Supergirl Season 5 “100th Episode Celebration” Featurette (HD)

(upbeat music plays) – [All] Ahh! – [Man] It’s cake. – [Woman] It’s cake.
– [Man] There is a cake. – Can I just do this? – To reach the coveted
100 episode milestone is an incredible,
incredible achievement. – We did it. – Amazing. – We made it. – Insane! – We’re alive. – Surreal. – The hundredth episode fever! – All of us are so proud
that call the CW home. – It’s fantastic! – I’m so happy to be
surrounded by all these people that help make it every year. – This show I think, has
been a gift for all of us. – I feel very proud. – We are so lucky to be led by
the glorious Melissa Benoist. – Everyone is saying
nice things about Melissa but there’s not enough time
to say enough nice things about Melissa. – We’re so lucky to tell
the stories that we tell. – The stories we tell
can inspire people. – I think it’s a testament
to like, the studio and the network getting
that young girls need this. – There’s a generation of
girls that are growing up knowing that they can
be the superheroes. – It’s an amazing time to be a comic book character, I think. – [All] Yay!

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  1. The 100th episode was really good. Felt nostalgic revisiting the past events and also having Odette and Chris back..though only for a short span of time. But it was worth it.

  2. And that Supergirl team i want to see every episode like in 100th. I would give this ep on IMDB 100/10 instead of 10/10

  3. Smallville 200th episode
    Arrow 100th episode almost got 200th
    Flash 100th episode on the way to 200th
    Neither previous shows got special broadcast party like Supergirl did. So i guess wamen are superior and have privilege after all 👏👏

  4. Lena being a crybaby Luthor like every Luthor when they don’t know everything is getting a bit meh. Also hasn’t Kara learned anything from flash?

  5. I hated that episode. It's all about lena, lena and lena. I wanted some special scenes of karamel. But they just disappointed us. 😢

  6. I didn't think the 100th episode was that good, sure it was nice seeing mon-el and reign for a tiny bit.. But i felt it wasn't really that big.. Mxy totally stole the episode thou, and like alex said near the end of the episode ''I hope we see more of mxy''

  7. Supergirl sucks, the flash is the best cw show by far since the arrow is finished with its last season. R.I.P. Oliver Queen, he will always be known as the hero of the multiverse.

  8. Congratulations to all involved with Supergirl for reaching its 100th episode.

    I checked Season 1 out just out of curiosity’s sake, and I had no regrets. Thanks to perfect casting in Melissa Benoist and everyone else, fantastic characters and all the heart, soul & charm, so many great stories have been told.

    The show has gotten progressively better since it moved to the CW and I felt it finally realised its potential with the excellent fourth season. The 100th episode was fantastic and again demonstrated what characters/stories the Arrowverse has given us (like Arrow, Flash and Legends).

    Up, up and away!

  9. This was a good episode and a good 100 Arrowverse 100 episode second to Arrow Arrow was amazing revisited all the seasons leading up to it all villains and intro card

  10. Really didn't feel the emotional, celebratory and refective weight of their 100th episode! They focused WAY too much on Lena and only went back to Mon-el, Reign and Agent Liberty for the most of it.

    They should've incorporated elements from the first two seasons as well! We haven't seen Cat Graham and Alex's parents in a longtime?

    Plus, this would've given the opportunity to bring back Mon-el's mom, Maxwell Lord, Naan, or even Indigo to against Brainy!

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