Surprising my wife with A Romantic HOMEMADE CANDLELIGHT DINNER for Valentine’s Day |Homemade Hibachi

That’s so pretty! hug for the tube no we’re not no hugging
for the tube no hugging for the tube only hugging for John kiss camera no, I don’t want to kiss the camera thank you that was very sweetie of you she doesn’t seem very excited hey son did you tell mom a happy Valentine’s Day did you tell the viewers happy Valentine’s Day? can you? yeah? can you tell them happy Valentine’s Day thank you very much hug for the tube no we’re not no hugging for the tube no hugging for the tube only hugging for John what you making oh wait a minute turn it off for a second turn it off for a second Wilson No he’s gonna knock my camera over hey everybody it’s technically Valentine’s Day so when you see this video it should be in the next couple of days I’ll probably edit this video next John! okay look, we are going to make a deal You, look that way you look right that way while you work anyway so we were gonna go out to eat tonight Margaret really wanted some Mikatas which is like this Japanese place where they cook for you but we couldn’t get a reservation in there and I’m like well…. then we tried another restaurant and they didn’t give us a reservation for party of two this really no reservation so technically I’m not late I was like I’ll just grill some steaks for us and break out the fried rice so
that’s what we’re doing which is the same thing we are going to get at Mikatas yeah basically what we would given
mikata so instead of Chef Juave you’re gonna have chef Le plus Margaret has been bragging about my steak cooking skill so I’m about to show off it tonight check this out are you ready to eat? I’m ready to eat are you? ready we got candlelit dinner with a little rose right there Margaret really wants to
eat some trunk drag this out some does it look betting Mikata’s ? yes dear sure does would you turn the camera off? alright I think we’re going I think we’re gonna eat now bye come here! come here! say hi to everybody say hey mmm that’s his “hey” I think Wilson has been with Daddy all morning yeah been up editing video with Daddy all morning I started editing this
morning and in the last two clips there wasn’t any sound in it so I forgot toturn on the mic so I figured I’ll do a little outro here yes so the reason we
didn’t go out was we just you know we couldn’t get a reservation to where
Margaret wants to eat then you know either you go out and you
try to fight in lines or I said you know I can just cook it here and I think it turned out pretty good I think she liked it what is your preference some
Valentine’s? do you enjoy going out you enjoy eating at home? I know I know a lot of people when they first got married or when they’re dating they really want to go out because it’s special and I wanted to make it special
for Margaret too the places that we want to go to didn’t take reservations and she would rather would cook it at home and enjoy it at home what is your thoughts on that? comment below that really helps me too I appreciate you guys watching the video if you’re new here glad you stopped by I hope you subscribe if you have been here before glad you’re coming back if you like the video you like the steak sequence or you like the desserts hit the like button smash it knock it out 2020 style whatever you cool kids do now a day but no seriously if you hit
the like button this really helps a lot share with your friends all right
I’ll see you next one

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  1. how did you guys celebrate Valentine's Day with your significant other? Do you always go out on the day off, go on an off day, or cook at home?

  2. Oh snap. Chef Le in the house. You know how to handle your meat, sir. 😎

    "Kiss the camera." You're really trying to make us feel like the third wheel here, huh? 😆

  3. Hug for the tube! LOL. There you go! Looking great! Who needs to go out? 🙂 We avoid going out during ANY holidays! I think it’s more special that you cooked for her!!

  4. With Margaret's breakfast skills and your dinner skills, I'll be in heaven if I'm in the neighborhood…😀👍👌👊😋😋😋

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