Surprising Her Best Friend On Her Birthday

– I don’t know where she is. She’s not in here. Where are you? What are you getting into? You’ve been getting
into stuff all morning. Oh, look, yeah. Getting into stuff, making a mess. What are you doing? Hey, I need you to stop
getting into things. Abigail. You have to behave, okay? We have stuff to do. Busy day. Ab, come in here and pick this up. Come pick all this up right now. – (murmurs) – Get up, let’s go. Pick it all up. – (murmurs) – Look at me, can you stop misbehaving? Yes, you can? What is that face though? Hey, good morning, what’s up? Welcome to the vlog. So we have a bit of a problem. We were supposed to
rent a van for this week for this road trip coming up, and we’re actually leaving today to go down to South
Florida to surprise Summer for her 21st birthday. We went to go pick the van up and you can’t drive the van outside of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina. So we can’t go to North Carolina with it. It’s got a GPS thing and it’ll shut down and leave
you stranded or whatever. So, we’ve got to get a van to rent, because you know we’ve got the terrain but it’s gonna be five of us, and then we’ve got an issue. So we’ve gotta get that figured out. Hopefully we can get
a van before our trip. Primarily we’ve just got to get down to South Florida and see Summer, but we also have to get
the van in the interim. So this is going to be a
challenging day for certain. We gotta get packed, we gotta get going. It’s a whole thing. – I haven’t seen this much
action from you in a while! Are you so excited? Are you so excited? Oh my goodness. – [Camera Man] (laughs) That dude loves going to daycare. – He does. There’s all his friends,
he hangs out in the pool. Living the life. Abby, come get your backpack. – [Camera Man] Come on, let’s go. Sweetheart, you can’t sit in a hot car. She just walks out of the house, gets in, it’s like, “I’m ready y’all.” That’s what she did to her iPad holder on the last trip. – I went into a gas station
for like five minutes, and I came out and it was destroyed. – [Camera Man] Put your arms
in, put your seatbelt back on. What are you doing walking around? It is chaos. Come on Maverick, load up
– Maverick, up here buddy. – [Camera Man] There you go. – You do that like you’re young. Bye Maverick!
– Bye Maverick! – [Purple Dress] He’s so excited. – [Camera Man] I know. – [Purple Dress] Look, his
tail is wagging in step. – [Camera Man] (laughs) – [Purple Dress] He’s
happy here, look at him. Tail wagging. – [Camera Man] Ready to go. I’m really glad we found this place. – I know.
– That you found this place. And it’s near where we’re moving. – It is. – In the Riverside area,
heart of Riverside. – It’s in Five Points, yeah. – Five Points. It’s all the same, I’m not from here. Her shell. – It’s just hard parking. – There is no parking, we just kick them out of the car at the side of the road.
– (laughs) Yeah. – There you go. Caught you! Potty break, coffee break,
all the things break. Woo! Road tripping, yeah! Oh my gosh, so we’re not gonna move the harness over to the
mini van next week, right? – No. – No? We’ll have all the kids back there, so.
– Yeah. – Abby no harness, Oh my God. – She’s gonna get a whole
row to herself I think. – It’s crazy how she does
in other vehicles, though. It’s only in your cars. – Yeah. – That she takes advantage. – Every other car
– (drowned out by speaker) – she just chills, right? – Yeah. – And sleep out, hang out. I mean sometimes you’ve gotta tell her to put her seatbelt back on, like the shoulder strap part, she’ll pull that off like little kids do. – Yeah, she’ll come over
and just do like that. – It’s crazy. Are you excited about it Ab? A little road trip in the van with the music bumping? Oh girl, your hair, it all fell. Oh my goodness. – [Purple Dress] (laughs) – [Camera Man] I’ll try to be quiet. Abby, Abby, you can’t yell. – Abby put your shoes on. – You gotta sneak up. – [Brother] Put your shoes on Ab. – [Camera Man] We gotta surprise her. – Shh. Shh.
– [Camera Man] Sneaky, sneaky. You gotta be quiet, Ab. Don’t give it away. Sneaky, sneaky. We need like spy music. (laughs) – [Purple Dress] I’m not really sure. – Come in this way. – [Camera Man] Okay, okay. – [Blue Top] I think we should just sit on the couch and I’ll (drowned out by speakers)
– Yeah, yeah. – [Blue Top] Summer come here a second. – [Young Boy] Summer, you have to come in! (laughs) – [Purple Dress] He’s so excited! (all giggling) – [Young Boy] I kept a secret! – Are you freaking kidding me? What? Hi! Oh my God you’re in my house, hi! – You gotta give her a hug! – What the … [Purple Dress] Hi, Happy Birthday! – Hey, now you can tell her you gotcha! – [Purple Dress] I know, hi Chad! – I know right, we’ve
been all day long trying. Good, how are you? – Why are there so many burgers here? (laughter drowns out speaker) – I know, he kept bringing out burgers I’m like, who are you feeding? (all laugh) – Did we get you? – You totally got me.
– Was that a good surprise? – [Summer] Oh my goodness. – It was a good surprise, right guys? Wasn’t that great? – [Summer] No! – That was awesome. – [Summer] (laughs) – You surprised your friend. She surprises you all the time. Get out of people’s stuff. – She searches people’s rooms. – It’s so rude. – [Brother] She’s like, what is this? – [Camera Man] Wow. – [Purple Dress] Look at this blanket. – [Camera Man] That quilt is amazing. – [Purple Dress] Isn’t that amazing? – [Camera Man] So those are all Surfers For Autism t-shirts? – [Summer] Yeah. – [Brother] Fathering Autism Merch. – [Purple Dress] That’s really cool! – [Camera Man] You have good taste. – [Summer] Thank you, my
sunglasses are there, too. (laughs) What’s up, chick? You’re in my room, can you believe it? – [Camera Man] Crazy! – Aw, look at this picture of this. – [Camera Man] Oh, yeah. – [Purple Dress] Yeah, love that. – [Camera Man] We haven’t had her do that sign in a long time. Abby show me swim. Go … Oh very good, that was real close. Swim. You do it, swim. There you go! [Purple Dress] Good job! – [Camera Man] Look, out here, out here. Come on. Ready? One, two, three, go! You do it. No, not your pool, huh? You’re not used to it? Woohoo! – [Purple Dress] Woo! – [Camera Man] She don’t mind
at all, she jumped right in. Yeah this is cool, man. Little Oasis. (upbeat music) – [Group] (singing) Birthday dear Summer, Happy Birthday to you. (clapping and cheering) – I did it! (laughter) – [Camera Man] You going for a ride? – Yep. – [Summer’s Dad] You guys
can take it if you want. I don’t really need the SM. – Do you want to get on? Yeah? – [Camera Man] Yeah! – [Summer’s Dad] Jam them legs in there. – [Camera Man] Those golf
balls may not make it back. – [Summer’s Dad] Shall I come
with you and sit on the side? – If you want to. – [Summer’s Dad] She’ll jump out? – She’ll be fine. – [Camera Man] No, she won’t jump out. – [Summer’s Dad] Have fun. – [Camera Man] By Ab! Abby, bye! (upbeat music) – Those lights are cool, man. – Yeah! – [Summer] Bye! – [Summer’s Dad] Come back safely. – [Purple Dress] Woo! – [Camera Man] Ab, go
say bye to everybody. Say bye. Give hugs. – [Purple Dress] Say,
we’ll see you tomorrow. – I’ll see you tomorrow
and then you get to have me (drowned out by speaker)
– Will you do breakfast? – [Purple Dress] Yeah, okay. – [Summer’s Dad] Because we’re
getting dropped off, right? – [Camera Man] Okay, let’s go. – Or you can come here and eat breakfast. – Whenever you wanna
(drowned out by speaker) – [Summer] Yeah, let’s do that! – [White Shorts] It’s
probably better for you. – [Camera Man] I mean
it’s like 20 minutes. Oh, is it a good breakfast? Or? – What, here? – [Camera Man] Yeah. – Oh, I can make a badass breakfast. – [Camera Man] Okay, all right. – We’ll talk in the morning. – [Camera Man] Okay. – [Camera Man] Okay, Summer. You gotta week with us, can you handle it? – Two! – Oh, can I? – [Camera Man] Two weeks,
that’s right, two weeks. Well a week in a car with us. – Yeah a week in the car. – [Camera Man] Yeah, a week in a car. – And hotels. – Ready? – [Camera Man] Ab, hey, hey. Can Summer close it out? Is that okay? Yeah, okay. – Bye guys! (beep) (laughter) – [Camera Man] Did she do a good job? – Do it with me, ready?
– Did she do a good job? – One, two, three. (beep) Float, float on your back. Lay back, lay back! (laughs) – [Purple Dress] She’ll
find an unlocked door. – [Summer] Lay back, lay back. – [Purple Dress] Get out there (splashing drowns out speaker) (splashing) (laughter) – Hello vlog. – Where are my shorts? – There’s my mom. Here’s my dad. – Need a pair of shorts? Hi guys. – Here’s my sister. – Hey! – There’s my grandma, and Sawyer. And my aunt Vicky, and my grandma Gail, and my aunt Sandy. – How old are you today Summer? – I’m 21, how old are you today dad? – I’m 22. – You’re 22? – Yeah, I’m 22, look at me. I’m not losing my hair. – I don’t know about that one. – Sure, it’s receding a little. – Oh Ace is coming back,
we got to turn off. (guitar music) – [Camera Man] Woo!

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  1. Happy 21 Summer, hope its is the best ever!! …please explain why you can not drive your van as far as you like?
    tx u

  2. I โค๏ธ the relationship that Summer and Abbie have. Makes me so happy to see that!!! Happy 21st Birthday Summer!!!

  3. Hi Maas Squad ,
    Iโ€™m relatively new subscriber to your YouTube channel and am getting caught up on your amazing blog. My youngest son is 11 and is on the spectrum … and just like you said in one of your videos … you get a certain โ€œautism radarโ€ lol when you meet other ppl on the spectrum.I work on a smaller hotel in MN and tonight I was working my front desk shift on a super busy night , when a 63year old man walked in . He was clearly on the Spectrum and was having a bit of a meltdown. He told me about his father passing a few weeks ago and his car breaking down tonight… and a bunch of other triggers. I didnโ€™t have a room available for him unfortunately but I spend 2hrs calming him down , having him breath through it ( literally) ,finding him a room at another hotel and walking outside with him ( the lobby was super noisy which he was having a really hard time with)and showing him how to get there. He gave me a $50.00 tip which he would not accept back and told me that tonight reminded him of a song by Elton John โ€œ someone saved my life tonight โ€œ and continued to tell me I was his someone tonight…. I just kept thinking about him even after he had left and on the way home I stopped to get some ice cream for my family… your vlog from vlogmas were you said to spread the kindness and pay it forward popped in my head and I paid for the car behind me. The man was with his family and got out of his car while I was waiting for my ice cream with a huge smile on his face . He thanked me and I told him no need for that … and that maybe him or his family will find a possibility to do something nice for someone else down the road.
    The whole night was special … and got me really thinking about adults with autism and how a lot of ppl might not be able to recognize that someone needs help and how I would like someone to be there and help my son when heโ€™s an adult and Iโ€™m not around anymore. So thank you guys soooo much for spreading awareness and sharing your lives and inspiring ppl all over. Sorry for the long message. Hope you made it all the way through bc i just really wanted you guys to know how much you touch ppls lives and still help spread Kindness every day .
    Lots of love

  4. I wish I could โค๏ธ this!!!! Itโ€™s so cute. Abby just walked up to summer and grabbed her hand like your mine now, letโ€™s go.

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  7. My birthday on the 17th and my little brother on the 12th i get to be with my hole family for the first time in 3 years for my birthday this year i moved to California and money problem always come up to go see them but im really excited

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  9. Aww i loved seeing Summers face when y'all surprised her, Abbie looked super happy to see her, Happy Birthday Summer โ™ฅ

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  11. Happy birthday Summer. There should be more people in the world like you.
    Abby is such a lucky little lady to have someone as precious and loving as you.

  12. Happy Birthday to Summerโฃ This was a fantastic vlog, so much fun to watch๐Ÿฅฐ All the feels. Hope you find the van๐ŸŒ

  13. "Who are you feeding?" I love that Aside form seeing Abbie in the water seeing her with Summer is my favourite part of the vlogs. Summer is a sweetheart so Happy Belated Birthday to Summer.

  14. Hey Fathering Autism I wanted to do something for you and your family I went to JSAโ€™s website and donated to them. I let them know I am a Fathering Autism subscriber. Thank you guys for everything you do and I just wanted to do my part.

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  20. You guys are truly blessed with some wonderful people in your lives. I wish I knew how to inspire people to take a more active role in my kids' lives. They crave to be social but it feels like we all don't want to be pushed out of our comfort zones.

  21. Im now watching with the closed captioning on (after your video yesterday/this weekend) and at one point it said "[Purple Dress] (laughing)" cause Cilla was laughing. and then the next one was [camera man] I'll try to be quiet. hahaha. clearly the same girl that did the last one didn't do this one cause they don't know your names! ๐Ÿ˜› lol

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  29. Quick question, Asa: the music that starts at 6:40 – is that something you composed yourself or is it a track from somewhere? I find myself humming along to it whenever I hear it in your videos.

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    I love it that you guys surprised Summer! Also, I LOVE it anytime Priscilla asks, "Are you so excited?!"

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