Surprise Slider Birthday Celebration Card for Honey Bee Stamps 3rd Anniversary

Hey everyone! Ilda here from I love doing
all things crafty and welcome back to my youtube channel. for today’s process
video I’m gonna share with you how I created this fun surprise slider
birthday celebration card to celebrate Honey Bee stamps third anniversary
birthday. As you can see when you pull the balloon slider up, it reveals the
forest friends that are hiding in the cardboard box. Kind of like when you go
to a surprise birthday party and all the lights are off this time your friends
are just hiding in a box behind a bunch of big balloons. This card has some
thickness to it but not too bulky that you couldn’t put it through regular mail. For today’s card I used a variety of
supplies from Honey Bee Stamps, most of the dies I used come from the
Celebration Box die set. The happy birthday sentiment comes from the Foxy
sentiment stamps. Not sure why I’m showing the Celebration box stamp set
because I never did end up using it, and of course the Forest Friends from
Honey Bee stamps. And, finally the Hooray die for the front of the balloons. For
links to all the supplies that I used in making this card, make sure you check out the links below in the video description. So I’m starting by using a stamp
positioner and using Blackout ink, it’s one of my new favorite inks from Ink On
3, it gives you a nice crisp line and it dries almost instantly. I find it
works really well with alcohol and even water-based markers so for now I’m just
gonna let you watch as I color this image in. I am NOT a colorist by any
means, I’m still learning how to use alcohol markers and I’m just playing
around. I sometimes add my light color first or sometimes add my dark color
first I’m just still experimenting and learning as I go so in the end I do love
the results, so whatever you do I’m sure it’ll end up working in the end. The
markers that I’m using today are from Spectrum Noir. I try to keep the cap to
the left of the screen so you can see the colors I’m using as I color. And,
the paper that I’m coloring on is Neenah Classic Crest
80lbs Smooth Solar white paper All right now that my images are all
colored in, it’s time to work on the background. So here I have a piece of a
Strathmore Bristol smooth paper that I’m going to be blending out some distress
oxide inks. First I’m gonna use picked raspberry and then I’m going to use
peacock feathers and blend those two together, and then I’m gonna finish with
fossilized amber and blend that together with the other two colors. By blending
these three colors together you end up with this rainbow like background. To
finish the background I’m just gonna give it a little spray with some water,
and then pick it up with a paper towel to reveal this fun splattered effect. All
right, now I’m die-cutting my pieces for my box and I like to keep my die
together if possible, but as you’ll see later on I do have to break these dies
apart for the balloons. So at this point I have not experimented with this design,
I’m still trying to figure out how this exactly is all going to come together, so
what you see is my brainstorming and the process that I actually take to figure
out how I’m gonna put this and make it work.
To create my pull-tab I’ve just got these scrap pieces of paper then I’m
gluing together so that it’s a nice thick pull tab. And here I’m just trying
to figure out where I’m gonna create a slit so I could slide this slider
through to be hidden behind the forest friends. Now in hindsight had I done this
card over I probably would have created a thicker pull-tab, or a wider pull-tab I
should say, so that the balloons have a sturdier base to grab on to,
whereas this I found was a little bit on the thin side. In the end this did work
but had the pull-tab in a little bit thicker I think that this would have
worked a lot better. So now I’m just creating the channel for the slider to
move up and down trying to keep it as straight as possible so that it just
glides in and out without catching on any part of the card. To complete the
slider mechanism for the card you’ll have to have a stop point for your
slider and you’ll also have to add a piece of foam to the end of the slider
keep it from completely sliding out of the slot. So here I’ve taken another
piece of Bristol smooth paper that I’ve ran through the Sizzix machine with all
the balloon dies, and now I’m using a finger dauber to add my ink to the
balloons and trying to leave a highlight in the center or to the side of the
balloon as I add the ink. Here I’m using some lucky clover and I’m also using
some wilted violet and then the rest of the balloons I will be using the same
colors as I used in the background. So here again I’m trying to figure out
how this is all going to work, I’ve got the scrap piece of paper that I’m gonna
use to cover up the friends and position the balloons carefully so that you can’t
see any of them hiding behind the balloons. I’m using scotch quick dry glue
to add my balloons and as you can see I’m just adding a little bit of glue to
the center of the balloon or even a little bit of the balloon just so that
it gives me that wiggle room to tuck in balloons behind each other and
reposition them if I need to. To some of the balloons I do add some foam tape
behind them to give them that more realistic dimensional layered popped up
look. And now that the balloon cluster is
complete we can start building the card. Because I want the balloons to stop at a
certain point, I’m adding another piece of foam tape as a stopper on the slider. Here I’m using a pencil to mark off the
area where I’ll be adding the glue to. As you can see it is a small space and
this is why a wider pull tab would have been beneficial. Here I’m just using some
black sewing thread and bunching a whole bunch of strings together, and I’m
sliding it through the slit in the box and pulling it through, so I can hide it
behind where the box will be glued to the panel. Thankfully the balloons had not adhered
yet to the slider, so I was able to pull them off. It’s much easier if you attach
the bottom pieces of the card and then finish off by adding is they balloons to
the slider. Here I’m just adding some more details
to my box by adding some vintage photo to distress the edges of my box. And
because I’m a little paranoid about this card falling apart, I’m adding some multi
medium matte glue, and then I’m going to add some more scotch glue just to make
sure it doesn’t fall apart. As you will see a little bit here, I do also
reinforce the back with some more paper and glue. And now all that’s left to do
to complete this slider mechanism is to close up the back panel. To make things a little more obvious for
the recipient, I’m just gonna stamp the word pull on the slider tab. But as you
will see in a little bit, I do end up changing how that pull tab is finished. Now for the inside sentiment of my card
I’m just taking the happy birthday stamp, and I’m just going to use the same three
inks that I used on the outside of my card to create another rainbow kind of
effect on the stamp sentiment. It was at this point that I realized
that the pull-tab wasn’t gonna work as it interfered when I tried to open up
the card to add my inside sentiment. It was just catching on the surface so it
wouldn’t allow the card to open properly So I knew I had to change it up, and all
I’m doing is trimming it off and I’m going to be stamping the pull directly
onto the balloon, but as you will see I did mess that up a little bit as well,
and had to change that also. And that’s what happens when you stamp on a not so
flat surface. So thankfully it’s an easy fix, I just die-cut another balloon the
same size, colored it, and stamped the sentiment on it, trimmed it to size and
placed it back to hide the original balloon. So when I was sliding the balloons up
and down I noticed there was a little bit of a catch on the balloons with the
actual stuff that was glued onto the front panel. So to fix that all I did was
add a little bit of foam tape underneath the slider just to lift up the whole
thing. And to finish off today’s card I’m just adding some string to the bottom
balloons just to finish it off. For more inspiration using these
products make sure you stop by the Honey Bee Stamps Blog, and to celebrate
this birthday celebration there’s gonna be tons of giveaways and sales, so make
sure you check out the links below in the video description. Thank you all for stopping by and watching, hope this card inspired you today and until next time everyone happy crafting. Bye!

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  1. Gasp! This is so amazing!! I always enjoy seeing how you put together interactive cards and I love this one!

  2. Wow this is amazing!! I don't know how you can turn any card into a slider!! I struggle with them. This card is gorgeous. Great job. 😍

  3. I love this amazing card. I think it was genius what you did with the balloons. Really cute. Tfs, hope you have a blessed day 😊

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