Super Mario Party VS SuperMega: Boys on Boys – PART 1 – Game Grumps VS

[Theme Song]: ♪ In this corner: Grump! ♪ (I’m a Grump) ♪ In the other corner: Not so Grump! ♪ ♪ It’s Game Grumps Versus!!! ♪ (Applause). Woo! Yeah!! Woo Woo!! With SuperMega! [Danny]: Hello and welcome to Game Grumps! [Arin] (from a distance): People don’t think the universe be like it is, but it do. [Danny]: Wha- uhh.. This is a very special Game Grumps episode. [Danny]: uhh.. featuring myself and Arin, the Game Grumps [Danny]: and… uhh.. Ryan and Matt! [Matt]: Yeah! That’s – uhh – that’s us! Thank you! [Ryan]: That’s us! Thank you!
[Matt]: Yeah! That’s – uhh – that’s us! Thank you! [Ryan]: That’s us! Thank you!
[Matt]: You got our name right this time. [Ryan]: Thank you for having us on
[Danny]: Muuup…. [Ryan]: Thank you for having us on
[Danny]: Muper Sega [Arin]: Super Se– [Arin]: I wrote Su(pre) Mega on the.. on the time sheet [Ryan]: That’s how we’ll put it in the featuring, in parentheses [Danny]: Awww Dude
[Ryan]: That’s how we’ll put it in the featuring, in parentheses [Arin]: Supre Mega [Danny]: Yeah. Mega Supreme. That’s your new name guys. Congratulations [Arin]: Supreme Mega! Whoa!! [Matt]: Yeah [Arin]: Hey! Alright!
[Matt]: Supreme Mega [Ryan]: Do you think those same jokes are gonna be made where it’s like: [Ryan]: “Wait. Is that Conan O’Brien and JonTron??” (laughter) [Arin]: What?!?!
[Matt]: Our, our grump heads [Arin]: Oohhhh. Ooohhhhh
[Matt]: That’s what they look like [Arin]: Got it. [Ryan]: Like, could you imagine a world where that, like, [Ryan]: Combination all ff–, all, like, four came together [Arin] (laughing)
[Danny]: I–
[Ryan]: Combination all ff–, all, like, four came together [Arin] (laughing)
[Danny]: I actually can’t
[Ryan]: Combination all ff–, all, like, four came together (laughter) [Danny]: Alright, so– Ooohhhh Boy [Matt]: I don’t know…. ah– there’s too many [Ryan]: Ohhh. She’s so cute
[Matt]: Movement things happening [Arin]: Being fucking Bower dude.
[Ryan]: Ohhh. She’s so cute
[Matt]: Movement things happening [Danny]: Errm [Arin]: I’m being fucking Bowser [Matt]: I wanna be Yoshi today! 😀
[Arin]: I’m being fucking Bowser [Danny]: Alright! [Arin]: Tehe. I’m feelin’ a little Yoshi. [Matt]: I’m feelin’ Yosh. [Ryan]: I’ll be Pom Pom, cause she’s cute [Matt]: Pom Pom??
[Ryan]: How’s her dice by the way? [Ryan]: Is her die pretty cool? [Arin]: I think it’s like all– it’s like two numbers? [Ryan]: Oh, sweet [Matt]: What???
[Ryan]: Oh, sweet [Matt]: I like the beads in her hair, errr [Arin]: Pick Daisy’s
[Matt]: I like the beads in her hair, errr [Danny]: I’ll be Dry Bones!
[Matt]: Whatever those are [Arin]: ah- Dry Booonnnezzzz! [Arin]: I hate Dry Bones’s dice [Danny]: God Dammit!!
[Matt]: Does, does Yoshi have a good dice? [Danny]: Well, we’r– we’re not playing a full game right? [Danny]: This is just a special one? [Arin]: No, we’re playing a full, like [Danny]: JESUS CHRIST! [Danny]: AND I’M LOCKED INTO DRY BONES?!?! [Matt]: Suck it Dan [Danny]: Awww. You fucked me Arin!
[Matt]: Suck it Dan [Arin]: Do you wanna ge–. [Danny]: You fucked me for the last time!! [Arin]: Do you want to try it again? [Danny]: Nah, I’m just kidding, it’s fine. I like his shoes [Matt]: Ohh! Gotta shake it! [Matt]: So, uh, I guess Ryan and I are on a team, right? [Arin]: Yeah
[Matt]: So, uh, I guess Ryan and I are on a team, right? [Matt]: And then, uhh, you guys are on a team? [Arin]: Yeah. We gonna do team– team match [Danny]: Oh it’s team–!
[Arin]: Yeah. We gonna do team– team match. [Danny]: That’s what special about it!
[Arin]: Yeah, yeah, yeah [Matt]: Okay!
[Danny]: That’s what special about it!
[Arin]: Yeah, yeah, yeah [Matt]: It’s ah– it’s ah– it’s ah– it’s a real Game Grumps versus Super Mega kind of day [Danny]: Oooo! I love it! [Arin]: Partner Party
[Ryan]: Have you done the raft one? I haven’t done the raft one yet [Ryan]: Where you all raft
[Arin]: The raft one? Oh! That one’s pretty fun. [Arin]: Yeah, we can do that, like, after I guess [Ryan]: Okay
[Arin]: Cause that one takes [Danny]: The Watermelon Walkabout?
[Ryan]: Okay
[Arin]: Cause that one takes [Arin] (fast): The Watermelon Walkabout? [Danny] (fast): The Watermelon Walkabout? [Arin]: Yeah, what levels should we do mannnn [Arin]: We got Gold Rush Mine, Watermelon Walkabout [Matt]: I’ve done the Watermelon one and I’ve done the [Matt]: uhh, duh, umm [Matt]: that one! [Danny]: I– yeah, I’ve never– I’ve never played, uhh [Danny]: Tantalizing… [Danny]: Whatever it’s called [Arin]: This one?
[Ryan]: I’ve not played this one
[Danny]: Tower Toys [Arin]: Ah, this one’s tough [Danny]: Is it?
[Ryan]: It’s fun though! [Danny]: Really?
[Ryan]: I played it, umm [Ryan]: I played it with you last night, buddy. [Danny]: It’s ton– it’s– boy oof, It’s fun and tough? [Matt]: Also known as fough?
[Danny]: Also known as fough? (laughter)
[Danny]: Yeah, exactly. [Matt]: Let’s just fucking fough [Danny]: Fifteen turns?!?! [Arin]: Yeah [Danny]: What are we?? Made of time?!??! [Arin]: Yeah [Danny]: Alright (Laughter)
[Matt]: I, uhh…. [Matt]: I played this game on a Game Grumps livestream with [Matt]: With Arin Hanson, I had a– quite a fun time [Matt]: I was on a team with Ross and we… [Arin]: Yeah
[Matt]: I was on a team with Ross and we… [Matt]: Did we lose or win? I don’t remember [Arin]: I don’t remember either [Matt]: I think I probably loss [Arin]: I guess you’ll have to watch the episode
[Matt]: I think I probably loss [Arin]: to find out [Matt]: Yeah, I guess people have to see. [Danny]: This is fun [Arin]: It is, right? [Arin]: Hanging out with friends [Matt]: Why does it look like this??
[Arin]: Hanging out with friends [Matt]: Why does it look like this??
[Arin]: Playing video games. [Danny] (strong exhale)
[Arin]: Playing video games. [Matt]: Oh! Is this that the special game mode, Arin? Where it’s like— [Arin]: You can move around as much as you want. [Matt]: Oh yeah!!!! [Arin]: Yeah.
[Matt]: Oh yeah!!!! [Arin]: Uhh. Here, I’ll show you
[Matt]: Okay [Arin]: “Hear the rules?” No
[Matt]: Alright, uhh, let’s, uhh, let’s read the rules [Danny]: What do you mean?? Ju– I need tuh, I need to hear them. [Arin]: Oh shit, yeah. No it’s easy [Danny]: Okay [Arin]: Don’t worry, I’ll explain it better than the game will. [Danny]: Alright. [Arin]: Umm, so, we are on a team, right? [Arin]: So we roll at the same time. Like that! See? [Danny]: We’re already fucked. [Arin]: So, when we roll, our numbers get combined [Danny]: Okay
[Arin]: And then we go that amount. [Danny]: Ooohhh!
[Arin]: The total amount, right? [Matt]: And you can…
[Arin]: The total amount, right? [Matt]: Choose the path you take
[Arin]: And you can go anywhere [Arin]: An– any one of these bl– uhh, blocks [Arin]: You can go on. It’s like a board game [Arin]: Like, uhhhhhhhh [Arin]: A board game you would do that on…. [Danny]: Oh my… Okay
[Arin] (laughs) [Matt]: Okay! [Arin]: So you have tuh..
[Matt]: A board game you do that on. [Arin]: You have to go to her to get the star. [Arin]: And you have to have enough money to get the star [Matt]: Okay, sounds good.
[Danny]: Hooolllyy Crap [Arin]: Yeah. [Matt]: It’d be unfortunate if our team got higher and we got there first, wouldn’t it Ryan?? [Ryan]: Yeah, it would be very unfortunate
[Matt]: It’d be unfortunate if our team got higher and we got there first, wouldn’t it Ryan?? [Ryan]: Yeah, it would be very unfortunate
[Matt]: Let’s high-five, come on. [Arin]: Oh yeah, we high-five for everything [Danny]: Okay, cool.
[Matt]: Yeah, we high-five to get some coins. [Matt]: It’s promoting team work! [Matt]: And I like that. [Arin]: “Let’s start with the team that’s up first.” [Arin]: Was it you guys? [Ryan]: Oh yeah.
[Matt]: Yep [Arin]: Aww, man. Fuck you. [Matt]: That’s what I call synergy!
[Danny]: Fucking, son of a–
[Arin]: Aww, man. Fuck you. [Danny]: Alright [Matt]: Alright! Team Pom Pom. [Matt]: Alright Ryan, do that dice block for me buddy [Arin]: Everyone’s favorite Mario character: Pom Pom (laughter)
[Matt]: I never knew she even existed until today. [Arin]: I don’t think she did exist until today… [Matt]: I like her a lot though, she’s cute. [Matt]: Ummmm… Oooooo.. [Ryan]: Whic– which die are you using my boy? [Ryan] (Krados impression): “My Boy!” [Matt]: Do I want to use the Yoshi one?
[Arin]: Heh. (Impression): My Boy. [Matt]: I’ll do the normal dice block [Matt]: I’m not going to take any chances today [Ryan]: Are you a big baby?
[Matt]: I’m not going to take any chances today [Ryan]: Don’t want to make chances? Make mistakes? [Matt]: Well, I’d go back if– you know what
[Ryan]: Get messy~ [Matt]: There you go, I got four. [Arin]: So, now, they both go seven. [Arin]: So they can go anywhere [Matt]: Alright Ryan, you gotta go up and get that star, buddy. [Arin]: And you want to pick up coins on the way. [Danny]: Right [Arin]: If you pass other players, then you steal coins from them. [Danny]: Oh my god! The strategery!
[Ryan]: Oh, right here, that looks good. [Arin]: You can’t open that, you need a key [Matt]: Yeah, you need a key.
[Arin]: You can’t open that, you need a key [Matt]: Can you go up the blue? [Arin]: Yeah, so if you land on the exclamation mark, [Arin]: It’ll put you up the blue. [Matt]: Okay, I like the way that sounds. [Ryan]: So if I do–, if I do this, for example.
[Matt]: Okay, I like the way that sounds. [Arin]: Yes [Matt]: Okay
[Danny]: Mmhmm [Arin]: Missing out on the coin-ppertunity [Matt]: Ummmm
[Danny]: Mmmm [Arin]: You could go the other way, and grab that third coin [Matt]: What if— What if…. [Ryan]: I already locked it in. [Matt]: Wait, can I– can I look at the map to see if there are any keys? [Arin]: You can retry…
[Matt]: Wait, can I– can I look at the map to see if there are any keys? [Matt]: Is there a key I can get? [Arin]: The key is in the top right. Do you see it floating? [Danny]: Oh yeah!
[Arin]: Underneath the red coin [Matt]: Oh that’s real helpful.
[Arin]: Underneath the red coin [Matt]: Okay… Ummm… [Danny]: What does that do?? [Arin]: So, it helps you open that left spot. [Arin]: Which, I think, has an extra star in it. [Danny] (breathes excitedly) [Arin]: Also a ton of coins. [Matt]: I wanna get this coin for us Ryan [Arin]: Yeah
[Matt]: I wanna get this coin for us Ryan [Arin]: So, there’s a lot of strategery for this. [Ryan]: I could have gotten it.
[Arin]: So, there’s a lot of strategery for this. [Danny]: Yeah [Ryan]: You know what I’m saying? [Ryan]: You know what I’m saying?
[Arin]: So you can’t land on that, [Arin]: You didn’t roll an odd number [Ryan]: Should I retry? [Matt]: No, I think– [Arin]: You should retry if you want to get that third coin over there. [Matt]: Get that third coin, buddy
[Arin]: Yeah, there you go [Ryan]: Boom!
[Matt]: Okay, look at that! [Arin]: Look at you baby! [Matt]: I guess I’ll just– [Arin]: Why don’t you just spit up and go to the right? [Ryan]: Yeah
[Matt]: You know what? I wanna do that [Matt]: I don’t need to stick with my good friend, Ryan! [Arin]: Yeah man, you don’t have to stay together
[Matt]: I wanted to, because I’m very co-dependent. [Matt]: But, uhh… Imma do this, this time. [Matt]: There you go Ryan [Ryan]: Naruto Run! [Arin]: Dude, nice ninja run.
[Ryan]: Naruto Run! (laughter) [Matt]: That is the Naruto Run. (laughter)
[Ryan]: I like it [Arin]: Dude, I’d bet all our friends love her [Ryan] (laughing) [Arin]: She doesn’t embarrass anybody. [Matt]: Did you guys know any kids that were really into anime? [Matt]: Like in middle school and high school that would actually run like that? [Arin]: Yeah, I’d look in the mirror (laughter) [Matt]: Did you– did you– did you actual run like that?
(laughter) [Arin]: Of course I Naruto Run, are you kidding me?? [Matt]: It doesn’t make you go faster though. [Ryan]: Like through the high school hallways?
[Matt]: It doesn’t make you go faster though. [Arin]: Well… Maybe [Ryan] (laughing)
[Arin]: Well… Maybe [Arin]: I might have!! [Matt]: That’s the real reason he left high school. [Arin]: I got… [Arin]: I– [Arin]: I fucking… uhhh [Arin]: You’ve never seen that picture of me and the swords and shit? [Matt]: I’ve seen that picture, I love it!
[Arin]: You’ve never seen that picture of me and the swords and shit? [Danny]: Oh my Lord!
[Ryan]: I’ve seen that picture, I love it!
[Arin]: You’ve never seen that picture of me and the swords and shit? [Arin]: Me to the tee [Danny]: That’s a crazy… [Danny]: Risk reward
[Arin]: Yeah, yeah. It’s a gamble. [Danny]: I kind of like it!
[Arin]: Yeah, yeah. It’s a gamble. [Arin]: Dude… fuckin’… [Danny]: It’s banaenerz [Arin]: Give it a shot. [Matt]: Like.. I think the thing about the Naruto Run is if [Matt]: Even if it makes you go faster [Matt]: The down side is… [Matt]: You’re more likely to trip and then, you don’t have your hands in front of you. [Matt]: So you’re probably gonna smash your face up even more than it probably already looked [Danny]: SHIT!
[Matt]: So you’re probably gonna smash your face up even more than it probably already looked [Arin]: Wow. [Matt]: Oooh! [Arin]: We really, uhh… [Danny]: I really effed us. [Danny]: But! I’ll just land on a mushroom spot [Arin]: Yeah same
[Danny]: But! I’ll just land on a mushroom spot [Arin]: I’ll do that! [Arin]: You can do whatever you want, you don’t have to wait for me. [Danny]: Ooohhhhh~~ [Arin]: I’m going there. [Ryan]: You better not
[Arin]: I’m going there. [Danny]: Yeah, you want me to? [Ryan]: Stop…. stop
[Matt]: Dan. Dan! Dan!! That’s actually a bad strategy if I’m being honest. [Matt]: Dan. Dan! Dan!! That’s actually a bad strategy if I’m being honest. [Ryan]: You’re just gonna copy me? Copycat? [Arin]: I dunno man… [Matt] Dan that’s a really bad strategy if you go up there [Ryan]: No you should just, do what you just did [Danny]: Why is…
[Ryan]: Go up, then all the way left. [Arin] (laughing) [Danny]: Why is that a bad strategy? [Ryan]: Right there! Right there!
[Danny]: Why is that a bad strategy? [Arin] (laughing)
[Matt]: No! That was good! Go back!!
[Danny]: Why is that a bad strategy? [Arin]: He’s trying to fuck you
[Ryan]: Right there Dan! [Danny]: I kn– [Ryan]: No, no, no, no
[Matt]: No, that’s a bad strategy. [Arin] (laughing) [Ryan]: Dan, go back! [Ryan]: There, there, there!!
[Danny]: What about here? [Arin]: Oh yeah, no
[Ryan]: Perfect, perfect!
[Danny]: Yeah? That’s the one? [Arin]: He’ll definitely not get anything out of that [Matt]: She– Sheith just called and said “That’s it!”
[Arin]: So, maybe no. [Danny]: What do you think? How about this one? [Ryan]: Spartan 117 called, “That’s not the right move buck-o.” (laughter) [Arin]: Is that a Minecraft reference?? [Ryan]: That’s master chief dude! [Arin]: Yeah, from Minecraft! (laughter)
[Danny]: You got an Ally [Danny]: You got an ally phone bro! [Arin]: Yeah, dude! We can g– I can get an ally [Arin]: Or you, if you use it first [Danny]: Skooziee~~~ [Matt]: Dan, I said that was a bad move. [Matt]: Uhhh [Arin]: Turns out… [Arin]: It was a good move. [Ryan]: Wow, It’s almost like I’ve seen this animation before, when I did it, so… [Arin]: Yeah, but check it out! [Arin]: Now you’re gonna get– steal coins from him. [Arin]: Oh no. Nu– nu– nothin’ happened [Danny] (laughing)
[Ryan]: Did you lie to him?? [Arin]: Bummer [Matt]: I would hope as a friend, you wouldn’t be lying to my friend: Ryan [Arin]: I’m not lying!
[Ryan]: I get my hopes up pretty fast. 🙁 [Arin]: I’m not lying, Ryan!!!
[Ryan]: I get my hopes up pretty fast. 🙁 [Matt]: You’re lying to Ryan, dude! [Arin]: I’m not!!!!
[Matt]: You’re lying to Ryan, dude! [Matt]: And that’s rude dude. [Danny]: Ohh Boy
[Matt]: And that’s rude dude. [Arin]: We gotta– we gotta shave the ice, dude. [Matt]: Ohhh
[Arin]: We gotta– we gotta shave the ice, dude. [Matt]: Ohhh. this one, yeah, okay.
[Arin]: We gotta– we gotta shave the ice, dude. [Matt]: So, okay
[Arin]: But you only have a certain amount of ice. [Matt]: (echoing): You only have a certain amount of ice
[Arin]: So you gotta be stingy about it [Matt]: So you want to turn it, while it’s underneath
[Arin]: But you also gotta be fast enough [Matt]: Only when it’s underneath though
[Arin]: So you’re out of it, by the end of it. [Matt]: Yep. Like that. [Ryan]: Okay. [Matt]: Okay!! [Matt]: I’m ready when you guys are. [Ryan]: I’m ready! I’m fuckin’– I’m fucking pumped! [Matt]: ♪ I’m ready! ♪ [Matt]: ♪ Promotion ♪ [Arin]: Yeah, let’s fucking do this
[Matt]: That’s a Spongebob reference [Danny]: What happens if you shave the ice when it’s not around [Matt]: Then you lose the ice. [Arin]: Ice just goes away dude. [Danny]: Oooh
[Arin]: Ice just goes away dude. [Ryan]: Okay [Danny]: God No! [Arin]: You don’t wanna
[Danny]: God No! [Arin]: End with no ice dude. [Matt] (determined exhale) [Ryan]: Got it? [Arin]: You want just ice.
[Matt]: Yep [Ryan]: Oooooo [Matt]: Oh, I’m just getting my ice up. Ohh [Danny]: Uughhhhhhnnnnnnn
[Matt]: Oh, I’m just getting my ice up. Ohh [Arin]: You gotta go faster Dan! [Danny]: EPIC
[Arin]: You gotta rotate. Rotate!! (all yelling)
[Danny]: I’m rotating!! [Danny]: I’m tating! I’m tating!! I’m tating!!! I’m tating!!! [Arin]: ROTATE!! ROTATE!!
[Danny]: I’m tating! I’m tating!! I’m tating!!! I’m tating!!! [Arin]: NOT JUST BACK AND FORTH!! ROTATE!!! [Matt]: WE’RE ROTATING FASTER!!
[Danny]: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!! [Arin]: I’M OUT OF ICE! I’M OUT OF ICE!!!!!! [Matt]: GO RYAN! GO!!!! GO GO!!!
[Arin]: I’M OUT OF ICE! I’M OUT OF ICE!!!!!! [Matt]: NO, RYAN! NO, NO!! YOU GOTTA ROTATE IT!! [Arin]: IT’S ALL YOU!! (x2)
[Matt]: NO, RYAN! NO, NO!! YOU GOTTA ROTATE IT!! [Danny] (Yelling)
[Ryan]: I AM ROTATI— OHH SHIT!!! [Matt]: RYAN!!!!! D:

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  1. When I was in middle school and doing what is now the "naruto run" it was the Sonic run. I mean the guy is the fastest living creature it's gotta be a good way to run. Middle-schooler me logic

  2. Me: just watching calmly.
    Arin: goes to the mushroom spot
    Me: I wonder what he’ll get…
    Arin: 7:19

  3. Arin saw Pom Pom in 3D World, how does he not know she exists? She was in 3D Land before that, but I wouldn't expect them to have played that.


  5. The "Naruto run" doesn't make you go faster, but it allows you to sprint using less energy. Unlike normal running where you have a kind of Bounce to your step that helps you toss your body weight forward with each step, the "Naruto run" means your legs are kind of following your body weight as it falls forward and transferring the directional energy from down to forward. Also, it's way easier to "Naruto run" in oncoming wind because it's more aerodynamic.

  6. it’s really sad to watch these episodes because you can tell Dan is uncomfortable because he isn’t as funny as super mega, and Arin desperately tries to be funny but still isn’t.

  7. The end of the ice grinding game though X'D
    Everyone's arguing and Dan's just… screaming in terror XD

  8. I never understood Naruto Running. I always ran like Sonic which is, don't get me wrong, exactly the same thing, but I've never watched Naruto. I watched Sonic X like a cool kid

  9. Super Mario sluggers did not combine name you’d choose a team captain which had I think 12 iconic Mario characters and then whoever was the team captain depending on the character would have their own name, example: Bowser monsters (bowser is the captain)

  10. Super mega passed two allies and it’s making me mad since I can’t control the remote

    They passed daisy and shy guy

  11. 9:28
    Dan: Hello Mario!
    Mario: Ha ha!
    Ryan (idk who said this): Get your butt out of here,Boi!
    The other 3: XD

  12. Holy shit wasn't expecting them to feature conan o' brian and Jontron in this episode. Nice job, game grumps.

  13. Man what I nice way to start the morning by watching 4 men screaming at each other whilst eating stale Reese’s Puffs.

  14. I haven't watched you guys in years. I'm still obsessed with AVGN, TFSGaming, ContinueShow, and JonTron.
    Now you guys again. I really enjoyed this vid. Can't wait to watch the full playlist and rematch

  15. 0:38 – Aww, don't compare yourself to that piece of garbage, Ryan. You seem like a good dude. 🙂

    … Even if you would apparently kill a man for his shoes.

  16. It always hurts me watching this episode and hearing Dan say,"Why are we team Bowser?" and then they completely miss the most obvious team name possible: Team Dry Bowser

  17. Middle School and High School? Hold up. I'm in Elementary and lot's of people do that, who aren't even obsessed with anime like me. Although, I don't watch Naruto though, so.

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