♫ Happy Birthday to you!♫ Okay, are you ready? 3! 2! 1! That’s the surprise! What’s that? Joke! Look at your back. Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! Hi guys Ranz Kyle here and I’m with — Niana and welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2! Today is Natalia’s birthday. It means we are gonna celebrate but before that let’s sing Natalia a happy birthday. ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Natalia yes, Happy birthday to Natalia. I did that for you. I mean I don’t sing on my vlogs but I’m doing it for you Natalia because I love you so much. and yeah guys, today we are gonna celebrate Natalia’s birthday. So a lot of things is gonna happen today. Last night we welcome her birthday. 12 in the morning as you can see right here. My brother’s here ya’ll. He’s back. and at my right, my sister is here too. So the cake we — we’re trying to set up this cake right here. It’s just a mini — Where’s Natalia? She’s sleeping. Oh perfect! So yeah, This is just a rainbow new cake and we’re setting this up right now. 8 minutes to go till Natalia’s birthday. Go! Torch it. Okay guys, as you can see I have a real time here. So it’s 11:57 pm and we got 3 minutes to go. It’s beautiful! 2 minutes to go. Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Everyone’s here, dad is there, mommy is here. Let’s go! Oh 11:59 pm ! 58! 59! 12 o’clock! ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday dear Natalia ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Rainbow cake — Happy birthday to you! Natalia Happy birthday! Wish! Close your eyes. Okay Wish. and then blow the candle. 1! 2! 3! Happy Birthday! Natalia’s already five. Happy Birthday Natalia Thank you Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Natalia. and now we are here, back here. As you can see we are not with Natalia right now. She didn’t hear us. – because she’s at school. She went to the school right? Yes she went to school. Check this footage out. Hi guys. So Natalia is about to go to school. and then later on we’ll surprise her. Happy Birthday! You’re going to school and you’ll gonna celebrate your birthday there? Yeah Happy Birthday! How old are you now? I’m five. Nice. Take care. Unicorn, she’s wearing unicorn. Okay bye Natalia. Enjoy your Birthday! And now she’s about to go home so we gotta set up everything. So what’s gonna happen is — We’re gonna have a jungle theme party for her later. So guys in this party our surprise for her is a big inflatable — – here in the house. It’s a jungle inflatable by Kimflatables. We’re just gonna thank Kimflatables for providing the inflatables that you guys will gonna see later. It’s big and yeah we’ll gonna have some pool here. Paint station. Jungle theme party. — It’s gonna be a kiddie party man. — I’m gonna wear a jungle theme party, I can be Tarzan. Joke, joke. and yeah guys, it’s Natalia’s birthday. Right now we’re just waiting for the inflatable to come. but we can set up you know, the pool and everything else. So let us set up right now fam. Okay guys so the big inflatable jungle theme – is here. — It’s outside. – is here. They just arrived so let’s check it out. Okay there it is right now, we’re seeing it right now right in front of us. So this is the inflatable. They are the one who brought it here. Say what’s up guys. So they’re — inflatables. You guys can find them in Facebook. You guys just gotta search Kimflatables and then you guys will see this. – and ya’ll can rent some inflatables. Yeah if you guys want for parties. You know, check them out. So yeah guys. It”s already here. Let’s see if you got gains. for Natalia! 1 year old. 2 years old. 3 years old. okay 4 years old! last one! Happy 5 years old Natalia. and now, I’ll make them do it. I’m tired. Let’s go. Set up. Okay guys now we’re about to inflate it. Let’s count to 5 because Natalia is 5 already. Okay are you ready? 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! Let’s go! Okay guys, It’s about to go up. Okay guys, as you can see. It’s already up that fast. Now, we will surprise Natalia later with this inflatable and all the party. So now I’ll give you guys a montage of the inflatable. Say hi to my socks. Ready! 1! 2! 3! Let’s go! Okay guys. Now that it’s already up. Now let’s set up all the other props and stuff you know. – food and everything. The jungle theme you know, let’s go and set it up. let’s go! Now guys we’ll gonna put some balls in the pool. I don’t know what I’m gonna do. Okay guys. That was all tiring, all the stuffs that we did. I mean setting it all up. With the good help of the production team — everyone – and friends. We did it. — Let’s go. So now we’re all done with everything. You guys have seen some snippets if it. – what we set up and now we will give you guys a montage. a sick montage. – of everything that we did. – like overall. So welcome to Natalia’s party. Jungle theme party. Aye yeah guys, So that’s it. Let’s give ourselves a clap. Sound effects of clap. We did a good job guys. Okay guys now I think it’s party time. but before that we’re gonna change into our birthday clothes, party clothes. Yes before Natalia arrives. Okay in 3! 2! 1! Tarzan! And guys as you can see I’m wearing my jungle clothes already. and we’re ready to party! but wait, Natalia’s already near. We just gotta wait for Natalia. We will see you guys in a bit. Let’s go! Okay guys, Natalia is already there in the village. Yeah let’s go! — We’re gonna welcome her there. – because she’s gonna see this thing if the car will gonna stop here. So let’s go there, welcome her and put this Hawaiian blindfold thing. – and then surprise her. Let’s go! Okay guys, Dad’s car is that one. They’re there already. We’re waving here. Maybe Natalia can see us. Yes. I don’t know what’s her reaction. but you guys will see it of course. and now we are gonna blindfold Natalia. Okay guys.Let’s go! Natalia ! Hello! It’s time to cover your eyes. Okay wear this thing. Okay? Okay? Sit down there okay? Don’t look. Let’s go! let’s go! Guys now we’re gonna bring her down there. Okay guys. Let’s get Natalia now. Birthday girl, come on. You can see anything? Are you ready? It’s your birthday. What do you think this is? I don’t know. You don’t know? Don’t look. Okay! Entering, entering, entering. entering, entering, entering. Why? Why are you laughing? What do you mean? No one’s laughing. Are you ready? Ready? Are you ready to take it off? Natalia, how old are you now? 5! 5? Why are you looking there, look at me. How old are you? 5! Are you ready for the surprise? We have a surprise for you. 3! 2! 1! Let’s go! Okay guys, this is our first surprise for her. This is a cheese burger cake. What can you say about it? Thank you Do you like it? It’s so big. Okay guys, It’s time for the second surprise. Are you ready? Okay, blindfold again. Okay come here. Are you ready? Okay here we go! Are you ready? Don’t look! Don’t look! Okay go Niana. Ready? Okay Natalia Happy birthday! Again let’s sing Natalia Happy birthday. ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday to you ♫ ♫ Happy birthday happy birthday ♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you ♫ Okay are you ready? 3! 2! 1! That’s the surprise! What’s that? Joke! Look at your back. It’s a slide. Do you wanna play? Do you want to try it? Try it. Let’s go! Happy Birthday! Okay guys. I’m gonna play with them. Let’s go. Happy birthday Natalia! Okay now it’s time for you to celebrate. Are you ready? Do you have fun? eat? Okay — Happy birthday! Let’s play! Happy birthday! Okay celebration time! Just an update, Natalia is still there playing with her friends. Natalia? What are you doing? I’m playing. You’re still playing? Yes Okay enjoy! Are you fine? Having fun? Yeah You’re having fun? Let’s go slide, slide. 1! 2! 3! Let’s go! I’m having fun too. Let’s go! Aye yeah guys that is the birthday — surprise video — surprise for our sister Natalia. I hope you guys enjoy the video. We had fun with the celebration even though it was so tiring and stuff. She had fun playing around there. She got tired. My message for Natalia for her birthday is that — Natalia happy happy birthday. Your brother is always here for you. I love you so much. Happy Happy birthday Natalia and I love you. Yeah I think that’s the vlog for today. I mean we’re still gonna enjoy everything here. Some of the guests have left already but we’re still gonna have fun. – celebrate! Give this video a like – share – subscribe! and turn on our post notification for shout out. Shout out to Kimflatables for making this inflatable happen. It’s here, outside, in our front yard. If you guys need some inflatables you guys can check them out. – Kimflatables and yeah that is it for the vlog today. We will see you guys on our next vlog. Peace! Oh wait, by the way. Comment down your birthday greetings for Natalia. We will check them out – We will read it to her. So yeah – we will see you guys on our next vlog. Peace!

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