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In Super Mario Odyssey you take the role of Mario on a quest to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s diabolical wedding plans… you fail Mario dies The end it’s Super Mario Odyssey you take the role of Mario’s corpse My name is Merio Mario. I never believed in gahosts until I came face to face with one Yes, yes that birdie has a top hat no I’m never going to touch the controller again a thousand bucks For the new DLC. I can’t believe Nintendo would stoop this low. I’m still buying it. Don’t judge me okay I have a major complaint here. I hate when developers do this Why make the player take off shades if you have the shades on you move slow? If you take off shades you aren’t wearing snazzy shades, it makes the game unplayable. Oh my god (Obviously Flustered) No, no not again Oh these birds are the worst predators. They murder you with adorable cowboy dog Cowboy dog oh my god. Oh, I was hesitant about the genre shift to animals wearing hat simulator But I think Nintendo pulled it off. Let’s see where did Bowser go he either went to the water level or literally anywhere other than the water level ah Sunshine is back. Oh Wait oh God sunshine is back And it brought the OCD with it who wants to be the first one to figure out this sequence break I mean it’s clearly impossible (correct) But that’s exactly why if somebody does it it would be friggin awesome Check it out. I fixed the pole now. I just have to find a second group of goombas. That’s just as tall Somebody please please tell me. I’m not the only one who saw this and for a very brief fraction of a second thought Oh, yeah, bring another jack see over there and a Korok is gonna pop out. I mean there’s 900 of the darn things They may as well spread them across other games ( Nintendo Make it Happen) It technically doesn’t break the Mario can’t use guns rule if Mario is the gun!!!! Darling, I must confess I am actually nine separate goombas stacked on top of each other also all of us are dead oh God no I am way too casual I Accidentally exited and destroyed my tank because I thought right trigger was shoot Oh god mario help hoo hoo That was a close on- OH MARIO WHY!!! oh! I see you were just trying to get the power moon. I’m sorry. I doubted youuuuuuuuu WHY!!!!! wha!? Pauline you don’t recognize me, but but it’s a me Marioooo ); Alright, I’m gonna take a bit of artistic license with this one. I’ve always felt Goombas should smile a little bit more WHAT! And it even got a Passing score this is legally what Goombas look like now Rooftop parking, lot I need to make it very very clear right now I’m not trying to be silly or play the game all stupid This is actual legitimate gameplay footage of Super Mario Odyssey the game requires you to play like an idiot Alright alright check this one out hah! Who needs a homing attack? Got to keep it smooth Greasy Sweet *SUPER INTENSE MUSIC INTENSIFIES* In summary Super Mario Odyssey just might be the worst Sonic game made yet and deserves our lowest score of 0 out of 10 I think it’s very important to note that Mario is literally possessing a corpse right now Mario possessing a corpse and making its body his own is a canonical thing that has occurred in the Mario universe No no oh Nintendo you are forgiven for spoiling throwback galaxy. wha? wha? what?! WHAT!? Fanny you told me it was safe to play Odyssey before dark souls before you can face Bowsah We challenge you to the most sacred ancient Japanese, duel giant robot mecha battle!!!!! ( Minus anime titties) You just saw what I just saw, right? Bowser is not wearing a hat Put the hat on the Bowser *Slowly going insane* Put the hat on the Bowser *Completely Mad* PUT THE HAT ON THE BOWSER!!!!!!!!! With every childhood dream thoroughly achieved Mario and Bowser Finally performed a fusion dance and rescue Princess Peach from themselves *While Chuckling* Remember games are dumb! so play dumb games!!! Special thanks to all patreon backers including Eric flinn Lord Arentci Lezlamb Zanybandz David20Covers BaeD JD & Rb Drache let me know how much this video sucks, and how I can improve in the comments below Arigato, gozaimasu desu for watching get out of my house, and oh my god Sonic forces comes out in like two half an hour’s. Oh my god. There’s too many video games

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