SURPRISE Birthday Party for RYKEL!! She was NOT EXPECTING THAT!!

– Mini surprise party for Rykel. (screams) – [Everyone] Surprise! (funky music) – All right, guys. I am shopping right now for my friend ’cause her birthday is, like, a day and a half after mine. So, I’m gonna get her some books. Whew, so excited for this! So I have “Glass Sword”, “Red
Queen” and “Kings Crown”. Those are all by Victoria Aveyard, so I’m getting these for her
’cause she likes “Hunger Games.” Now, I’m looking for a birthday bag. Finding the perfect gift bag is so hard! Why can’t it ever be easy? All right, guys, so the line was kind of long and the
lady wasn’t really fast, but still worked! Got her books, a bag, and a bookmark! (squeals) I hope she loves it! – Okay, you guys! We have been planning
something for a few days. – Tell me if that wasn’t the most high-pitched, “Okay, you guys,” you’ve ever heard out of
Madam Bennett’s mouth. – It’s true. – The ohana mama! – Ohana mama, okay! It is Rykel’s birthday in two days, and we are up near our old town and there’s a lot of old friends. Not old friends, but friends of Rykel’s- – I’m 75 years old, and we’re gonna invite them to have some cake. – No. – So, we thought it would be great to throw a mini surprise party for Rykel. She has no idea what’s happening, she’s actually with a friend right now because it’s her friend’s birthday. And so they’re kind doing fun adventures for the friend, and
then they’re gonna come and we are going to surprise her with roller skating party! – (screams) – That’s the excitement I wanted! I want you guys to give
this a big thumbs up if you roller bladed
or roller skated, okay? I wanna know. But we’re gonna go roller skate, we reserved this birthday party room, but we’re gonna have a fun little roller skating surprise party! I’m so excited, it’s going to be epic. – Word to the wise, don’t eat and drive. – Don’t do it. We are just getting to the Classic Skating and Rykel and her friend, they were trying to ride the big bus
because everyone can see that it’s the big bus. – [Dad] Our bus is gonna
get mugged back here! – No, it’s (laughs) no, it’s not! Okay, we’re hiding like
behind the actual place. Here we go, you guys. – Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife. Our bus is gonna get mugged over here. – Hide your cash! It’s party time, let’s go! Serpentine, serpentine. Okay. Dad’s already feeling it! Look at this birthday party room! Is this cool, or what? They call this the sweet tooth room. Does this fridge open? Oh, it’s nasty, don’t open it. And then they have donut swings! Rykel is gonna be here any second, I’ve been texting the driver that she’s with her friend and the driver so we’re gonna see them any second. We’re so excited. – Rykel, woo! – She’s here, she’s here, she’s here! Jase’s gonna ruin the surprise. – Rykie, c’mon down! Get your skate on! Oh, she’s here. (laughing) – [Mom] Everybody over here! We gotta say surprise. – [Everyone] Surprise! – [Dad] She’s so unimpressed! – [Mom] What is that? – Happy birthday! – [Mom] What, there was no big crying moment, no tears of joy? – I saw you guys through the window! – [Mom] You did not! – I saw Klai crouching down
and then I saw Dad run. – [Mom] Dang it, Klai! – It’s her bun, it gave it away. And I’m still talking into the microphone. What’s up Staysha! – Hey everyone, on Sunday
it’s Rykel’s birthday so make sure to like down below and in the comments down below, give us video ideas and make
sure to say happy birthday, and make sure to like. So like down below, and
hit that subscribe button. Hit it, just like that! Hit it! – Do what Staysha says, it’s party time! – ‘Cause I will find
you if you don’t hit it. – That was scary. Time to get our skates on. (dubstep music) – So how’s the birthday going? – Great. – Yeah? – Yeah. – [Mom] Rykel, did you have fun though? – Oh, yeah! – [Mom] What were you guys playing? – We’re playing tag. Summer, are you it? – No. – [Mom] Summer’s not it,
Rykel’s not it, who’s it? – I think Alyssa’s it. – [Mom] Alyssa’s it? So Rykel chose the blades,
I’ve got the skates, Summer’s got the scooter,
what kind of skater are you guys ’cause I am old-school. We got the Taser! Getting her tiny skates on. Oh, you go, you go. Oh, there goes uncle Jase. He’s showing off now. Okay, it’s time to go! Okay, so all these tickets. – She can grab as many as she wants. – [Mom] And then she cashes them in? – Yeah, I’ll count them
up and then we’ll give her all the tickets that she got. – [Mom] All right, Rykie up! The wheel of, whoa! What is she gonna get,
what is she gonna get? Finger laser? How many tickets? – [Kid] 20! – [Mom] 20? 55? How many tickets you guys
think she’s gonna win? Two? – Three! – [Mom] Three, wow! Go Rykel, go! – [Kid] Get low, get low! (dubstep music) – Come on, Rykel, hold them up! Put them in your shirt,
put them in your shirt! Yeah, yeah! She’s not all about that. Oh, look, she just put them in! Oh, she’s gonna get way more than two. 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, woo! Hold them, hold them, hold
your shirt, hold your shirt! Okay, hold your shirt, hold your shirt. – [Kid] What in the- – [Mom] You go, way good,
let’s see how many you got. Was that fun? – It hits your face pretty hard. – [Mom] Rykel, let’s see the spin. What are you gonna get, Rykel? What are you gonna get, look at me. – I have no idea. – [Mom] You’re not gonna
look, you have to guess. What did you get? – Oh, my god! – [Mom] You only got four tickets. You were like, so close! – [Girl] Come on, once again. – [Boy] Can I go after you? – Yeah! What I get, what I get? – [Rykel] 15. – Yes! Ooh, what are you getting? Ooh, are you doing the claw? – Trying to. – [Mom] What are you gonna get? – Hopefully something. Piece of garbage. – [Mom] You got nothing? Staysha, what did you win? – I won this, and then two credits left. – I have one. (upbeat music) – [Mom] You look like you have good aim, do you have good aim? – Uh, I don’t think so. – [Mom] I wanna see it. That was lamey, I’m just
kidding, that was really good. Oh! Klai, what did you win at the prize table? Woo, look at you, big winner! What did you girls win? – 21! – And that’s what you got? Woo! This has been really, really fun. I’ve always wanted to come
to a ice- not ice rink, a roller skating rink, and we did like the birthday package or whatever, they have this ginormous card for her. It was really fun, it was kinda cool. We actually might do this for somebody else’s birthday coming up. So comment below, or if you can’t comment go to our Instagram and comment there who’s birthday we should come
for the next classic skate. We’re going to present you
with a big birthday card! You get your very own t-shirt that says Classic Fun Center
(drowned out by screaming) That’s yours, this is like
a free month of skating which we may not be back, so you can give it to a friend. And then here’s your
175 tickets that you won in the ticket machine! – [Dad] Boom, baby! – I’m (mumbles) because
she actually got way more! – [Everyone] Ice cream,
ice cream, ice cream! – If we’re gonna karaoke,
it’s to “Believin’,” right, Rykel? – ♪ Up and down the boulevard ♪ – [Mom] Go, Rykie, go! What’s the best thing
you’ve done all day, then? – Roller blading with friends. – [Mom] Roller blading, you like the roller blading the best? – Oh, and karaoke, and karaoke. (upbeat music) – [Mom] I really love this room. Was it a success, did we surprise you? – Yes, it was so much fun! – [Mom] Did you really not have any idea? Did you see us through the window though? – Yes. – Okay. We successfully surprised Rykel! I love it when a good surprise happens. – Thank you so much for watching, give it a big thumbs up,
subscribe down below, and click that notification bell! – Keep watching for more
Rykel birthday stuff, huh? – Mahalo! – [Together] Thanks for
watching The Ohana Adventure! Bye! (upbeat music)

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