SURPRISE Dinner Party for Strangers

– Oh my god I’m so
nervous, are you nervous? – Of course! – So awkward, this is so awkward. I can’t remember the last time
I was turned down this much. – No way, – Do you think people are just surprised? – Yeah maybe? – My friend Lily is an awesome cook, so we figured we’d pay forward
her skills in the kitchen, by cooking for someone else. But there’s one catch. – We have one hour to convince
somebody on the streets, of Santa Monica on the spot
to come back to our apartment, and let us cook a meal for them. – This might get super weird. (knocking on door) (locks clicking) – How are you? Come in. – I got all the foods, I bought a lot of things. – Oh let’s see what we have. – We got the peppers, we got the limes, and we got the onions, and
we’ve got more peppers! Oh you’re gonna laugh, I bought– – (laughing) What is
that, like three pounds? – I know but you asked
me to get jalapenos, – Like two peppers! – And I wasn’t sure how much you wanted! I got like a million. – Okay that’s crazy. We can pickle them. – Why are you being so quiet? – What if we don’t find anybody? – I wasn’t really thinking
along those lines, but I’m just gonna imagine
that we’ll roll with it. Don’t be such a cynic! (laughing) – Oh my goodness!
– We’ll totally find somebody, come on. – Honestly this is
gonna be really awkward. – It so is, we’re gonna
get rejected for sure. (laughing) – I am so nervous!
– How are you gonna handle people rejecting you? – I don’t handle rejection well. – You seem like someone
people say yes to a lot, so I feel like this is gonna
be a new experience for you. I’m an outgoing person, but I feel like I’ve never
just walked up to someone, and been like hey you
have no idea who I am, just come over and let me cook for you! – Give it to somebody else
who really, really loves it. – I hope they don’t think
that we’re gonna rob them, because we actually are
gonna cook something. – Hello! – We are doing acts of
kindness for people today, and we prepared an extra special menu, because we want to cook somebody dinner. My friend Lily here is an excellent cook, there’s absolutely no catch! We literally just want to do
something nice for people, – Kind of weird all right? – Thank you very much, have a good time! Okay no thanks. – Did you see him?
– Invite him! (laughing) – Stop and convince the lady! We’re going acts of kindness today, and we’re actually looking for someone, that we can invite over to
our house to cook dinner for, have you eaten yet?
– Today? – Yeah! – That’s a bit soon. – Oh bummer.
– We’re just right in the middle of something so
we were just thrown off guard. – Its okay! Can’t win ’em all. Who now? (upbeat pop music) – We’re cooking dinner for two strangers, and this is the menu. – Thank you guys. – Sorry we have a date. – Okay, thank you! That was a straight up lie. They’re together, how can you have a date
when you’re together? Look there’s a nice couple! Our dream is to cook
somebody dinner tonight, she’s an amazing cook, we prepared a menu, and we wanted to know if
we could cook for you guys? – Say yes!
– Say yes! – I don’t even know what to say, where is this happening? – At our apartment. – Oh wow, I actually already
have a nice restaurant booked for us. It’s our last night on vacation. You’ll definitely make
someone else’s night for sure! – Yes thank you! If you see someone that
looks particularly hungry, send them our way.
– Send them over. (upbeat pop music) – What will it take? (upbeat pop music) – (laughing) I can’t. It’s kinda getting late, so we need to find somebody really fast. – Let’s go this way. – Hi girls how’s it going? Its our dream actually to
cook someone dinner tonight. – You guys would have a lot of fun. Join us. – No sorry we have to leave. (laughing) – [Blonde Woman] I can’t
remember the last time I was turned down this much. – No way. – Do you think people are just surprised? – Yeah maybe. – I’m starting to get nervous that we’re not gonna find somebody. Hi guys,
– Hello! – We just wanted to know, like when was the last time, somebody did something nice for you, out of the blue? – One time I had a parent
of the kids I coach, buy me dinner. – [Lily] Oh that’s nice! – [Blonde Woman] Would you
like it if someone either, made you dinner or like
bought dinner for you? It’s funny that you bring that up, because we actually I’m not kidding, want to do an act of
kindness for you guys, we want to cook you dinner. – Really? – Yeah no catch.
– Pretty much. – Okay, yeah. – Oh my god, is that a yes? Yes! It’s gonna be, I promise you once you’re like relaxed, and having guacamole, and a spritzer you’re gonna
be so happy you said yes! I promise! – Welcome,
– Come on in! – Smells like food right? (cheerful guitar music) – [Lily] Cheers everybody! – [Crowd] Cheers! – To new international friends. (cheerful guitar music) (blender mixing) – All right everybody, group hug, group hug! – Thank you so much! – Look at this big Canadian
sandwich right here. Oh my god you’re so big! (laughing) – Bye guys, see you later thank you! – That was amazing, mission accomplished! – Yes mission accomplished. Hey thank you so much for watching, if you’d like more feel good videos, click right here to watch
a kind deed for a soldier. Right here, click right here! (cheerful guitar music)

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  1. Amazing! Though, I am surprised it took you so long to find someone to agree to dinner. Keep up the great work.

  2. Please please don't stop this channel it's so amazing the quality and everything like even this other YouTuber has only 1.2k subs but just like you guys are AMAZING and did the same dinner thing but on Valentine's but back to my point, I hope you guys continue and we will be here to support I can't wait for you to get a lot of subs flooding in!!

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