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(upbeat music plays) – [All] Ahh! – [Man] It’s cake. – [Woman] It’s cake.
– [Man] There is a cake. – Can I just do this? – To reach the coveted
100 episode milestone is an incredible, incredible achievement. – We did it. – Amazing. – We made it. – Insane! – We’re alive. – Surreal. – The hundredth episode fever! – All of us are so proud
that call the CW home. – It’s fantastic! – I’m so happy to be
surrounded by all these people that help make it every year. – This show I think, has
been a gift for all of us. – I feel very proud. – We are so lucky to be led by
the glorious Melissa Benoist. – Everyone is saying
nice things about Melissa but there’s not enough time
to say enough nice things about Melissa. – We’re so lucky to tell
the stories that we tell. – The stories we tell can inspire people. – I think it’s a testament
to like, the studio and the network getting
that young girls need this. – There’s a generation of
girls that are growing up knowing that they can be the superheroes. – It’s an amazing time to be a comic book character, I think. – [All] Yay!

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  1. Brilliant and congratulations on Supergirl reaching 100 and to the incredible Melissa, Chyler, David, Nicole, Azie, Jesse, Katie etc.

  2. The CW has some of the very best television content – thank you for keeping these wonderful genres including all of the actors and of everyone who is involved with the hard work for production of stories for fantastic entertainment and inspiration!!!

  3. Congratulations to all involved with Supergirl for reaching its 100th episode.

    I checked Season 1 out just out of curiosity’s sake, and I had no regrets. Thanks to perfect casting in Melissa Benoist and everyone else, fantastic characters and all the heart, soul & charm, so many great stories have been told.

    The show has gotten progressively better since it moved to the CW and I felt it finally realised its potential with the excellent fourth season. The 100th episode was fantastic and again demonstrated what characters/stories the Arrowverse has given us (like Arrow, Flash and Legends).

    Up, up and away!

  4. Lena Luthor is a Hypocrite! .

    She hates Kara for not being upfront with her about her being Supergirl yet here she is smiling and laughing at a party dedicated to Supergirl.

    Supergirl should send her to the Phantom Zone with that snake Lex Luthor.

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