“Superstition” By PRETTYMUCH | Hocus Pocus 25th Anniversary Halloween Bash | Freeform

And now you’ve pretty much
heard these guys everywhere. They’re pretty much taking over their headline tour,
and climbing the charts with their new song “Solita.” They’re pretty much killing it right now. Give it up for PRETTYMUCH! [PRETTYMUCH singing “Superstition”]

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  1. So…..jordan Fisher likes prettymuch okay then WHY DON'T HE HAVE A COLLAB WITH THEM CAUSE THAT WOULD BE FIREEEE❤

  2. okay. is it just me or what because the fact that austin couldn’t stop smiling actually made my heart melt

  3. Brandon had a HUGE Michael Jackson vibe I love it
    they did zion dirty with this red face lmao
    they did zion dirty with this red face lmao

  4. this performance is underrated. sorry but when zion comes in “superstition is the waAyYYyyy” that’s my culture.

  5. brandon brandon brandon i better see this look again for this halloween becus ESCUSEEE ME ITS DOING YOU JUSTICEEEEE

  6. Is it me or do white people and native people always have braces on….like OMG I GET ANNOYED 😒A LOT WHEN I SEE PEOPLE WITH BRACES ITS LIKE BITCH ONE DAY THEM TEETH ARE GOING TO FALL OUT ANYWAYS🤣🤣

  7. They sing great but their dancing reminds me of something from an Alvin and the Chipmunks movies. The 80s ones lol

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