Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, Michelle! Michelle: Hi! Ro: Thank you so much for being here, I am
so excited! We got so many requests Ro: from you guys to make something Super
Smash Bros. and Michelle was the perfect Ro: guest because, you like this game! Michelle:
I love Princess Peach! Ro: Yeah, she’s even got her Princess Peach
gloves on today. And, my Ro: favorite character is Kirby. Ro: Are you ready to get baking? Michelle:
I am! Ro: Alright! Michelle: Let’s do it! Ro: Fingers out,
ready, 1, 2, 3! Both: Let’s get started! Ro: The things you will need, will be: A red
cake mix, I’m using a box cake to Ro: save some time, but you can use any recipe
that you’d like. 1-1/4 cups of water, Ro: 1/3 cup of vegetable oil, 3 eggs, frosting,
a cupcake tray, lined with these Ro: little paper liners. You will also need… Michelle: Food coloring, we have red, tan,
yellow, green, blue and pink! Ro: Pink, pink, pink, pink, pink! Michelle: And of course, black decorative
icing, a big mixing bowl, electric hand Michelle: mixer, jelly beans! Ro: Jelly beans!
Michelle: For everyone! Ro: Now let’s put it all together! Ro: Now this part is totally optional, Michelle
and I both have little plastic Ro: baggies here, and it’s filled with white
cake batter. You can use any Ro: recipe that you’d like, and we’ve
got little number 1 tips at the ends for Ro: more control, and then what we’re going
here, totally optional, is we’re Ro: drawing a little design on the bottom
of the cupcake. So that when they bake, Ro: and you take it off, you’ll have a little
symbol at the bottom. Michelle: Very cryptic! Ro: Yeah! I’ve seen
these done for Valentines Day, Ro: so cute, you can put a little heart at
the bottom. But today, we are gonna Ro: be making the Smash Bros. logo. Michelle: Before you start, you want to make
sure that the image is mirrored, Michelle: so that when you see the cupcake,
the logo is revealed in the right place. Ro: OK, so you’re gonna take your little
bag of cake batter. Michelle: OK. Ro: And first we’re just gonna do a thin
bar across, and then we’re gonna Ro: do a thick bar all the way down vertical.
Michelle: Down! Ro: Now you’re gonna do this to the rest
of your cupcake liners and we’re gonna Ro: set this off to the side, we’re gonna
put this in the freezer and Ro: let it sit there for about 30 minutes. Michelle: Alright, now we’re gonna put all
of our red velvet ingredients into Michelle: the mixing bowl. Michelle: Oh! Ro: Oh my gaw! Who invited me? Oh my god! Ro: Now add a little water. Michelle: Water! Ro: Now I’m adding the oil. And now, 3 eggs!
I’m gonna do the double crack, Ro: Michelle! Michelle: Oooooh, the double
crack. Ro: Stand back! Michelle: What’s going on here? Ro: Watch
out here! Michelle: Double crack. Ro: No, no, no, let’s do the triple crack!
Michelle: Ooooooh OK… Ro: OK, I’m not good at this! I just invented
this just now! Ro: OK, here we go. Michelle: I’m gonna
hold onto the bowl, go for it. Ro: 1, 2, 3… Triple crack! Michelle: Whoa! Huh! That. Was. Ro: Oh my gosh,
did that actually work? Michelle: It worked! There’s no shell or anything! Ro: Not 1 shell made it in there, but my hands…. Michelle: Boss level! Thug life right here! Ro: My hands! Ro: Now we’re gonna mix everything together
on a medium speed for 2 minutes. Ro: Michelle, are you ready? Michelle: Let’s
do it! Ro: Alright, that’s medium, that’s good!
Michelle: Is this medium? We’re good. Ro: That number 3, that’s medium. Michelle:
It’s going! OK! Ro: Ooooooooooh! Michelle: Whoooooooo! Michelle: Alright, so now that we have our batter
all mixed up, we’re just gonna Michelle: scoop it in, into our cupcakes. Ro: Mmmmhmmm! We’ve got these little guys
right here, we have a tablespoon Ro: and a 1/2 a tablespoon. And you guys know,
I usually do 2 tablespoons for every Ro: cupcake, but, because the red velvet cake
is very moist, it just doesn’t Ro: rise as much, so we’re gonna be doing
2-1/2. Michelle: Oooooh! Ro: Tablespoons in each cupcake! Alright,
let’s get started! Michelle: OK! Ro; This is very messy, don’t be afraid,
it’s OK! Ro: Now we’ve got our cupcakes ready, we’re
gonna pop these in the oven at Ro: 325 and bake for 20 minutes. Ro: Now I’m going to show you how to make
our favorite Smash Bros. characters. Michelle: Yes! Ro: We’re gonna be making
Kirby and… Michelle: Princess Peach! Ro: Yeah! Ro: So, we’ve got our cupcakes here, and
then in these little bowls we’ve got Ro: some ivory colored frosting and some pink
colored frosting. And I’ve Ro: heated these both up in the microwave,
just a few seconds, you don’t Ro: want it to be too warm. And then we’re
gonna do, the dip! Ro: Are you ready? Michelle: Let’s do the
dip. Ro: OK. Michelle: Let’s get it girl! Ro: Put it in there, and then you just wiggle
it around, make sure it touches all Ro: all the sides, and then you just slowly
bring it up, dew-dew-dew! Ro: Let the excess frosting drip off. Ro: Now it’s time for my favorite part,
it’s time to decorate! Michelle: Yay! Ro: I’m gonna be adding some little Jelly
Beans, and frostings, to make our Ro: little characters. Ro: So over here on Kirby, I’m gonna be
taking 2 red jelly beans, for his feet. Ro: I’m just gonna stick ‘em right down
here at the bottom! Michelle: Oh that’s a good idea! Ro: For his little…. What are… Are these
really hands? Michelle: Yeah! Yeah, he has hands. Ro: We’re gonna get 2 pink Jelly Beans,
put these over on the sides. Michelle: Oh! Ro: Then we’re gonna get some
black decorative icing, and I’ve just Ro: put a number 2 tip here at the end for
a little bit more control, and we’re Ro: just gonna draw 2 eyeballs, really easy! Ro: Michelle, do you have a favorite jelly
bean flavor? Michelle: I do, it’s cheesecake. Strawberry…
Ro: There’s a cheesecake jelly bean!?!?! Michelle: Strawberry Cheesecake Jelly Bean.
Yeah. It’s really good! Ro: I didn’t know that, I like watermelon.
Michelle: Oh watermelon’s good too! Ro: And then I’m gonna give him a little
smile. Ro: Yes! Michelle: Yeah! Woooo! Ro: Little Kirby! Now we’re gonna make Princess
Peach. Michelle: So for peach, I’m gonna outline
her hair first, and from there Michelle: we’re gonna fill in the rest of
her face. Ro: Anybody watching this video, this is a
blue jelly bean, with silver around it, Ro: What flavor do you think it is? Michelle: It’s unicorn tears! Ro: Oh my
gosh! Is it? Let me taste it, here goes! Michelle: Does it taste sad and magical? Ro:
Oh no, like in the first bite Ro: it almost tastes like laundry detergent. Ro: While Michelle is decorating, I’m gonna
make a Princess Peach Crown out Ro: of a little bit of yellow fondant, and some sprinkles. Michelle: If you guys have ever played around
with fondant, it really feels like Michelle: Play-Doh, and you can eat it too.
Ro: Same as Play-Doh! Ro: I’m just kidding! Michelle: No you’re
not! You ate Play-Doh! Ro: Play-Doh’s really salty! Ro: Alright, these are the first 2 characters
that we made, and they turned out Ro: so cute! Michelle: Oh! Ro: we’ve got
little Kirby over here! Michelle: Your Kirby looks amazing! Ro: Yeah, it’s just really simple, you don’t
need to do anything fancy to Ro: really make him look like the characters.
And then Michelle made Ro: Princess Peach, she is so cute! Ro: Now we have a lot more decorating to do
because we have a lot more Ro: characters to make! And remember you can
make whatever character you like Ro: from the game! Both: Ta-da! Ro: Here are the Super Smash Bros. Cupcakes
that we made today, I hope you guys Ro: liked ‘em! We got a bunch of characters. Ro: Over here we’ve got Yoshi, Toon Link,
Sonic, Mario, Mega Man, Kirby, Ro: Pikachu, Samus and of course, Princess
Peach! Michelle: Princess Peach! Ro: Mwah! Mwah! And a big thank you to Michelle
for helping me bake today, Ro: I will put all of Michelle’s links down
below, she’s the most awesome Ro: person ever, so… Michelle: You’re
the best! Ro: You guys, go like, go tweet Ro: her or something, go give her some love
for coming to bake with me today, Ro: it was, like, super nice! I like, love
it! Michelle: And please let us know what characters
are your favorite. Michelle: I mean, we don’t have them all
here obviously, but that’s why we would Michelle: love for you guys to bake the rest
of the characters! Ro: Yes! Michelle: And share with us please! Tweet,
Instagram, and use #SuperSmashRo! Ro: Dah! Super Smash Ro! That was funny! Michelle:
Yeah you like that? Ro: Alright, thanks again you guys! Bye-bye! Michelle: Bye!

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  1. How is this possible mini is Princess peach 😂 so cool ps love both of your channels the best

  2. I love the peach, toon link, kirby, pikachu, samus, yoshi, mario, and sonic cupcake.I including MegaMan. I pretty much like all of them.
    Request : Do a smash ball cake , cookie , or cupcake.

  3. My favorite Super Smash Bros Characters is

    Melee: Mr. Game and Watch
    Brawl: Sonic
    Wii U/3DS: Roy (Fire Emblem)


  5. I remember watching this four years ago with my cousin, and now I'm watching it again this year with her! Love your stuff! The little Mega Man was so adorable!

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