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[Captain Marvel] Fan
mail, fan mail, fan mail, bill, bill, fan mail, fan mail, fan mail, bill, fan mail, fan mail, bill, fan mail. [Thor] Another letter for me! [Paper unfolding] Thor, you are the best Avenger from space! She Ra! Thor, you’re the only Avenger from space! But still I’m the best! Yes! Thor, can we switch jobs? I’ve been sorting the mail all morning! And replying! [Captain Marvel] Yeah but
you just keep replying, “I’m the best!” Well, that’s because it’s true! [Captain Marvel] Well, not it’s my turn to reply to fan mail, so now give me the pen! No, the fans need to hear from Thor! [Mischievous music] Ah! [Both] My turn! My turn! [Captain Marvel] Ever since this morning. [Thor] It’s my turn! It’s mine! No, it’s mine! Hey! Give it to me! Pay attention to Hulk! What, what is it Hulk? You two argue too much! Sit down, and work it out! Sit down, now! [Loud farting] [Laughs] That was not me! I can’t believe you fell for that! Captain Marvel make boom boom! Boom boom? No I didn’t, that’s not funny! It is a little funny! Thor is right! High five! Yeah! Thor, go get my water blaster in the room! We get Marvel! Ah! You wouldn’t! Would I? Oh yes, I would! [Exciting music] [Boink sound effect] [Exclaims] [Laughing] That’s not funny! [Laughs] That actually was pretty funny! Hulk got Thor too! [Laughing] [Siren alert] Alert? What’s the alert? For the Thanos! Haha! Hulk got you again! Well, that’s really not funny! You shall never fake an alert! But, it is funny! You thought there was an alert, but there wasn’t! [Laughs] Ugh! Okay, Hulk’s sorry! Hulk make it up to you! No way! Yeah, we’re not falling for it! No, you can’t fool us again! No way! Hulk promised, this present’s real great! I guess. [Paper tearing] [Thor And Captain Marvel] An iPad! Aww, an iPad! That’s so sweet Hulk! Watch video! Watch video! Aww, a cute little bunny! Hop, hop, hop! [Hulk growling] Ahhh! [Laughs] [Loud gasping] Holy smokes! That’s it, Hulk! No more joking around! Some superheros you are! Try and take a joke! But, I have more important
things to speak of! Like what? Hulk birthday tomorrow! Oh, splendid! What shall we do? You throw surprise party for Hulk! Me want party unforgettable! Well, it’s not really a
surprise birthday party if you know about it! Shh, don’t ruin surprise party for Hulk! Get planning! Well, I guess we should get planning? Why should we throw a
surprise party for him? What a great opportunity for some payback! Ooh, explain yourself! He said he wants it be
unforgettable, right? Well, let’s give him
the most unforgettable birthday party ever! Ohh, now you’re on the something! [Fun music] [Alarm sounding off] [Guitar music] [Yawns] It’s Hulk birthday today! Have it remember to act surprise! [Happy guitar music] [Doorbell ringing] [Group of girls] Surprise! [Exclaims] ♪ Dance of the sugar plum fairy ♪ [Exclaims] Red or gold? Gold! [Magic sound] [Growl] [Laughs] Happy birthday, Hulk! What is this, a princess party?! You said you wanted a
party you’ll never forget! Have some cake! [Girls sighing] Pink, pink, pink! Isn’t pink your favorite color? [Growl] Hulk, Hulk, Hulk! Don’t get upset! [Fun guitar music] Marvel, put cake down! Hulk, smash! [Fun Guitar Music] Ahhh! [Girls exclaim] [Group of girls] Oh my! Wait, wait, Hulk! We have one more surprise for you. [Phone dialing] That’s right! Someone called in.
Someone from far away! Someone very special! A human? Close! Hulk, this is mommy! Why you no call me? Uh, hi mom! Hulk been very busy! Hulk left teddy at mommy’s house. She watch it for you, and send it back. [Girls giggling] [Growl] Hulk has a teddy bear? That’s cute! Hehehe! Adorable! [Growl] Oh, Hulky baby don’t get upset! [Growl] [Girls giggling] Hulk, we’re just getting you back for all the jokes you played on us! We hope you learned your lesson! Now we can give you your real present! [Doorbell rings] That’s probably it now! Hulk don’t want present! Will be joke again! It’s not, we promise! [Dr. Mad Scientist] Hello! [Laughs] [Girls] Ahhh! I’m here to ruin the party! [Laughs] Haha, funny joke! [Laughs in slow motion] You get Doctor Mad Scientist
look alike to ruin Hulk party. Uh, that’s not a look alike! No, that’s really him! Uh-huh, and I’m a fairy! [Laughs] I’ve got you now! [Zapping] Ah! My powers are leaving me! Don’t worry, I got this! [Zapping] [Fun guitar music] [Laughs] Yes, I’ve got your powers! [Laughs] Ha ha ha, nice acting! So funny! You think you can trick Hulk. It’s a, it’s not a joke! Hulk, help us please! This is bad disguise, see! Ow, ow, ow! Hey, that’s my hair! Hey, hey, that’s my hair! Ow, ow, ow! Oopsies! Hulk, smash! What, no my invention! My invention! No, you smashed it, no! My powers! They’re back! [Energy sound] Yes! I have my powers! [Lightening] Yeah! Now, let’s teach him a lesson! Take it easy! [Superheroes] Ahhh! Guys, I can’t believe that was
really Doctor Mad Scientist! We just wanted to teach you a lesson. Joke’s not funny! That’s what we were trying
to tell you green one! Hulk’s sorry for pulling tricks! Sorry we pulled so many tricks on you! No more tricks from Hulk! Well, we did get you a real present. [Fun upbeat music] For real? No joke? [Captain Marvel and Thor] For real! [Paper tearing] A box?! Yeah, a box that you could use for your favorite activity. Hulk smash? Yes, my favorite! Hulk… Smash, smash! Smash, smash! Smash! [Laughing] Well, happy birthday Hulk! Wait, Hulk just remember something! What is it? Hulk birthday next month! You got to be kidding me! Start planning Hulk surprise party now! [Thud] One, action! Hulk… Smash! [Laughing] [Beep noise] Hulk… Smash, smash, smash! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Oh, Hulky baby. Don’t get upset. [Girls giggling] [Laughs] Hello! Oh, what was my line? [Camera Woman] I’m here to ruin the party. Get him! No, no, no! Who locked it? [Laughing] [Girls sighing] [Camera Woman] Cut, good job! Hey, pay attention to Hulk! Sit down, NOW! [Loud farting] Make sure to like and subscribe below! And hit that button for notifications! And click down below if you wanna see another cool superhero! [Both] Common.. Click it, click
it, click it, click it! Oh yeah, it’s super fun!

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