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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding in DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make
very easy and very affordable wedding pillars for your upcoming wedding
ceremony here we go what you Hiller’s can make your wedding
reception or your wedding ceremony look rat or very elegant but they also can be
very expensive for a while now I have been yep go around around on how to make
very easy ones and very inexpensive ones and I figure out a way so let’s get
started so the very first thing I want to do is get all of my painting out of
the way but before I do that let me give you the measurements and show you what I
have here and for that I am going to meet my home depot receipt so I will get
confused with all of the measurements alright so here I have oak wood and this
piece of wood came originally in a 12 by 8 feet in 5/4 in thickness I ended up
cutting this one into 4 pieces because I am going to be making two pillars and
this is now 11 by 14 inches over here I have melamine wood which is also known
as shelving wood and this piece of wood originally came in a 12 by 24 and 3/4 in
thickness for this one I pay 390 for a piece and I bought 2 pieces ok to make
my 4 pieces that I need it very cheap and for this one I did ended up paying
1996 but you can buy whatever a piece of wood you find our local store on sale
all you need to know is that this one needs to be 11 by 14 and this one needs
to be 10 and a half by 12 alright so let’s move on to the painting and you’re
probably wondering why I’m going to be painting this white thing white well I
bought it because I like the smoothness of the Mellen line here but on this two
sides it has exposed wood so I am going to be painting that okay so let’s do
that I’m also going to be painting 4 pie pans from Dollar Tree going to be
lightly spray painting my quick to most because I don’t want their writing to
show through under the laminate paper that I’m going to be wrapping it with
and this quick tip you are going to find at the concrete section at Home Depot
and this one is 8 by 32 inches now I’m going to move on to place my dry erase
laminate paper over my quick to this laminate paper I found our Walmart for a
little over 4 bucks which is not bad at all because you do get lots of paper
alright guys so now I have to tell you about a couple of issues I encounter and
conquer by the way so you guys don’t have to go through it when you make this
project alright so issue number one as I told you guys before make sure to cover
your writing on the quick tube so it doesn’t show through the paper
now that’s conquer it’s even number two as you guys remember if you guys have
regular Watchers on my channel I use this very same paper on my hot air
balloon box and he turned out beautifully which was actually the
inspiration behind me making my very own quick two pillar because quick two
pillars are not a new thing I had to make my own spin on it and I had to make
it easier cheaper so I decided to use the very same laminate paper that I use
from my hot air balloon the issue with that is that the Box on the hot air
balloon is smooth and very nice and slick however you want to call it it’s
just very smooth unlike the quick – quick tubes are a little bumpy and
grainy and it’s not smooth at all so my solution to that is that I’m going to
leave the backing paper from the laminate paper intact I am NOT going to
pull it off and I’m going to be gluing the entire thing with superglue
so even easier also make sure to allow the paint to dry overnight because you
don’t want any of the moisture from the paint to transfer to the paper I’m going to do the same on this side
now I’m going to go ahead and cut all of the excess laminate paper and it should
look something like this next I’m going to be making the bottom
of my pillar which is going to consist of my eleven by fourteen ten and a half
by twelve and my pie pan so what I’m going to do is stack them and I’m going
to be going down with liquid nails and have to cut this off or the bottom my
eleven by fourteen is going to be the bottom one then I’m going to stack D ten
and a half by twelve on top of it make sure that it is Center and then I’m
going to place my pan right on top s oh okay now for the top I’m going to do the
exact opposite I’m going to start with my pan then I’m going to go with my 10
and a half by 12 and then I’m going to finish it up with my 11 by 14 now I’m gonna go ahead and glue my
laminated quick tube on top of my base okay so I clean as much as I could
you can wait about four to six hours until it dries and then you can use some
acrylic paint and paint over the dark spots but I actually like it this way I
like it that it’s not squeaky clean it looks more real to me I mean it is real
but you know what I mean yeah so I kind of like it that way so
I’m going to leave it as this and finally here I have my top part so all
you have to do is just place it right on top no need to glue it on unless you
want to I chose not to glue it on because if I want to bring it outside
and I feel like it’s really windy I can always add sand to the two and that will
make it solid but other than that this is pretty solid anyway
alright guys this is it this is my wedding pillar for your upcoming
ceremony or wedding reception this pillar was so easy to make guys and he
takes absolutely no time except for letting the paint dry but other than
that easy love it I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please
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make sure to do so right now also leave me a comment let me know what you
thought of my wedding pillars and leave me a comment anyway because I love to
chitchat with you guys all the time in make sure you’re sure sure share sharing
is caring if you know a friend or a family member
getting married soon make sure to share with them to save them a buck or two
alright guys until next time bye you

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  1. WOW! That was easy to make. It turned out beautifully. I will make these when ever I get married someday.

  2. I love it!!! I would try it 3 difference size put next to each other with flowers πŸ’ or picture frame… thanks God bless

  3. Beautiful! Tayra. Do they make these in a larger size? Ive seen the cylinder pillars all over event planning sites for the dessert table. Is this what they use?

  4. YOU ARE AMAZING!! You don’t know how many of your ideas I have used… let’s say ALL OF THEM! I have not used the balloon backdrop yet… looking forward to using that soon!! Love you!! Thank you!!

  5. Thank you so much, I was searching the web to find a diy for this and the ones I’ve seen were really nice, but yours is awesome and economical. Will be making these. Thank you πŸ™

  6. Ok these weren’t easy Peasy for me. My quick tube opening was too small and the pie pans wouldn’t fit all the way in the tube opening. I had to improvise and add diamond wrap around the edges of the part of pie pan that wouldn’t go down into the tube. So the end result was good they still came out beautiful

  7. This is beautiful and easy breezy . Not to mention cost-effective . Thank you! Tayra God has gifted you with such talent. I thank Him for it and I know that you're a woman of faith so you do too πŸ™‚ Blessings

  8. Absolutely genius
    I can't wait to make them. I was going to rent 6 and it was too expensive. Now I can make them. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

  9. You did an Awesome job! I need to make some. I have a different version how I make mines one day I will do a video on it. Thank you for sharing Peace And Love!

  10. Omg….you are a life saver!!!! I have been wrecking my brain on how to recreate the floor pedestals that are very popular right now. This was right on time…thank you.

  11. Thank you thank you… My wedding will be fab & I owe it all to you.😘
    I think I will use marble contact paper or texture paint but what I love the most is that they are LIGHTER to tranport than the heavy plaster ones from my living room that I was gonna use!

  12. Thank u planning my daughter's wedding an this is brilliant and affordable.. Have a blessed day ill be making the rose vase wrap luv it…

  13. Girl I started clapping when you finished the pilar. I am just hooked to your channel. Bravo πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ˜™πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™

  14. Nice project..however you are doing too much talking…which was a distraction for me..all you need is a good intro and then go right into the project.

  15. I have been watching u inspire me for a while but with these pillars u save me a lot needed them for a sweetfifteen thank you and keep up the good work I’m an example of how u are really helping some of us πŸ€—πŸ˜

  16. When you put the two woods and pie tin toghter you could have just said make two the same way the flip one over on top of tube. But i also think it would work better with pvc pipe. Thanks for the idea.

  17. Hey i have a question, lets say i want to make this to add to my event decorating business, should i add the sand bags and glue the top on or will it be fine just the way it is ?

  18. Thanks for sharing the pillar looks so easy to makeπŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ’™πŸ’•β€οΈβ€οΈBeautiful resultπŸ‘πŸ½

  19. I absolutely love how crafty you are I am planning my own wedding and I need ideas so when I found your channel I almost cried lol thank you for so much inspiration!!

  20. Nice! If I get 10” instead of 8”(because that’s the only one available in my area) will the pie pan still fit?

  21. Beautiful😍 thanks for the idea. I enjoy your videos. Thank you for sharing. I want to say thank you thank you again. You’re a lifesaver😘keep up the good work. You have a blessed day.

  22. Great job hunn. Those pillars are so expensive so this is great!! Wish I'd found ur channel a few years back I could have saved some money but thankfully I only purchased 2 the shipping was outrageous but thanks so much for this great idea. I will definitely be making my own from now on.

  23. If I’m making 2 of these, do I need 2 rolls of the laminate paper or will just the one do for both?

  24. Hi, new subscriber. Im so pleased I found your channel. How brilliant and a super idea. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing. Luv from across the pond. x

  25. Amazing work as usual. You are so creative. It's the name. Perez 's have it going on. Break forth with confidence. 😘. Of course I say this because I am a Perez,too. Lol.

  26. Oh girl I love you soooo much πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ’ž. Where I live it's difficult to find those wedding tools decorating and when you find them they are really expensive. As a beginner in event design your videos just save my life. Thank you so much for sharing with us

  27. Hi Tayra first time subscriber. I am recently doing an Event Decor class and we made something similar with the same items . But this is great work. Fantastic. Love it.5th July 2019

  28. WOW, you are amazing and I love this. Never thought of this, (making pillars) always thought you had to buy them. Thank you so much for the idea.

  29. Thank you for sharing. I have my wedding coming in 2020 and wanted pillars but as you've said they are very pricey. Thanks for the elegant, beautiful and easy way to make my own. Love them!!

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