hey guys so this week I decided throw
surprise to it sixteen birthday party for my sister Jesus that was a mouthful
in order for this to work a lot of theatrics had to be involved hey on
Saturday you’re going to Dallas enjoy have fun she’ll never know the surprise
birthday party is gonna take place a couple of days after her actual birthday
and for lack of better words I told anyone that’s actually close to her make
her feel like well this emoji maybe that’ll make her cry don’t you just love
being a nice sibling all finally sixteen happy birthday Oh fine but we don’t do
any of us know that on the actual day of her birthday somebody in our family
passed away which means we had to go attend the funeral on the actual day of
her birthday which kind of worked and killing the vibe of her birthday
altogether happy funeral birthday day delete this but thankfully the funeral
and the surprise party weren’t related to each other in any way nobody died at
the surprise party it wasn’t that boring although some parties do make me want to
slowly die inside because I have slight social awkwardness I don’t go to that
many parties don’t get twisted mm-hmm but for the last three weeks I’ve been
trying to coordinate decorating ideas with my cousins because I have no idea
what goes on inside of a 16 year old girl’s mind what is Pinterest and how
does it work I don’t have a girlfriend so I know nothing about girls so
seriously I have no idea how to use this so we’re gonna attempt to make this
youtube tutorials please pull through them no that’s not happening
hmm that’s not gonna happen no what is that no no stop oh my god why are we so
eggstra create clusters over someone come onto the frame I’m like dev I’m
just gonna ask the group chat with all my cousins on how to do all this because
I have no idea what I’m doing I literally can’t do anything without her
asking questions I hate group chats nobody ever responds just like all my
conversations in real life nothing just go to Dallas because me
just because it no I can you see what I mean once we finally get her out of the
house we’ll have four hours to decorate the hell which means we also had to find
the place to hide all these decorations he’ll probably never look under here
just watch the one time I say she’s not gonna look under here she’s gotta look
under there so just throw it in here she know
anyways hey don’t forget tomorrow you’re going to Dallas okay aunts what to see
you though after finally getting her out of the house in the most nonchalant way
as possible or believe it was time to decorate happy 61st birthday sister I
got these balloon pumps to make things easier hopefully I’m triggered by
balloons now and I can’t hear out of my ear okay I also got this thing to tie
the balloons easier it’s called the easy times I’m starting to think it’s a
russian acronym for extreme ease yard way too tight balloon my cousins are a
lot better at decorating than I am so I low-key just let them take over and
do all the order you guys are doing great I’m just gonna hide in here okay
this balloon tower is making people want to shove balloons at mine this makes me
look like Beyonce no it doesn’t I still don’t exactly understand why people are
interested in me but after four hours of chaotic screaming that wasn’t just
inside my head pinchers decided to finally throw up everywhere and I’ve
been everywhere and then it was finally time for the surprise happy birthday sister by the way just to
make you triggered by balloons as much as I am I think that might have
triggered me more than it might have triggered you

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  1. Im back after a long needed break!! Im switching my upload schedule to every Tuesdays now! See you guys next Tuesday!!

  2. I've never had a surprise birthday party, it would probably be hard since i never really leave the house except for work XD. Also where is the rice Spencer i expected rice and not flower petals when you turned that machine on lmao.

  3. Spencer i love you sooo much and wish to meet you one day you make me smile and laugh every time I watch your videos thank you for being so amazing

  4. I love your videos there so creative and funny 😂😘❤️ Your also a really sweet brother my siblings would never do anything like that for me 😆

  5. Omg Spencer your such a sweet brother all my brother did for my birthday is take all my older cousins out halfway through my birthday party leaving me with hardly anyone there 😒

  6. Omg I love you way of being with everything!!!! And you have a beautiful heart and smile and everything!!! I love your videos!!!!!

    Hi, all the way from Puerto Rico!!!😍💕

  7. Awww that’s so nice you threw a suprise party for your sister…😍 I wish I was that sister😂

    Remember we love you S P E N C E R💕

    follow my ig @erinnsantosa😂

  8. Spencer if your Birthday is coming up I’ll throw you a party and I also bring a group of friends. 😄 and if you get embarrassed I got your back I’ll cover you back as a friend 😂

  9. 2:40
    I cant stop watching this part because the balloon came in like

    Oh wait, the balloon😛

  10. Is it just me or Youtuber’s sibling is sooo lucky ?! I wish I had a sibling that would throw me a surprise party 🙁
    Love you Spencer

  11. aw Spencer is the sweetest I’m honestly so surprised he hasn’t dated someone, seems like he would know how to treat a girl right tbh

  12. Spencer after u said u won't be posting a video for awhile, I totally forgot u would post and ignored the notification that said u posted a new video. I feel like a non panda pal#fakefan I'm soo sorry Spencer! Please forgive mehhhh!!😭😭🙏

  13. I always wanted someone to throw me a surprise party for my birthday. I hope it happens one day 💕

  14. Hi Addison, ( hope I spelled your name right ) I just subscribe to your channel, Alex Wassabian is my favorite, and I believe you'll be right up there with him, keep true to who you are, stay humble and always do the right thing even if it doesn't feel right, always do the right thing. So Congratulations on for your success and keep up the hard work !!

  15. U just got a new subscriber cuz your content😍❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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