Super Mario Party Review

(characters cheering) – [Samuel] Super Mario
Party is the best party in two console generations. It’s done away with some,
but not all of the slowness of previous games. You get to play a ton of great mini-games. And that infuriating
randomness of awarded stars at the end of the game is still a problem. But even those painful upsets can feel like less of a party killer this time because Super Mario Party
is competitive, strategic, and above all, a lot of fun. (both laugh) – [Wario] Yeah!
(fun, upbeat music) (Wario grunts) – [Samuel] Super Mario
Party is a collection of hit-or-miss virtual
board games, broken up by competitive mini-games. There’s a sheen of quality that previous Mario
Party’s noticeably lacked. It doesn’t approach the level of graphical or gameplay fidelity
of Super Mario Odyssey, but Party fans will notice the bump. The main Mario Party
mode has four main boards to play with branching paths. The boards are fun, but simpler than those of the best Mario Parties. Because there are only
four to choose from, your party time might be limited. The mode I ended up liking
the best is Partner Party, which recycles the four
maps from Mario Party but adds a co-op partner and the ability to choose your own path. You and your partner can
tackle different things around the board, scooping
up Allies, gathering stars, and stomping on opponents. Playing with a friend ramped
up the competitive vibe of the Party, which I
loved, and added complexity. Super Mario Party needs that to keep from feeling like a
simple roll of the dice. In both Mario Party and
Partner Party modes, mini-games really matter because you need to beat your opponents
consistently to win coins. – Winners!
– Pair this with some light strategy and
you should come out ahead, but the down side is
that it’s just dumb luck rather than skill that decides who gets the bonus stars at the end. Unique dice blocks are one of the coolest new features
in Super Mario Party. Each character has a
different-numbered block. Mario gives you more chances
at three’s with little risk, while Wario’s can give you a chance at a six at the risk of losing coins. This makes for an extra layer of strategy that I really enjoyed. There are several standalone mini-games that make use of the Switch’s ability to sense and interact with
another console nearby. If you have two Switch’s and two copies of Super Mario Party, you
can play Banana Split, a pretty astounding tech
demo but not much of a game, and Shell Shock Deluxe, which is meatier than Banana Split but
still simplistic compared to the main Party modes. There are other modes and standalone games in Super Mario Party too,
like co-op and rhythm games, but my Party crew kept returning to Mario Party and Partner party. (whimsical music) Super Mario Party requires every player to use a single Joy-Con to take advantage of unique 3D rumble effects
and motion controls. While this makes for
some wacky mini-games, the hardware presents some
pretty serious problems as well. For example, for a four-person game, you’ll need the four Joy-Con, the little wrist strap attachments, and a lot of charging time. You can buy more Joy-Con and a
charger to solve the problem, but that can get expensive. (fun, upbeat music)
(characters grunt) Super Mario Party’s biggest
win and its best surprise is its top-notch batch of 80 mini-games. It’s easily the best in years,
and I can’t think of any that were so stupid or boring that they’re worth warning you about. Good ones include Dash and Dine, a shameless but fun Overcooked
clone, Sizzling Steaks, a motion controlled game
about frying a meat cube, and Slaparazzi, which has players jostle and punch their way to
get in front of a photo. (characters grunt) (characters cheer)
(energetic music) Super Mario Party adds an
awesome new layer of strategy, 80 mostly-great mini-games,
and the quirky tech of the Switch controllers to
keep things feeling fresh. The downside is that with
the Switch’s controllers come some annoyances that
make getting people settled onto your couch a bit more of a hassle than previous parties, and the best games are prone to annoying random upsets. But it’s far better
paced than recent games, and Super Mario Party reset
my expectations of the series with its graphics and gameplay creativity. For more Super Mario
Party, check out this video of all 80 mini-games or this look at the cool, multi-Switch
games in Toad’s Rec Room. For all things Mario and
parties, keep it locked to IGN. (energetic music)

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  1. I’ve been playing this and I’m confused. I have all gems and everything but in the shop there’s only advice how do I get the rest of the stuff in the shop unlocked?

  2. Back in the day those stars at the end weren't random, they were like accolades of each players feats throughout the board play. It was actually a just means of rewarding the talented players who simply couldn't get to the star to purchase it. It was never a "problem" for us.

  3. Do the minigames rely solely on the joy-cons? I only have one set of joy-cons and 2 pro controllers. If so, I won't get this game

  4. If I wanted to play with my fiance, can you play with just 2 people? Or would we need to invite another couple to come over?

  5. The games aren't meant to be about skill, it's meant to be just fun and slightly random, not skillful esports material.
    Same with smash

  6. There's not a lot to do compared to other party games. For example wii party has at least twice as much content. It's just not worth the 60 bucks for me.

    Also the last Mario party game I played was on the original ds and that had 5 boards so I don't understand how this can only have 4.

  7. The lack of Pro controller support is disheartening.
    I would have to buy a $70 JoyCon in addition to the $60 base game to play with my family.
    I want to play, but not for $130.
    I'll take my money elsewhere.

  8. Bought it for my nieces and nephews a few days ago. After one game, they completely hated each other. Glad to see that Mario Party games can still ruin friendships

  9. pros- wellbalanced, amazing mini games, lots of characters, ally system is great, quickpace, love the new dice strategy, mini games are the best aspect, being able to practice during instructions is also clutch

    cons- only 4 boards, not as much variety board wise, very limited items, no duels, and battle games are lackluster

    still, definitely extremely fun, much more of a homage to what made the classics great, they didnt experiment too much and had some SOLID mini games, def a ton of fun


  11. The game is just too small, with dumb issues. The maps are small and there aren’t many of them, the item pool is small, mini games are short. Not to mention the character specific die ruin balancing of the game, and make some characters just worse options for no reason. Could’ve been an elite Mario party unfortunately

  12. Really? In my opinion, this is the worst one I've played. There's absolutely no reason you should be forced to play with only one joy-con, the menu systems are incredibly weird and needlessly complicated, the new character exclusive dice blocks means that characters are no longer only a cosmetic preference and can actually give you some kind of advantage, Bowser is now a character which means Bowser spaces are completely gone, and the many games which are normally the best part for a lot of people including myself have next to nothing to do with Mario. They could be many games inside of any generic party game. There are really only a few that actually seemed to use things exclusively from the Mario universe. Which makes Mini games kind of bland.

  13. This was a pretty poor review. No mention of the fact that theres only four extremely simple boards. Compared to MP8 its pretty sad. Also no bowser??? whose bright idea was that? Though there was a lot right with this game, unique dice, awesome and fair mini games, new modes, there was a lot that was lost from MPs of the past. Compared to a lot of controllers the joycons charge fast and last 20 hours, I'm not sure what else you want.

  14. there's actually 5 boards not 4, the 5th one is unlocked by doing all the modes in SMP. It's no different and more lackluster than the other 4 though, not really worth the trouble unlocking it.

  15. I didn’t feel like 80 mini games was that much but I realize now that I haven’t yet played any of the games you mentioned.

  16. If this game requires a lot of motion mini games, can anyone verify if the PS4 remote will work for this game? I just bought the 8bitido dongle and plan to use my PS4 remotes for multiplayer.

  17. They should just go the Smash route and drop Ultimate Mario Party, every time the do a standalone game with it's own quirks it's always missing something. This one did well, but I still miss some of the other qualities Mario Party offered in previous editions of the series. Particularly 1-8. Like I said I love this game and I know it's a remix of the first. I just wish we had a Mario Party Game that rounded up the whole series together like Smash

  18. While I am not a fan of many of the new changes from the old Mario Party games, this game is still a blast.

  19. Does anyone else want a mario party game that has one board, but that one board is HUUUGGEEE & has entire sections that change/fold out and alottt more complete randomness

  20. I can say, if there is anyone who only knows the ND Cube Mario Parties and doesn't know what Mario Party 1 to 8 and DS are like, I highly recommend trying those Mario Parties. It's definitely different from what ND Cube has given us so far. The Mario Party games made by Hudson Soft are still much better than anything ND Cube has made.

  21. Where is browser that was my favorite thing about Mario party. Bowser coming and giving punishments or calling Bowser on someone lol.

  22. 1:44 New features? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nobody cares about Star Rush? I doubt it, I do overall because it actually introduced the unique dice everyone has and SMP on Switch brought it back and everyone is like 'that's new' and it's like 'you have no idea, shut up'

  23. My least favorite part about this game (besides only having 4 measly boards) is being forced to use the Joy-Cons. To this day, I never use the Joy-Cons. Which is one of the reasons why I've never played this game (even though I own it). The other reason is not having anyone to play with.

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