Surprise Hatchimals Birthday Party! NEVER Before SEEN Footage

(upbeat music) – Did you know I had a secret party? A secret birthday party. Today you guys get to
see the never before seen secret footage. You won’t believe what I get. Enjoy. Queue the footage. (gentle music) What? What is this? Why is the streamers above my bed? Where is everybody? What is that? A Hatchimals backpack. It has a zipper in the back. Now I need to find where everyone went. A Hatchimal egg. What is this doing here? Something weird is going on. At least I get a Hatchimal egg and I know exactly where to put it. I’m gonna keep it in
here so it doesn’t crack. Another one. Where is everybody? Where are these eggs leading me? I’m collecting so many Hatchimals. Best day ever. (dramatic music) I’m so excited, I just saw
the biggest present ever. Is it all for me? This is amazing. I wish my family was here. Wait, there’s a note. Peyton, it’s your special day. To make this a rocking party
you will need a audience. First go to the most
eggciting place in the house. Hmmmmm, the play room. – You found me. – Jordan. I thought you guys all left me. – Sorry, but do you like my shirt? – I love it. – Good, ’cause I have one for you. – It’s a Hatchimals shirt. – We can be twins. – I can put this in my backpack. – I also have a note for you. – Now you need to go to
the place where you become eggstremely beautiful. – [Both] The bathroom. (gentle music) – You found me. For the rock star party
you need to look beautiful. – [Both] Makeup. (upbeat music) – [All Three] Ready to party. – Before I forget, I have a clue for you. – You’re doing great. Next you need to go to
the place where you have the most hatchrific meal of the day. The kitchen. (laughing) – Here guys. – Thanks, Parker. She gave me Hatchimals collectibles. – You’re welcome. – There’s over 100 to collect. – I wanna open them. (upbeat music) – Pink, pink. It’s turning pink. No, I can’t open it. (gentle music) – Whoa. – Mine is blue. – Mine has sparkles on it. – Look how cute mine is. – It’s hatching. Here’s mine. Here’s our card for you. – Thank you. You’re almost there. You better check the door
because I believe there is one more. I found almost all my family. – [All Four] Yeah. – Let’s party. – Hatchimal birthday party decorations. – Ta da. – This is the best birthday
party surprise ever. Should I open it? – Oh yeah. – [All Three] Let’s rock. Open it. Open it. Open it. – Open it. Open it. – Wait, I’m not ready to rock. Now I am. – [All Three] Open it. (upbeat music) – It’s a Hatchi party. I have enough Hatchimals for everyone. Let’s have some together. (upbeat music) – We have the Hatchimal Surprise Egg. – And we’re gonna hatch it together. – There’s twins inside. – And I have the Hatchimals Fabula Forest. – The egg is huge. – Look at my pretty speckled egg. It’s glowing, look at it. It’s started making noises
and making the lights come. – I’m ready to hatch this thing. – They need our loving
touch to bring them to life. – The more you rub the
quicker it will hatch. Mine is gonna peck its way out of here. – I’ve always wanted to
hatch a Hatchimal Egg. – Me, too. – It’s making noises. – When I put it down it
goes to sleep so it can hatch it later. But, I don’t wanna wait. – It’s hatching. – Whoo hoo. – This is amazing. (toy singing Happy Birthday song) – Happy birthday Peyton. – [Both] They’re twins. – Mine’s hatching. I can hear it pecking the shell. This is crazy. (upbeat music) – One of the best things
about the Hatchimal surprises is that they go through
three stages, baby, toddler and kid and on each stage
they learn something new and they do new things. – Mine’s breaking through. It’s sleeping. I’m gonna wake it up. – Get Hatchimal. – Time to hatch little guy. (toy snoring) – I wanna pet it. – They’re for my birthday party . – Excuse me, it’s my birthday party. – Do you guys mean my birthday party? Because it’s really my birthday party. I love my Hatchimals so much. – I love my toy so much better. And swing and the spinner and
then this house and the sink. – Parker’s in love with
the Hatchimals Collectibles Secret Scene. When she holds it up
to the light and looks through the flower she
can see the secret scene. Her favorite thing to do
is play with her Hatchimal Collectibles in the play set. – I love my Hatchimals karaoke machine. It’s perfect for a rock and roll party. (gentle music) (group singing Happy Birthday) Hopefully you liked my
surprise Hatchi birthday party. All ’cause they’re theirs. Where’s your favorite Hatchimal? Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. – [Group] Bye. (toy whispering) (upbeat music)

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