SURPRISE Birthday Birds!

– Can you see? – No, I can’t even open my eyes. – [child] I think we all
know where we’re going. – [Kevin] Where are we going? – [child] Petco! – So I think it’s really interesting how each of my kids have gravitated
to a different animal. (kids giggling) – So cute! – [Ruby] Is this the best
birthday of your whole life? (upbeat music) (playful music) – Can you see? – [Julie] No, I can’t even open my eyes. – Perfect. – Olivia, you are not off the hook. Get over here. (upbeat music) – I can’t wait! (upbeat music) – Here we go, we’re almost there. – [Ruby] Does everyone
have their seat belts on? – Nope.
– Yes! – You guys, if you missed
the last two or three vlogs of ours, go back and watch them because it will give this
so much more context. But I had to laugh. Okay so in short, we’re
celebrating Julie’s 11th birthday. We are in the car, and we are going on a, to get a surprise. So we just had birthday cake
and ice cream at the house, and Kevin’s telling me what Russell said. This is hilarious. – Yeah so Russell’s just
screaming and crying, and I’m like, Russell, what’s wrong? And he’s just like, this is
the stupidest birthday ever! I’m like, why, what’s wrong? And he said, it’s all about Julie! (laughter) I’m sorry, it’ll be your
birthday in July, son, you’ll be fine. – He was feeling jealous. I hate feeling jealous. I know that feeling, it’s just awful. Have you guys ever felt
jealous of someone? Isn’t it awful? – [Children] ♪ Spongebob Squarepants ♪ ♪ Then drop on the deck
and flop like a fish ♪ ♪ Spongebob Squarepants ♪ ♪ Spongebob Squarepants ♪ ♪ Spongebob Squarepants ♪ ♪ Spongebob Squarepants ♪ ♪ Spongebob Squarepants ♪ (laughter) – [Child] I think we all
know where we’re going. – [Kevin] Where are we going? – [Child] PetCo!
– [Kevin] What? – [Children] Petco! – [Kevin] I promise you
we are not going there. – [Child] I bet you $200
they’re going to Petco or some sort of pet store. – [Kevin] A pet store? – I hate it when the secrets get out and they’re not so surprised. I told Julie to take my
earrings and give them to me. And instead, she went into my closet, and in my closet was a birdcage. I’m so upset that she knows. – [Kevin] You’re going
to see that we’re going to the train station. (upbeat music) – [Ruby] You’re at a house,
sorry, not a pet store. – [Kevin] Is your sister here? You may now remove your blindfolds. – Oh they’re so cute! – Look at the little blue bird. – [Kevin] Hazel, do you
wanna come introduce, this is Julie, this is her birthday. Julie, turn around. This is Hazel. – [Julie] Hi.
– Hi. – [Kevin] And she’s gonna show you which two birds are yours. – Two? – Yeah. – [Ruby] Surprise! – [Hazel] These two right here are yours. – She’s still surprised. She didn’t know she was
getting one, but two! – [Child] Me and Julie can have our own! Right? – I am very surprised. – [Child] Me and Julie can have our own! – [Female] They were just
chillin’ in that box? – Yeah. – Okay, is this a girl or a boy? – [Ruby] I don’t know yet. – Okay Julie let’s pretend it’s a girl. – Yep. – She wanted to name it
Arelia if it was a girl. – [Female] I think you should
name this one Arelia, Julie. – It looks like, it reminds me of Rio. – Oh my gosh, how big is– – [Child] Dad, can you put this in here? – All right. You want it to go in here? (laughter) You gotta get off, little guys. (giggling) – Let’s take these guys home. – [Ruby] Julie, so were
you actually surprised? – I was actually. And not just because, and I thought that if I did get a bird, it was only gonna be one, but
two birds was just like whoa! – So I think it’s really interesting how each of my kids have gravitated
to a different animal. Shari gravitated to a hedgehog, and there are so many
similarities in their personality between Shari and a hedgehog. Chad gravitated to a lizard, and there are so many
similarities to Chad and lizards. And Abby, this interesting,
she gravitated to a snake, but I wouldn’t say Abby’s a snake. – Well, no, because there’s
always negative connotations associated with snakes,
but I think Abby’s snake is sweet, kind, a little shy. – That’s true. Enjoys alone time. – It does enjoy alone
time, but isn’t afraid to be around people. I think it’s totally right. – We do place a negative
meaning on snakes. Okay, and Julie gravitated to a bird, and I think a bird is the perfect animal that describes Julie. So what kind of animals, Russell’s next, what kind of animal does
Russell gravitate to? – [Kids] Turtle! – Turtle. – Warthog. – Warthog. (laughing) What kind of animal does Eve gravitate to? – [Child] Unicorn.
– Unicorn, of course! Need I even have asked? – [Kevin] Nemacode. – Okay so now this is where
this present comes into. You are now ready to open the last gift. (paper rustling) – A box? – [Child] What is it? – [Kevin] Wow, Julie, that’s cool. – [Female] Is that like a birdhouse? – [Child] It’s an outside one? – [Female] Is that what it is? – [Ruby] It’s an inside one. And I thought you could
put it between your beds. For now, I guess we could
just leave this here, and then when we move, you can build it and put it in the new
house for the first time. – So when do we get the food
and stuff that they need? – Look in this box, there
might be something in there. – Oh! – [Eve] I love chickens! (laughter) – [Female] Oh that is so cute! (laughter) – [Female] Oh my gosh! – [Ruby] What is this? – [Child] Oh that’s so tiny! – [Female] Oh my gosh, are you kidding me? They’ll never be hungry again! – [Ruby] Kevin picked out
those, those are so cute! – [Child] It’s a pineapple! – That’s amazing. It reminds me of, like, Rio. Have you seen the movie Rio? – Oh so cute, I love that movie. – [Child] Change the amount each day so they don’t get bored of one? – I think is what– – [Ruby] Maybe Russell
could hold one of those to see if the bird will climb on it. – What Ambree and Daisy
have in their room. – [Ruby] Oh cute. – [Female] I want a bird now.
– [Child] Me too! – Awww. – [Julie] Thank you. – You’re welcome. Is this the best birthday
of your whole life? – Uh-huh. – I bet you could make them
something to like play on. Like, it’d be fun to make them something. – I mean, just Popsicle sticks. – Yeah, like, for real though. – Yeah, you could make all kinds of stuff. – [Female] I want a bird,
like, this is so cool. – [Child] You can visit! – I think I’m gonna go
get a dove right now. (laughter) – Not good enough. – [Ruby] It is good enough. (upbeat music) – Oh, she just got my necklace! My necklace, oh, he’s chewing on it! No, little guy, stop,
I’m gonna take this off. (laughter) – [Ruby] Oh there it goes. – What’s that creature
in Harry Potter series that looks for gold, what are they called? – [Child] Oh, it’s the fantastic beast. – Yeah, fantastic, all
the little monsters. (upbeat music) – [Ruby] Shari has a sleepy
effect on her animals. – [Kevin] Of course she does. – [Ruby] She’s calming. – [Kevin] I’ve tried, it doesn’t work. – He’s eating your hair. Russell, I just love these birds. Do you love these birds? Yeah? How are you doing with your jealousy? – It’s going away. – When we left, Russell
was upset and he was sad. There may have been some tears involved and I said, Russell, are
you feeling jealousy? Were you?
– Yeah. – Yeah, and I said jealousy’s
a hard feeling to feel, isn’t it? How are you feeling now about the birds? – They’re fun, I wanna hold them. – Do you still feel jealous? – No.
– No? Are you happy for Julie?
– Yeah. – Will you close the door, Mom? – Can I please hold one? Can I please hold one? – [Ruby] This is so hilarious. Did you guys all just gather in here? – [Child] Mm-hm. – And Mom, I’m growing my teeth. – [Ruby] Do you have a loose tooth, Eve? – Yeah, I’m growing it. – Oh yes, your new tooth is coming in. – [Kevin] Do they fall asleep standing up? – They’re waking like bats upside down. – Well, look at her
feathers, what is she doing? – She’s cleaning them. – [Shari] It cleans itself all the time. – [Ruby] Yeah, they clean themselves. – [Kevin] It’s cleaning its leg? – [Ruby] Julie, you make
a beautiful bird lady. – [Kevin] Oh, she’s like
the girl from Home Alone. – [Ruby] She’s gonna have a lot of birds. – [Shari] Dad, did you see that? Just like ripped one of
his own feathers out. – [Ruby] Come here. – That’s Piper. – [Ruby] Oh, she likes my ring. Why do they like jewelry? – I don’t know, he started like– – [Ruby] He’s trying to
eat the diamond out of it. – [Child] Yeah, he was
trying to eat the diamonds out of mine, too. – [Ruby] He’s going after the big diamond. – [Kevin] He thinks it’s a nut? (laughing_ – You can’t have it. You’re a cute little guy. I don’t like animals up on me. Well, we’ll have to think for a while and let you guys know what Julie officially decides to name them. K, thanks for watching, bye. (upbeat music)

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