SUPERHERO BIRTHDAY PARTY SPECIAL! 💥 Finn’s 2nd Birthday Party (w/ Super Surprise Guests!!)

(happy music) – Okay you guys the party has begun and all the kids are having a blast but I just got this
really weird text message from my buddy Batman, he
said he was gonna come by and bring a couple of friends. Oh look. Oh look. There his invisible jet. – [Mom] Oh there it is. – They’re flying in. I think they’re circling around right now. Invisible jet you can’t see it but … He’s on Find my Friends,
so I know where he is. ♫ This is our life ♫ This is our fun ♫ This is who we are ♫ This is our dream ♫ This is our team ♫ Trying to moon the stars ♫ Take the shoe it’ll be fine ♫ Take this hand and watch the show ♫ Lets live it ♫ Live it forever Good morning and happy birthday Finn. My little guy you’re
growing up so fast. (ding) Finn, are you so excited! We’re having your birthday party today! – Where Batman? – Where’s Batman? – Batman!
– Guess what? – [Bryan] What? – The real superheroes are coming! – What? No. Ollie doesn’t know what
he’s talking about. We are throwing a superhero
party for our little Finny because he’s going to be
two in just a couple of days but we’re having his birthday party today with all his friends and family. – Yeah! – Yeah! Hey Finn, who is your favorite super hero? – Batman and Robin! – Batman and Robin! The boys are going to be
dressing up, Missy’s dressed up and we’re getting the house
ready so let’s go see. I’m so excited, I can’t believe he’s two! He’s so smart and lovable! (chittering) He’s very excited for his superhero party if you couldn’t tell. Well hello to the cutest
little Wonder Woman I ever did see! She looks so cute, Kelsey! And we’ve got Wonder Woman
in the flesh, incarnate. My wife is actually a
Wonder Woman, you guys. Look at what she’s doing right now, setting up this whole party! You’re amazing and you look good in that Wonder Woman outfit. You and June are matching, that’s so cute! June, are you helping
set up for the party? Yeah? Hi baby! All right, we just got the
cutest birthday message from our friends Carl and
Ginger and all the boys! – You wanna see it? – [Bryan] You want to see it? – Okay, here it is! ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday, Dear Finn ♫ Happy Birthday to you! ♫ (giggling) – [Bryan] That’s so cute, huh, Finn? – Did you like that? – [Bryan] Can you say thank you? – Say thank you. – Thank you. – Thank you. Who is that? – [Finn] Smash! – [Bryan] We have the
Hulk, Spiderman and Thor! That’s so neat, dude! – Can you say Hulk smash? – Smash! – [Bryan] Ollie, you
need to see this balloon that we got for Finn, it is Spiderman! It’s so intricate. It’s kind of weird. Wait, there’s another one! This is what happens when you put Mimi and Pawpaw in charge of balloons. They go all out, look at that. It’s Batman, oh my gosh! Finn is totally going to freak out! (upbeat music) – We got a bouncy house! Finn is going to be excited! – Yes he is! Ollie is testing out the bouncy house while Finn takes his nap
because he needs some energy for this rager we’re throwing him! (exciting music) – Nananana Batman! – Nanana Batman! Look at my little guy. We have Batman here! What’s Batman without Robin? (action sounds) Whoa! Are you loving this Finn? (laughs) Whoa, you’re way up there, dude! Whoa, you guys are like real superheroes! – We are real superheroes! – [Bryan] Oh, you are? (laughs) As he tumbles off! Are you okay, buddy? Alright, babe, what are
you setting up over here? – We’ve got a pumpkin painting station. – Oh awesome! So all the kids can
create their own pumpkin and take it home with them! – Yep. – It’s a good idea for
this time of year, babe. Are you having fun in this bouncy? – Yeah! – [Bryan] All the guests
are gonna start showing up really soon!
– Yeah! – [Bryan] You so excited to play? – Guests is coming! – All our friends are coming. – All my friends. – [Bryan] Your friends
and Finn’s friends, huh? – Yeah. – Oh, I think Finn’s going down the slide. Go with him, hurry! Oh my gosh! Ollie, you dragged him down
and I think Finn loved it! (smooth music) Bailey is here! Bailey, who are you for
the superhero party? – My name’s Harley Quinn. – [Bryan] Harley Quinn. Are you daddy’s monster? (laugh) Go play, kiddos! All the kiddos have arrived and they’re taking over the bouncy house. CJ’s reppin’ the Batman! (swanky music) You got your Hulk hand on, Ollie? Three, two, one, smash! Smash, Bailey, smash! Hulk smash! I have just entered the
super secret superhero, what is this, hide out? Finn’s like, “Save me!” Oh no, Harley Quinn
broke into the hide out! You guys, Harley Quinn
broke into the hide out. Don’t let her escape! We’ve got Cat Woman in the house! We’ve got Robin versus
Spiderman right now. Who is going to win, Spidey or Robin? Oh, Robin found a secret hiding spot. Whoa, look at that strong hulk. Finn is ready for the
birthday party of the century. You ready, Finn? Look at all you superheroes
looking so good! Whoa, we’ve got some more superheroes! – [Molly] You guys look so cute! You’re Bat Girl! – [Bryan] Bat Girl! – [Mommy] Did you find your Carol? – I know I’m soaking it all in. – [Molly] I know, he’s so cute. Are you Batman? He’s like, “Take this!” (epic music) – The party has begun and all
the kids are having a blast but I just got this
really weird text message from my buddy Batman and he
said he was going to come by and bring a couple of friends. – Yeah. – So I think he’s on his way right now. Oh look, oh look! Yep, there’s his invisible jet. They’re flying in in the invisible jet. Where are they going to
park that thing, babe? Probably in the dirt field. I think they’re circling around right now. Invisible jet, you can’t see it but he’s on Find My Friends,
so I know where he is. – I have Wonder Woman
vision, so I can see it. – [Bryan] (laughs) I don’t
think that’s a thing, babe. – Whatever. (epic music) – Well hey, guys, thanks for showing up! We got some of my friends
showing up for the party. I think we have a few kids
who would like to say hello. (muffled speech) Yeah. Come on in, guys! (muffled speech) – How’s it going, superheroes? – I can’t believe they came! (epic music) – So superheroes, first of all, I just want to say you
all look so awesome! Very, very good job on your costumes. You’re going to get a
lot of candy this year. (swanky music) – [Bryan] There he is. Say, “Hi dude!” Danananananana Dananana! He knows your song even, Batman. Don’t you? – Hey Finn, we hear you’re
celebrating something really, really special today. I hear that you just graduated
college, is that right? And we also heard that he
has the best friends that– (swanky music) Who here wants to be a superhero tonight? (wooing) – Spidey’s about to
show them all his pose! Woo! (grunting) – Say it even scarier, “I’m Batman!” You want to come step over here, buddy? Do a superhero pose,
all right, let’s do it. One, two, three! Whoa! – [Bryan] Nice job, Ollie! (cheering) (grunting) (laughing) Whoa, whoa, whoa, he’s got his foot! He’s got his foot! Who do you think is going to win? – Spiderman! – Spiderman? Oh! – Whoa, I’m really dizzy. All I can see is a man in a blue suit. That must be Spiderman! (grunting) – [Bryan] She’s got him, get him! – Wonder Woman? Let me go! (laughter) – You were trying to attack me. – I’m sorry, I got a little light headed! (epic music) – Bryan She got him in the shin! (nursery music) Poor Spiderman! Hey girl! Wonder Woman just beat up Spiderman. (slow music) – Wake up, Spider Chicken Baby! – Did somebody say Spider Chicken Baby? (laughter) – Which one is your favorite, Peyton? – That one. – Wonder Woman? She’s cool, huh. All right, we’re going to take
the superhero oath, Ollie. Raise your hand, raise your hand, Ollie. (audience laughter) (swanky music) Hey Spidey, what happened
to your head, bro’? – It came off, it just started to float. I think it can make it out the front door. Maybe my head wants to wear me? – [Bryan] Yeah, we seem
to have lost the head on the Spiderman balloon. Good luck, Ollie. Look at this giant tower that they aww! All right, kiddos! You can’t use your hands,
hands behind your back. The first one to eat their
donut wins with no hands. Ready? Three, two, one, go! Get it, Ollie, get it! Get it, C.J., get it C.J.! Spidey, that’s cheating! Get it Ollie, get it Ollie, get it! – This party has been so fun! – It’s so cool and now it is pinata time. – Yeah. – Check out this rig we
have to hold the pinata. – Yeah. – We’ve never had before. – Normally, you have to find a tree and you have to find a
way to get it rigged up and this is what we have this year. It’s a whole station for it. Yay! He’s got a Batman one! – [Bryan] Finn is going to
start the pinata off first. We’re putting Spidey in charge of this? – Yeah. – All right, you’ve got this. Hit me right in the face! One, two, three, go. One, two, three, go. Stop hitting yourself,
stop hitting yourself. – [Bryan] Spidey is waterskiing right now on this pinata contraption. Hit it, Wonder Woman! All right, Ollie, you’re up next. You going to tear this thing open? – Here we go, buddy. Here’s your weapon. – Swing, get it! Woo! Okay, that’s enough. Bro, those were some hits. That was pretty strong. You got some pretty big muscles? Yeah? – Would I be nervous if I was this pinata? (laughter) – [Bryan] You got the arm off! – [Batman] One, two, three! (cheering) – [Bryan] Candy! – Candy, candy! – [Bryan] Good job, C.J.! – Birthday boy coming in! – [Bryan] Grab some candy. – You get candy? – [Bryan] Go some candy, buddy! Happy Birthday, Finn. Are you having fun? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah? ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Happy Birthday, dear Finn ♫ Happy Birthday to you! ♫ (cheering) Blow ’em out, buddy, blow ’em out. Woo, one more, one more! (cheering) – The superheroes have
a little birthday gift, for you, Finn! This is a superhero birthday medallion! This means that Finn here is in charge for the rest of the day. – You have to do whatever he says! – [Bryan] All right. – Do whatever he says. You got to be super nice to him. Give him some awesome presents. Alright, Finn, this may
weigh as much as you, so hopefully it won’t
bring you down but I bestow upon you the superhero
leadership medallion! (cheering) – Yeah Finn! Take a bite of your cake, Finn, woo! Whoa! That yummy? – Guys, thank you all so
much for having us out. – [Bryan] Thank you! Bye guys, thanks for coming. – Happy Birthday, Finn! – [Bryan] Bye Spidey! – Bye! – [Bryan] Finn gets all
the love on his birthday! We all love Finn! We got the crew out here
painting some pumpkins. How’s it going Peyton? That looks so cool. What color are you doing? – She was sharing purple with me. – [Bryan] Oh cool! It’s Karma Batman, Dogman! Dananana! (slow music) We are opening presents. What? Is that a Spiderman bike? What? He got a Spiderman ATV? That’s so cool! What? It’s got web blasters on the front. I know. Ollie, what are you doing? That’s way too small for you. Whoa! Ahh! That means thank you! – You’re welcome. – [Bryan] In Finn’s language. – Well, bud, that concludes your second
birthday party, huh? – Mhmm. – Was that a fun day? – Yeah. – You had so much fun, huh? You got to play with all
your favorite superheroes, all your friends! It was such a fun day but I will say that he is still one. He has one more day left of being one. – Yeah! – So you are still my baby because you’re still only one. We had such a fun day. I absolutely love throwing the birthday parties for the kids. We always have a blast. I just want to tell you
guys that me and Finn earlier today were
watching his first birthday party together and kind
of getting him the idea of what his last birthday party was like. There’s lots of people
and we sang happy birthday and all of that to kind of get him an idea of what this birthday
party was going to be like. It was such, I just loved
that birthday party. It was so cute, we had a pony and it was just such a cute thing so if you guys haven’t seen that one, I’m going to have it linked up here so you guys can check it out too because it’s such a cute party and this one was such a cute party too. (giggles) You are such a big little two year old. I’m also going to sit down
and read one of his new books. We just read all of
these books with Ollie. He got six new books and
we read them all tonight. We were so excited to read them but this one specifically
it’s from Mattie and Malachi. Well, I guess it’s probably from Michelle because she said Mattie and Malachi loved this book when they were little and so, I just read it to Ollie because Finn ran out of the
room while we were reading it so I’m going to read it to him now. So anyways, I’m going to
go ahead and end the video so make sure you give
this vlog a big thumbs up. This one, boop! Thumbs up and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. What do you say? Bye! – Bye. (exciting music)

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