– [Narrator] Thanks to
DreamWorks Animation for sponsoring this video. – For my dream birthday,
I’d have a cake in the shape of
Castle Bright Moon. – For my dream
birthday, I’d have a birthday cruise
on Sea Hawk Ship. – Adora, what would your
dream birthday be like? – Dream birthday? – Yeah, your dream
birthday party. Tell me everything. – Well, I haven’t really
though about it before because and I’m not sure
if you already knew this but the Horde doesn’t exactly go all out for birthday parties. – Oh, I’m the same way, just
a small but tasteful venue, a few appetizers, but no need
for a full sit down dinner. – Oh, no, like no party. The Horde doesn’t do birthdays. – What? – Please say you’re kidding. – It’s not that bad guys. I’m pretty sure that Catra and I still had a good
time on my birthday. (mystical chimes) – Adora, will you help me? I don’t know why
but the shower drain is full of hairballs again. (defeated horn blows) (mystical chines) – Adora, where are you? Shadow Weaver says
the Junior Cadet dorms smell like feet and someone
has to do something about it. (defeated horn blows) (mystical chimes) – Adora, will you have
a look at this for me? I think my ingrown
claw is infected. (defeated horn blows) (mystical chimes) – You see, could
have been worse. Anyway, gotta run. – Those birthdays
sounded horrible. – How could she possibly
think that that wasn’t so bad? – Adora didn’t grow up in
families like ours, Bow. She’s never had a proper
birthday party before. – Then I think you know
what we have to do. – Party! – Not just any party,
a surprise party. – But Adora’s birthday
is a ways off. – That’s what makes
to so surprising. – Genius. Now we don’t have
very much time to plan but everything
has to be perfect. And whatever we do,
we have to make sure that she doesn’t find out. – Sounds like a job for
The Best Friend Squad. I’ve got an idea. Meet me in the War Room,
this time tomorrow. (mystical chimes) – So, what did you
want to show me? – Check it out! – Oh my gosh, I
love those things! What’re you gonna fill it with? – I’m thinking her
favorite candies. Do you think she’ll like it? – Well, you made it in
the shape of Swift Wind! That’s a nice touch. I think Adora will love it. (sinister chimes)
– Love what? – [Unison] Doh! – Adora, where
did you come from? – Hey, what’s that thing? – Hmm? What thing? – The thing you’re
standing in front of. Trying to hide from me, pretty
unsuccessfully actually. – Oh, this? Why didn’t you just say so? Uh, it, this is a– – Traditional Etherian
trick warhorse. – What? I mean, yeah, a traditional
Etherian trick warhorse. – A traditional
Etherian trick warhorse? – It’s all part of this new plan the other princesses and
I have been working on. See we’re all going to
hide inside of this horse and Bow will wheel it
over to the Fright Zone and present it as
a gift to Hordak. Once we’re inside
the Fright Zone, we’ll wait until night,
jump out and bam! No more Horde. – Let me get this straight. You and the rest
of the rebellion… – Mhmm. – Are going to
hide inside there? – Yep. – I know you’re not
exactly eight feet tall but I’m not sure
that’s gonna work. – Ah. – But, I mean, it’s
a good thought. It just needs a bit
more work-shopping. – We should probably
keep working on it then. You go carry on with your day and we’ll just keep
brainstorming here, okay? – Okay, see ya later. – Whew! That was close. – Too close. We need to be more
careful if this party is going to be a surprise. – Oh, a surprise,
I’ve got an idea! Meet me in the Throne
Room, this time tomorrow. (mystical chimes) – So, what did you
want to show me? – Check it out! – Oh, wow! It’s beautiful! This is gonna be such a big– (sinister chimes)
– Surprise? – [Unison] Doh! – Adora, where
did you come from? – What’s up with this banner? What’s the big surprise? – Well, uh, it was
meant to be a– – A surprise attack! – A surprise attack? – Yeah, we were working
on a new battle plan and I remembered
what you always say, “Never underestimate the
element of surprise.” (giggles) – Okay, but what’s
with the banner? – It’s all part of
this new plan that the other princesses and
I have been working on. We really wanna
surprise the Horde and what could be
more surprising than marching into battle with
a gorgeous sparkly banner? – Yeah, they’ll be all ahhhh! – And then they read the banner and they’re like, “Well,
this is a surprise.” – Let me get this straight. You’re going to take
this sparkly banner… – Mhmm. – And assign two, maybe even
three rebellion soldiers to carry it into
the Fright Zone? – Yep. – I don’t mean to
be overly critical but is that really the
best use of resources? Those rebellion
soldiers could be fighting instead
of, uh, parading. – Right. – But hey, love all
these new ideas. Keep it up, okay? – Sure thing, Adora. (shoes tap) (door shuts) – Phew! That was close. – Tell me, how does she
keep sneaking up on us? – I think she liked the banner. – She must have very quiet feet. – Glimmer, I need to go. I have one more
surprise up my sleeve. Meet me in the Whispering
Woods, this time tomorrow. – [Narrator] Thanks to
DreamWorks Animation for sponsoring this video. (mystical chimes) – So, what did you
want to show me? – Check it out! – Wow, that’s incredible, Bow! I’m getting hungry
just looking at it! (sinister chimes)
– Me too! – Ah! – Adora, seriously,
where did you come from? – You don’t mind
if I try a bit of– – No! I mean– – Not yet. – What’s wrong? – Nothing, it’s just
meant to be for– – The rebellion. It’s all part of this new plan the other princesses and
I have been working on to find alternative
nourishment on the battlefield. – And you thought
you’d try cake? – Yeah, everyone likes cake. It’s nutrient dense
and decorative? – I’m not sure
that sugary treats are best for peak
performance in battle. – Again, Adora, we would be
lost without your guidance. – Yeah, I had no idea
how under-prepared the rebellion really was. I’m glad I’m here. Maybe I should
consider taking on more responsibility
for our strategy. – Great idea. Don’t let us keep you. – If you need me, I’ll
be in the War Room. (shoes crunch) – Uh, Bow, this is a disaster. This was supposed to
be a surprise party and Adora has seen every
single surprise we’ve planned. – Hey, it’s not so bad. At least she liked
everything she saw. Sort of. – She thinks the rebellion
has no idea what it’s doing. – Given what we’ve
been telling her, she kind of has a point. – Okay, we need to regroup. We can’t be discouraged. – That’s right, we set out to
throw Adora a surprise party and that’s what we’re gonna do. – We’ll secretly set everything
up in her room tomorrow and this time, we can’t
let her sneak up on us. – Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan. This is going to be awesome. (mystical chimes) (feet tapping) – And then I said
to the herd, I said, “If we ban together, we can
bargain for better quality hay, “shorter riding hours
and lighter carriages.” – And, are they interested? – It was hard to tell. I did most of the talking. Oh, here we are. – Uh, my bedroom? What do you want
to show me in here? – Do you mind getting the door? I don’t have thumbs. (door creaks) (party music) – [Unison] Surprise! (Adora yells) – Wait, why have you gathered
all these military tools? – This is your surprise
birthday party. – What’s that? – It’s a party that’s planned
without you knowing about it. – Wow, how fun! So this is what you
two have been up to. – Well… – It’s all here, the traditional
Etherian trick warhorse, the surprise attack banner, even the battlefield
nourishment cake. It all makes sense. – So you really didn’t know? – I had no idea. This is amazing. No one ever planned
a party like this for me in the Fright Zone. – Yeah, we figured
that much out. – I can’t believe I have friends who would do all this for me. – Yay, I’m so glad you like it. – Best Friend Squad! – Now, I want to see what the Sword of Protection
can do to this. – Oh, wait a second, that
looks an awful lot like… (mystical chimes) (sword smacks) – Best party ever! – [Narrator] Celebrate all of your favorite
princesses’ birthdays. Thanks again to
DreamWorks Animation for sponsoring this video and don’t forget to
subscribe to DreamWorks TV.

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