Surprise Visitors From Another Planet! Kids Fun TV!

[Playful music] [Spaceship landing] Who was that? [Kalia] I don’t know? Looks like another alien space pod! [Alien chatter] This video is sponsored by Moose Toys! [Cute alien chatter on radio] [Exclaims] Kalia, what are you doing? [Exclaims] They’re coming! They’re coming! Wait, who’s coming? The baby aliens are coming! Baby aliens?! [Cute alien chatter on radio] [Exclaims] Whoa, what language was that? [Fun upbeat music] They’re about to crash land! [Engine roars] Where are they? Where did they go? Come on Maile, let’s go
see what’s happening! [Exclaims] Look, here they come! [Spaceship landed] What in the world? My Goo drops are here! I thought you were just pretending! My Goo drops are here! Here? From where? From “Goo Goo Galaxy!” [Girls running] I have got to see this! [Chimes] Is that a space ship? The cutest space ship ever! And look, it’s Luna! [Exclaims] No way! And look the other Goo drops came too! Look what I found! How cute! They all are in their
own little space pod! Come on, let’s go back to the house and I’ll introduce you! [Spaceship landed] Who was that? I don’t know? Looks like another alien space pod! I didn’t know anyone else was coming! Don’t you think it’s kind of strange that the second space pod
landed by the first one? What if someone else is
after these Goo drops? Let’s not stick around to find out! [Alien chatters] [Adventure music] Let’s get these guys
out of their space pods! Ohh, what’s behind here? A passport?! [Alien chatters] Look, they have really squishy bellies! Yeah, the galaxy sparkles are inside them! [Alien chatters] Oh cool, we can learn about
their cool personalities! [Alien chatters] Looks like Astra Nommy is sweet and always hungry for donuts! I know, that’s why I got her these! Donuts, my favorite! Aww, that’s so sweet! [Alien chatters] Looks like Luna Laguna is
from the Planet Splashus! She loves adventure, and
swimming through the stars! [Alien chatters] This is Stella, and she
likes to invent things! What cute and funny personalities! [Alien chatters] [Astra Nommy chatters] What! It’s talking?! Kalia, what’s it saying? I don’t know, but I always ask Alexa! Alexa?! What can I do for you? Alexa, translate! Translation from “Goo Goo Galaxy:” “I brought you a gift
from our home planet!” [All] Ohh! A do-it-yourself slime activity. That’s probably what these are for! Oh that’s their goo juice! It looks like a slime activity! Let’s do it! [Alien chatters] Step one: Add slime crystals! Oh cool, I got pink! It’s really light. [Jasmine] Mine’s green! [Alien chatter] Step two: Add water and stir! Ooh, mine’s pink! It looks like slime! Looks like real slime! My goo color is blue! Let’s look it up to see
what the hidden message is! [Alien chatter] Blue… you’re out of this world! Thanks Astra Nommy! [Cute alien chatter] All the colors mean something! Let’s look up yours! [Alien chatter] Your message is: You’re a real star! [Exclaims] Your message is: Shoot for the moon! This is so fun! Are we ready for the next step? Step three: Add cosmic cloud! Whoa! That’s so cool! Step four: Watch it grow! Whoa! [Maile] Look, it’s growing! It’s like a fluffy cloud! That’s why it’s called cosmic cloud! Step five: Top it with star shine! It’s sparkly! And lastly: Hang and display! It’s like a galaxy slime milkshake! Wow! It’s so pretty! Whoa! Here Goo drops, I know you’re
hungry from your long travel! [Alien knocking] [Girls exclaims] Who’s that? It must be that other alien
from the other space pod! Alien?! Oh no, what does he want? [Alien chatters] Who are you, and what do you want? [Alien chatters] Umm, Alexa can you translate? Translation: “I’m searching the
galaxy for the best donuts!” [Alien chatter] You like donuts just like Astra Nommy? [Alien chatter] All he wanted this whole
time was just a donut? A donut?! Oh, I have some right here! [Alien exclaims excitedly] My Goo drop is excited to share! Mine too! Come share the Goo drops favorite treat! [Alien chatters happily] [Alien chatters happily] [Alien Chatters] Ooh nom, nom, nom! Wow, it’s been a strange day! Totally! [Alien chatters happily] Well, let’s end the
day with a yummy donut! [Girls laughing] Well, what do we do
with our Goo drops now? I bet Astra Nommy would
love to see the sunrise! Luna will wanna see the beach! I know, let’s take them camping out in the woods next week! [Cute alien chatter] To watch another fun, awesome
video, click down here! Click it, click it, click it! It’s amazing! Make sure to give us a big thumbs up! To find out more about
these “Goo Goo Galaxy” dolls, click the link on the description below!

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