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  1. Hello, I know I am a little bit late to the party, however I wanted to ask which smartwatch he is using in the video. You can see the device very good at 09:07. I asked myself if I can wear this on my right hand since I am left handed. I am searching for a decent watch for a while and the apple watch would be the last resort since it is very left-hander-friendly. Thx

  2. I'm watching this review on a surface go. It's performance isn't bad at all. This is perfect for basic documentation use such as writers on the go.

  3. Hi ! I've seen comments on how it sucks or it is amazing or don't buy it at all …. And I'm really confused . I really like the design but for the base model … It's $618 in Singapore and for the 8GB RAM one … It's $828 ( both including the keyboard and the mouse ) could someone help me out ?

  4. Why are you comparing with the old Surface 3 laptop. Compare it with the ipad and current lineup of laptops at the same price. Technology is improving at a fast rate.

  5. Performance on this device is sucks so bad ! I can't run any app that utilize CPU muscle , I've tried for daw and audio recording, can't record neither 3 track before going 120% on the CPU and crash… So bad, disappointed by this product, I thought it could really be a good alternative to my galaxy book 12 but is neither close to it…

  6. This video has a lot more information than a lot of other reviews are so thank you deffinatly swaying me to buy the surface go

  7. I heard google chrome doesnt run well on it, is this true? Its something I use daily at work and would kill this for me!

  8. This device pretty much gives you the same functionality as an IPad and a 12 inch Macbook combined for only 25% of the price.

  9. Not sure I can trust you anymore Daniel! 😊 Bought and returned within 24 hours, after 8 hours of testing it was obvious it didn’t cut it, especially for $530! I so wanted this size format to work but it’s just not there yet.

  10. As an apple watch wearing, iPhone xs max owning apple sheep..


    Seriously, have owned a bunch of tablets before this, but this takes the cake (8gb mem / 128gb storage)

  11. Weren't expecting such a good device from Microsoft??? Don't you work as a person who tells people about Microsoft's products? That was quite a disheartening comment

  12. I want to buy it for my mom who is a Professor. She needs it mostly for working on documents and presentations.

    Would it be a good buy for her? I was thinking to go with the 8gb ram version.


  13. Turbo Boost may actually increase battery life since it would help the computer finish tasks faster and thus enable the CPU to go into deep sleep mode earlier

  14. When measuring pc thermals, always use C rather than F.
    I don't think I've seen a reputable soure use F for anything pc related(besides hdd operating temps lol)

  15. Very nice review, thanks !
    One question – I only saw adapters from USB-C to Display ports for the surface go- do you know of any USB-C to HDMI that will do the same job ?

  16. I've been thinking of upgrading my drawing tablet (I'm using Wacom Intuos Pen Small 480) and tbh, I really don't want to invest in Cintique. They're too expensive for me in SEA. Do you think it's good for artists to draw on it all the time? Or just casually? I was never a fan of touchscreen devices (minus smartphones, ofc) but as the year goes by, we got better devices that supports touchscreen and improved it. I'd really want to draw on HD screens rather than the usual graphics tablet; it's because my hands are quite shaky even after I configure it over and over again.

    So, it Surface Go worth it for professional artists? Or should I just listen to what everyone has been suggesting despite my financial situation? Either way, I'd love some input by anyone, really 🙂

  17. Can you tell us what bag you are using? I was looking at SFbags.com and it looks like the Outback Solo case, if so what size?

  18. Is 10 inch on this tablet too small for a hybrid laptop? I work mainly on Word, Powerpoint, Web and some light Entertainment. Sometime I did some drawings, too.

  19. Surface Go 2 LTE wishlist:
    – Bluetooth 5.0
    – 802.11ax Wireless
    – 5G Connectivity
    – Shrinked down bezzels so maybe they can achieve 11-inch size and look sexier
    – Faster CPU
    – Better Battery Life

    Overall a really great device, but just the 130$ dollars for that Keyboard is a bit too much, considering the fact that i would've wanted to get the Pen as well with it.

  20. It needs an i3, the Atom CPU is simply the worst POS CPU ever made, period! This price point should have been an ARM CPU, instead Microsoft chose a $1000 tablet with an already 2 year old CPU to make that debut, who is in charge over there.

    Do not buy this!

  21. the host from "windows" central, says that he hasn't high hopes for a "Microsoft" device… What absurdity is this????? you should be the guy saying "i told you so!"

  22. Very impressive and comprehensive review. I am familiar with surface but,  you definitely "educated" me on what the tablet can actually do and what I can expect. Thank you very much.

  23. Thank God…Marvell has a horrible security issue just found used in BILLIONS of devices and there is NO KNOWN FIX for it at this time.

  24. 0:28 surface pro? This one have intel pentium no matter if you call it gold or diamond or whatever it's fucking slow, better buy i5 for 500 than spending 500 for a tablet with keyboard.

  25. The large bezel is actually a good thing! Its supposed to b that way because we want to hold it without accidently pressing anything on the touch screen

  26. Can you show how the actual surface is supposed to be use like how’s the word, PowerPoint, and excel as well as the other Microsoft apps to work with

  27. I recently bought a surface go and I'm very happy with it! It's a good device for people on the go or students and for those who just want a small device to use on the go.

  28. Dude I cannot thank you enough. You helped me make the right decision. One of the most fun products I ever bought.

  29. I bought one recently (yes, Go² might be coming soon…but I got the 8gb version with keyboard and mouse for a really low price!) and after switching out from Windows S mode to normal and disabling some unnecessary bloaty stuff that comes with win 10….it feels very good.

    Working and casual pixel games and whatnot all works like a charm.

    So even this year you can buy it if you get it on a nice sale (Amazon prime day coming up)

  30. Student won’t be using the surface go for 9 hours anyway since high school classes not take up 6-7 hours a day.

  31. I am using the cheapest basic model ..and i am s…..o satisfied with it ….I like using it more than i expected…the performance is mediocre、the battery life cant last for 5-6 hours….but it is a pleasure to use it everyday ….

  32. the reason that the Surface Pro 3 only has 256 pressure sensitivity levels is because of them using the N-trig technology instead of the Wacom found on the Surface Go

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