Surprise Eggs: Bath Bomb Fizzer Fun! 🧼 w/ Dora, Bubble Guppies & PAW Patrol! | Ep. 3 | Nick Jr.

Each of these eggs
holds a special surprise. Let’s see what’s in the green one. [music playing] Pawsome! It’s Tuck
from the Mighty Pups. These lasers are big trouble. How are we ever gonna get past them? We don’t have to. I’m gonna go through them. Rubble, lift me up
as high as you can, please. Mighty and small, I’ll give it my all! – Whoa.
– Awesome. So bright and twinkly. Uh, I need to brush my teeth. Psst, Mayor Goodway. Chickaletta, was that you? – No, over here.
– Huh? I’m Mighty Tuck with the Mighty Pups
and I’m here to save you. Next is the blue egg. What’s inside? [music playing] It’s Blue from Blue’s Clues and You. It’s almost snack time. Blue? Blue? Oh… Where’s Blue? There! Oh, thanks. Let’s go. Do you see Blue? Huh… – She’s under the table.
– Oh. She’s under the table. [whistling] Blue! Are you ready to open another egg?
Let’s do it! [music playing] Fantastic! It’s Molly
from the Bubble Guppies. Hello, would you like to try on
a princess hat or a crown? Yes, please. Thank you! What have we here, sir? Your royal unicorn, princess. Why, thank you. Some princesses like to go on– Roar! Hey, I’m a dragon. Dragon? Ah! – Ah!
– Dragon! You interrupted us, dragon.
That’s not polite. Oh? Now please be nice. OK, sorry about that. That’s OK. Three more eggs to go. What’s going to be inside this one? [music playing] Grab your backpack, it’s Dora.
Let’s go! We’re in Nursery Rhyme World. Meow, meow, meow! Hola, gatitos. Soy Dora. And this is Lucky. We’re here to help you
find your mittens. ♪ Oh that would be so very good ♪ ♪ If you could only
Help us find our mittens ♪ ♪ We’d be such happy singing kittens ♪ Let’s see what’s in the green one. [music playing] Pup-tastic! It’s Ella
from the Mighty Twins. There’s too much shiny stuff in the nest. It’s gonna fall! Lady Bird, you gotta get out of there. Whoa. Mighty Rubble on the double! [groaning] Phew. Huh? Ryder, the Lady Bird’s nest
is falling towards the train station, and I don’t know how much
longer I can hold it. I… can’t… hold it. Need a paw? Alright, Mighty Ella! Let’s put this falling nest to rest. Great job, Mighty Pups. Now let’s look inside the green egg. [music playing] Let’s Blaze! It’s Blaze. Yeah! Woohoo! Whoa! [laughing] Oh, yeah! Nice driving, AJ. Oh hey, check it out.
Blaze and I are in the jungle. Yep, just two best friends
racing through trees. And headed for one big jump! Whoa! We’re gonna need a lot
of speed to make a jump that big. Get ready, Blaze. ‘Cause I’m about to give us blazing speed. Oh, yeah! To give Blaze blazing speed,
say “Let’s Blaze!” Let’s Blaze! [cheering] [laughing] You can ask your parents to subscribe
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