Surprise Birthday Party Gone Wrong | Lele Pons & Hannah Stocking

>>LELE PONS: Ladies and (bleep). Today is Inanna’s birthday. Okay. And I just have one thing to say.>>HANNAH STOCKING & JANINA:
[screaming]>>LELE PONS: Oscar! Knock it off! Each one of you is going to have a task. Okay.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Right.
>>HANNAH STOCKING: Right.>>LELE PONS: Hannah!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Yes!>>LELE PONS: So you’re gonna go and you’re just going to get friends. Just invite anybody, okay. Invite friends, or whatever you know.>>HANNAH STOCKING: ???>>LELE PONS: Greg.>>GREG FURMAN: Yes?>>LELE PONS: I’m sorry, do you ever blink?>>GREG FURMAN: No.>>LELE PONS: You’re gonna prevent Inanna from coming too early to this party, until we’re done. Janina, you have one simple thing to do. The gift and the balloons, okay.
And you Oscar… [pop sound]

>>HANNAH STOCKING & JANINA: [screaming]>>LELE PONS: OSCAR!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: I thought it was champagne.>>LELE PONS: Knock it off. Just get the cake. Get the macaroni’s that I told you. Get the honey. Get the bread.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Chips.>>LELE PONS: Get the cups. Get everything. You know what. Her favorite food. Okay.
Let’s go.>>INANNA SARKIS: Hey, yeah no, I’ll be there in 3 hours.>>LELE PONS: Okay, don’t worry about it.>>INANNA SARKIS: Oh, my uber just got here, okay bye.>>LELE PONS: Guys!>>INANNA SARKIS: Hey, are you my uber?>>GREG FURMAN: Yes.>>INANNA SARKIS: You don’t even have an uber sign.>>GREG FURMAN: [screaming] GET IN.>>INANNA SARKIS: Okay…>>LELE PONS: What the (bleep) is this?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: What?>>LELE PONS: I told you to get macaroni’s.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Oh…
I thought you said pony.>>LELE PONS: Don’t worry about it, and where’s the honey?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: I kinda thought you said bunnies.>>LELE PONS: Mmm… bunny.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Pony…bunny…?>>LELE PONS: It’s a common mistake, you know.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: He has a man bun, he’ll blend in!>>LELE PONS: Get him out of here, please.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: His name’s sugar.>>LELE PONS: Sugar?>>OSCAR MIRANDA: You’re scaring him, stop!>>OSCAR MIRANDA: Can I at least keep the bunny?>>INANNA SARKIS: Um… it’s really hot in here, can you just turn on the AC, please?>>GREG FURMAN: No. Do you have bad dreams?>>INANNA SARKIS: Can you make a left here, please?>>GREG FURMAN: Have you ever gone right before? [Greg Furman creepily laughing]>>INANNA SARKIS: What the fuck?>>GREG FURMAN: Green light! Green light!>>INANNA SARKIS: Oh my gosh.>HANNAH STOCKING: Friends!>>RAY DIAZ: Yo! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!>>HANNAH STOCKING: Hey guys! Are you guys free tonight?>>STEVEN SPENCE: We’re free every night.>>DESTROM: Why?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Um, I’m throwing a surprise birthday party for my friend. Yeah, there’s gonna be everything there! it’s going to be so fun!>>RAY DIAZ: Yeah? You got some purses?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Um…yeah! Why wouldn’t they?>>SPLACK: You guys got flat screen TVs?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Yeah! Big TVs!
Jewelry…>>SPLACK: Okay, I like that.>>HANNAH STOCKING: Um, it’s on the corner of 5th and Orange.>>DESTORM: 5th and Orange?

>>SPLACK: 5th and Orange!>>STEVEN SPENCE: What apartment number?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Uh, 212. Yeah.>>DESTORM: We might do that. Yeah.>>HANNAH STOCKING: Okay!
>>GUYS: We appreciate it.
>>HANNAH STOCKING: See you guys there! Ow!>>SPLACK: Alright, see you later.>>HANNAH STOCKING: Okay…>>INANNA SARKIS: What the hell are we doing here? I said Hollywood.>>GREG FURMAN: Forever. Hollywood forever…. cemetery.>>INANNA SARKIS: No. Hollywood Boulevard. Boulevard. Why are we at a cemetery right now?>>GREG FURMAN: I see dead people everywhere.>>INANNA SARKIS: Can we get out of here?>>JANINA: I’ve got the gifts and I got the balloons. Am I still on time?>>LELE PONS: Alright, calm down, calm down.>>JANINA: There was this long line and this lady was being rude…>>LELE PONS: Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay…

>>JANINA: and I didn’t know what colors to get for the balloons… It was just this guy shoved me and I thought he was my dad! [Janina screaming] Oh my God! Oh! Oh my God!
Oh my God!
No! No! The balloons are gone! What am I gonna do? [cell phone ringing]>>LELE PONS: Yo! Keep Inanna away we’re not ready yet.>>GREG FURMAN: Got it. [Inanna screaming]>>LELE PONS: Perfect! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo!
Put it over there.>>OSCAR MIRANDA: ??? [knock on door]>>LELE PONS: Okay. Welc->>DESTORM: Yeah, we’re here for Hannah.>>LELE PONS: Hannah?>>HANNAH STOCKING: [cheering] Hey guys!>>GUYS: Yo! Whats up?>>DESTORM: Girl how you?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Good! Good!>>DESTORM: I see your girl right there got that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.>>HANNAH STOCKING: Yeah make yourselves at home guys. Yeah.>>STEVEN SPENCE: Where the food at?>>LELE PONS: Hannah! Hannah who are these people?>>HANNAH STOCKING: Those are my friends!>>LELE PONS: Where did you find them? Cause I haven’t seen them.>>HANNAH STOCKING: The streets.>>LELE PONS: You just put strangers in my home?>>HANNAH STOCKING:Are you kidding me Lele? Seriously, they’re harm– [screaming] They took Janina!>>LELE PONS: They took everything!>>INANNA SARKIS: Oh my god!I just had the worst…>>LELE PONS, OSCAR MIRANDA & HANNAH STOCKING: Happy Birthday!>>INANNA SARKIS: You guys do this every year for my birthday! I’m sick of it! Every single time you guys do this and I have the worst birthday ever. Where’s the cake? Honestly!>>LELE PONS: OSCAR!>>HANNAH STOCKING: OSCAR! [Inanna crying: Oscar!] [exit music[

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  1. Oscoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor

  2. Omg… Top funny … 😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂😂😂😂😂
    Lele ….. Do you ever blink… 😂
    Greg….. Actually my eyelids run away from nightmares…..😁😁😀

  3. Ladies and F***s.
    How to start an amazing Lele video.
    Ps. They are always great. The endings change the whole story so I’m always on my seat.


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