(excited noises) – This! – What? That’s so sparkly! – And this! (blows out candles) – Holy smokes! (upbeat guitar strumming) – In today’s vlog, Taylor
and I have a birthday party, but before we get started,
give us a big thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. – All of the kids are asleep,
it’s super late at night, but I have a party to decorate for. Oh yeah. (happy music) Hi guys, it’s morning and as you can see, I have gotten so much done! I am loving how it’s turning out, but there’s still a lot more that I have to do for the birthday party. I have to take a little bit of a break because it’s soccer
games, which is so fitting because we’re having a
soccer party that the girls would have soccer games
this Saturday morning. Dad is already with
Taylor at her soccer game and then I am going to be leaving and taking Peyton and Jordan
to their soccer games, so hopefully they do awesome,
they score some goals, they have fun, so that we can come back and decorate for their
soccer birthday party. (children yelling) – [Coach] You got this! Nice. There you go. Go with
it, Peyton, go with it! Alright, Jordan! – [Mom] Go Jordan! – [Coach] Alright, Haley you’re up. – Yeah Jordan come on! – Yeah Jordan! – [Coach] There you go
Jordan. There you go Jordan. Come up with it. Come up with it. (children yelling) – [Woman] Go Nettie!
Alright, Nettie, go get it! (parents cheering) (happy music) – Finally, all the decorating is done and we have five minutes
until party guests are gonna arrive. – I didn’t get my hair done! – I’m ready, soccer ready! – Don’t forget to get me ready! – Time to party! – I can’t wait for people to get here. – Someone’s running in! – Really? (excited screaming) Let me give you a tour
of my birthday party. – We have a concessions stand. – You can buy a candy bar for $100. – Don’t forget about our presents! There’s so many! – We have awesome birthday cakes! – Our concession worker finally arrived, so now we can get the party started. – [Taylor] Seriously David? – [Mom] Are you eating the food? – No. – [Taylor] Hey, he has another one! (kids laughing) It’s time for soccer twister. – [All Kids] Soccer twister! – We’re gonna see if we can play twister with tons and tons of kids. – [Mom] Raise your right hand if you know what your right hand is! Raise your left hand if you
know what your left hand is! We’ll see how this goes. Right foot on the soccer ball with the green fire at the end. Right hand on the goal! (kids laughing) I can’t knock these kids over. – Because they’re all cheaters. – [Mom] Okay everyone
that’s standing wins! – Yay! – Whew! – Who’s ready for some money? – [All Kids] Me! (kids laughing) – Hey stay in line, guys, stay in line. Guys, stay in line, okay? (upbeat music) – I’m gonna make some purchases.
I want puffy cheetoes! – I want a candy bar. – What is there? Oh. I want gummy worms. – [David] 20 dollars. (upbeat music) – I want gatorade. – I bought popcorn. – I got my food! – I got my food. – It’s a concession stand disaster. – The part that no one tells you about birthday parties is the
mess that comes after. This is mostly cleaned up, but you can see the popcorn pretty much everywhere. I think Cowen is standing
in a puddle of water. It gets messy fast with all these kids. (kids laughing) Stephen, you’re looking a little slow. – I have a ton of weights on my foot. – It’s pinata time! – Say what? We get a pinata? – Instead of hitting the pinata, they’ve gotta kick it. I’m like a pro. – Steve is going to have the pinata and he’s gonna be running
around the front yard and all of the kids
are going to be chasing him trying to kick the pinata, so they can get the candy out of it. – Oh sweet, I’ve got this in the bag. – [Mom] We’re ready when you are! – Who wants to play the pinata? – [All Kids] Me! – Who wants to know how you break it? (kids yelling) Who touches the soccer
ball with their hands? – [All Kids] Me! – [Child] I play goalie. – So the only way to break
the pinata is by kicking it. (kids yelling) And the only way to kick it
is by keeping up with me! (kids laughing and yelling) – It’s a candy free for all! – Cha cha cha. Ooh la la
it’s your birthday ha ha ha – It’s present time! – Presents. I’m so excited! – Best part of the day. I can’t see. A whole bunch of chalk and a
squishie. Holy moly, chalk. – [Both] One, two, three! – I got baking stuff. – I got this, this… – [Mom] Chapstick, your
favorite and nail polish. – [Both] Thank you! – From Uncle Jared and Uncle Derrick – Derrick! – I got a soccer ball! – Thank you! – Thank you! One, two, three – I got a chocolate pen. – I got hair chalk. – Hair chalk just like me! – And a Hatchimals game. – I can make chocolate
strawberries. Finally! – And I can eat them.
Shh. One, two, three! – See I got blue. – I got green. I love it! – [Both] Matching bracelets. – Thank you. – I got a ten dollar. Mine
says sure hope you have, uh, your day is full of fun
and special just like you. I got a fan. – I want a fan! – I got flip- flops. Thank you, I love it! – This. – What? That’s so sparkly. – [Peyton] And this. – [Taylor] I don’t know what that is. – I get to peek in the presents. Oh, do you want to see? You’ll see it better
once she takes it out. – It’s a cooking recipe.
More baking stuff! – Time for my presents to you guys. This one’s Peyton’s. This one’s Taylor’s. And this is both of yours! – [Both] Ready, set, go! – It’s a goal! – [Both] Soccer goals! – [Mom] It’s time for the last present! – One, two, three. It’s a box. – I love it! Awesome! – [Both] It’s a giant soccer ball. – That’s one huge soccer ball. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Do you not get to play? – I wanna play soccer. – [All] (singing) Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you. – Oh, this is a serious wish. Again! Again! – Holy smokes! – We had an awesome soccer birthday party. – Thanks for watching! – Our Instagram shout out is Melissa. And our shout out Heidi. – Our question of the
day is which one of us would you like to have
a birthday party with? – Subscribe to our channel. – Comment below. – Give us a big thumbs up. – And see you guys tomorrow. – [All] Bye! (upbeat guitar strumming)

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