way to place
all of the content back including the gift back cutout that I made and yeah
here we go all right so I was driving myself crazy
for a second but I should know better because dollar tree changes things on
you all the time so as you can see here can you see that yep alright all of
these frames are 2.5 by 3.5 these two right here by 5 by 7 I get that right oh but this one happens to be bigger a tiny
bit bigger look at that this one in the front is a tiny bit bigger like half an
inch but it makes a difference so here’s what I recommend I do like the half an
inch but the only bad thing about it is that all the other ones are not the same
size so it’s going to make a little bit of a difference but not that much the
good difference is that you’re able to see the whole number I like that so that
half an inch helps whereas when you don’t have that half an inch eats up the
8 a little bit you see that okay so if you can find the one that’s bigger which
is going to be very hard to figure out because the only thing the frame says is
this all of them the same thing alright so what I’m going to do because I do not
have another frame I am going to place this one on the front this is going to
be my front and the other ones are going to be the back so I’ll be able to come a
flash what I gonna put on top so you won’t even be able to tell alright so
now I’m going to start putting this together so I’m going to put my backs
together by using e6000 sorry about that and I’m also going to use hot glue to
clamp it together okay so I’m going to grab my very first one right here up
front and I’m going to place B once on these sides are going to be you did it
are going to be my side and I’m going to do it behind this piece of frame right
here okay the same on this side and the back one is going to go in the
outside okay so this two in the outside and these two in the inside all right next I’m going to cut out a piece of
this black foam board that I got from Dollar Tree and I’m going to be placing
it right on top of my box but first I have to place it right on top of my foam
board and then I’m going to be tracing it in the inside and then I’m going to
cut it out with my craft knife you should look something like this and
you may have to keep cutting around it until you get a size that is going to
fit on top of the box so now what you’re gonna do is turn your box over and then
you are going to place your foam board inside and it’s not going to be perfect
okay and never ever worry about things being perspective trust or not perfect
alright so that’s what it looks like in the inside so it will look something
like this on top but before that we have to glue this end to make sure that it’s
secure so I’m going to go ahead and add some hot glue to the edges around the
foam board and the frames so you can stay put okay so this is as good as it’s
going to get the loans are not heavy which is what I’m placing on top so I’m
not worried about it being so like you know super secure alright guys so now is
time to start decorating my balloon right on top of my box and I’m going to
be using five-inch bread’s five-inch balloons and gold five-inch balloons in
black and I have five-inch balloons transparent and I’m going to be adding
this blue confetti it’s very pretty to add a little pizzazz
to the arrangement and I’m also going to be using my balloon booty-booty what is
with my pronunciation is nowadays and I’m gonna be using my red wine and I’m
going to be using my balloon buddy oh my god I said it again I’m also gonna be
using my balloon buddy to blow up my balloons because 5/8 below
are very very hard to blow up on your own if you have a pump that’s also going
to help but doing it by yourself that’s gonna be a challenge I’m also going to
be using a funnel where I can place the confetti inside the balloons that makes
it very very easy you can do it by hand but it’s just going to be very messy
alright so now I’m also going to use some string it’s just go string that I
have laying around to tie the balloons together you can use whatever you have
around your house I ended up blind not for balloons of
each color and now I’m going to tie them together by color and then I’m going to
place them on top of the box you can mix up the colors and if each bunch if you
like but I’m just going to do the same color in a bunch all right so I decided not to bunch
these two with these because the balloons are not laying I want them to
like because you know each balloon is you know different and they’re kind of
like different sizes and different shapes so there they weren’t you know
laying down like I want them to so what I’m going to do is glue these two down
and then I’m going to individually glue the other two in the bathroom and I’m
switching to my low temperature gun so I can add glue on the balloons without
copying them I’m going to add a couple of more of the
transferable on with blue confetti to even out or to balance out the
arrangement I’m also going to be cutting the tips off or the bottom of the
balloon off because I’m going to be placing a bite stuff and you don’t want
to be able to see that so I’m just going to glue one here and a couple of the
others in the back so this is the final and balloon
arrangement on top I tried my best to balance it out
you can definitely place the balloons however you will like this was just my
choice the only thing I do recommend is that you use the transparent balloons
with the blue confetti because it looks very very nice okay guys this is it this
is my graduation centerpiece for the class of 2018 and this centerpiece
screams I’m so proud of you let’s celebrate it really does it is so easy
to make and like I said earlier the top can you know be customized to however
you want to make it there’s really no science to it all you have to do is tie
the balloons together and you know add glue as needed and another thing that I
like about this centerpiece is that I feel like it’s targeted more towards a
male and my other centerpiece was targeted more towards a female so now I
have both one for male and one female so it is perfect I hope you guys enjoyed
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video and leave me a comment let me know what you thought of this graduation
centerpiece do you like it more than the other one I made previously let me know
leave me a comment anyway because I love to chitchat with you guys all the time
until next time bye you

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