Super Stars In Training! WWE & Kids Fun TV Team Up! Challenged By SuperHero Kids!

This is a paid advertisement for “Mattel!” Hey Fun Squad,
“SuperHeroKids” challenged us to be the next WWE Superstars in training! And we came all the way over
here to Florida to prove it! Yeah, we can do this! You guys excited?! Oh yeah, this is going to be so fun! This is going to be epic! Let’s Gooo! [Jack] This is going to be epic! What’s up guys? No way! How is everyone? Good! This is epic! You excited?! [Kids] Yeah! I’m excited as well!
What’s your name? Kaden!
[Matt] Kaden! Jack!
[Matt] Jack! Jazzy!
[Matt] Jazzy! So nice to meet you all! My name is Matt Bloom, I’m the head coach of the WWE Performance Center, and I have the best job in the world! The best job! You guys love WWE right? Yeah, yes! And when you see those superstars on TV and doing their amazing things, it’s something that you wanna do right? Yes, uh uh! So not only are they strong, and not only are they
fast, they’re also smart! And they started their journey to becoming a WWE Superstar right here! Learning the fundamentals of what we do! The foundations that keeps
them safe in the ring! And today, I’m gonna show you some and I’m gonna challenge to
see how well you can do! What do you think, you
up for the challenge? Yes! You up for the challenge? Yeah! You up for the challenge? Great, yeah! Let’s get in the ring, see what you got! Can’t believe we’re here! I know, this is amazing! All right, so here we are! We’re in a WWE ring, and we have NXT Superstar
Jessie in the ring with us! Pretty cool right?! [Kids] Hi, Jessie! So Jessie’s gonna show us the front roll and then a combination roll! [Fun upbeat music] Rolling’s very important in the ring! So here we go. We’re gonna
do two forward rolls! Here we go, so it’ll be forward roll, important to tuck your chin,
and push off your toes! Jazzy, let’s see what you got! [Suspense music] Great job! Tuck that chin, one more roll! Great job, who’s up?! [Kaden] Me! Here we go! Tuck that chin, nice! Hehe, we got some athletes here, here we go! Some future WWE Superstars! Flying colors, was that easy? Yeah! All right, so we’re gonna
do a different roll now! How about a combo roll? Oh, that will be easy! [Fun upbeat music] I got this! Okay, go! Big challenge! Forward roll! Backwards roll. Well done! Nice job! Come up with that face. Come up, you always want
your feet like this! And you guys just aced them! Have you guys been training? [Kids] Yes! Yeah? You guys made this look easy! All right Coach Bloom,
make us Superstars! Obviously you’ve had a
little practice with rolling, maybe some gymnastics or
rolling in the backyard, but I’m gonna teach you something now that you can’t learn
anywhere else in the world! How to run the ropes in
a WWE Wrestling ring! [Exclaims] Ropes? What are the ropes? Miss Jessie, can we demonstrate? One thing that’s really
important is that right shoulder, that right elbow has to over the top or the second rope, actually, you guys’ll only hit the second rope, every time you hit the rope! [Fun upbeat music] Here we go, Miss Jess! That right elbow’s over the top rope. See how she’s doing that, nice even steps! Nice and relaxed and she’s
remembering to breathe. All right, here we go,
who wants to try it first? You got to go one at a time. I do! All right, here we go my man! Here we go, let’s try it. Here we go! And.. action! In control with a smile on our face. Nice job! Back’s hitting the rope, flat, both feet are on the ground, and a smile on our face, and.. boom! Next, who’s up? I am! Here we go, here we go! Are you nervous? Well, I guess a little! But you think you can do it, because you’re confident, right? Right! Here we go! Right elbow over that top rope, nice job, bend those knees a little
bit when you hit the ropes, you’re a little bit taller
than your brothers right now. There you go, nice job! And a smile on your face, I love it, and stop!
Well done! Okay, so. What’s the most important part? Right arm over the top rope, here we go! And, begin! In control, we don’t want, no, you see, you want
to turn the other way, make sure you get that
right arm over the top rope, here we go! One more time, in control, here we go, and come to me, here we go! Slow down, slow down, turn the other way! Good! [Clapping] Thatta boy! Well done, well done! Good job, give me some! Okay, so, what did you think? The rolls, were they easy? Yeah, too easy! Too easy? How about hitting the ropes? Running the ropes in here, was that easy? Uh, yeah! All right! So I showed you a little bit of the foundation of what we do, and you guys aced it! Really impressed! But I have an idea, guys. One more person, who’s gonna
get you to the next level! And I know just the person to do it! WWE Superstar, Sasha Banks! [Kids] What?! Whoa, what’s up, guys! Oh my gosh, is that really her?! The Legit Boss! Sasha Banks! That’s right, what’s up? What’s up Coach Bloom, how are you? Miss Banks, how are you today? I’m good! You guys did incredible on those rolls, but I think I’m gonna start
taking over from here, is that okay? They’re all yours, good luck guys! All right! Doing moves are important, but you also need to have the confidence, the swagger, and the attitude to become Superstars! So I’m gonna teach you three how to become WWE Superstars! Are you ready? Yes! I said, are you ready? YES! Let’s go, come on! Teach us everything you know! All right, are you guys
ready for it, though? [Kids] Oh yeah! All right, you know, the moment that you walk into a room, everybody should notice you! And that’s exactly what a Legit Boss is! So I’m gonna teach you guys how to be WWE Superstars! You see my costume? Yeah! My glasses, my rings! I wanna see your guys’ costumes! Are you ready? Yeah! Then go back there and change! Whoa! Oh, my goodness! You guys brought your A game! You look incredible! Jasmine, explain to me your character! I’m Tsunami Jazz, And I chose Tsunami because I represent the power of the wave! [Wave crashing] Wow, what about you, huh? I’m Avalanche Jack, and I’m like the power of ice and snow coming right at ya! [Thundering] That looks so cool, and you? And I’m Sandstorm Kade, no one would want to meet the strength and force of my power in the ring! [Wind blowing] Wow! So you guys definitely
have the look down! But I think it’s time to work on our pose! And I need a something a little bit more, you know what I’m saying? Whoa, is that your costume? Can I join you guys? It’s pose time! Yeah!
Let’s go! Come on, let’s work on our poses! [Fun dramatic music] [Camera clicking] [Fun dramatic music] All right guys, you have the rolls! You have the attitude! You have the poses! You have the costumes! But are you guys ready
for the entrance music! Yeah! Yeah?! I think we’re ready for it. Let’s go! [Ring announcer] Can you feel
the calm before the storm? Before the massive forces come our way? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the unstoppable forces
of nature themselves, Global Ruckus! [Upbeat music]
[Audience cheering] Introducing first, Tsunami Jazzy! A massive force of deep emotion, calm and mesmerizing, like the rhythm of the waves! But don’t underestimate her wrath! Next, it’s Avalanche Jack! Still and peaceful, until
he’s ready for battle! Massive fun and boisterous personality, as a charismatic leader! And lastly, Sandstorm Kade! Fast and furious, fearless and strong! Untamed enthusiasm! That’s what I’m talking about. [Ring Announcer] And uninhibited excitement! Together, they make up
the Superstar family team known as Global Ruckus! [Crowd cheering] You guys did incredible! Amazing! Sasha, what an amazing transformation! Global Ruckus is for real! Did you hear the fans,
they were going nuts! [Crowd cheering] An amazing production! Global Ruckus, one more thing we need. Hop in the ring! Here we go, guys! [Crowd cheering] [Sasha] Wow! Wow, that was amazing, incredible entrance! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe
we’re already WWE Superstars! [Crowd cheering] Now that you guys have finished
your Superstar training! I gotta know, what is
next for Global Ruckus? World Domination for Global Ruckus! But I gotta say, we gotta challenge “Twin Toys” next! Whoa! Yep, that right, we’re challenging you, “Twin Toys!” [Sasha] Oh, it’s on!
Oh yeah! You heard it, Global Ruckus is
challenging the “Twin Toys!” We challenge you, “Twin Toys,” to come to Florida, and train in the ring to
become WWE Superstars! “Twin Toys,” do you have what it takes? Don’t forget to like and subscribe! And if you want to see some other awesome WWE Superstar videos, click the “Ninja Kidz” right here, and “SuperHeroKids” right here, and “Twin Toys” right here! They’re all so awesome, go and check them out! Click them, click them, click them!

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