Survivors Speak OUT 10 years anniversary – survivors’ policy asks

I am a torture survivor. Me too. We are Survivors Speak OUT Network, a group of torture survivors who fight against torture and its impact so that what we’ve been through no one else will go through it. Torture survivors seek refuge
not for better life but for safer life. These survivors are people, not conditions. Do not let their past define their future. We need the government to invest in
rehabilitation services for survivors in the UK. We are all professionals from various walks of life. We want the government to allow us to recycle our previous care so that we can contribute better to society. This could be done through a fairer
qualification recognition and better funding for education for refugees in the UK. We want to participate in the society as
survivors of torture but to do that we need support. We want the Home Office to
give us the time and safe environment to explain to them what’s happened to us. According to the UK visa and immigration torture survivors are not detained. But I am a direct
product of this detention and many years later I’m still finding it difficult to
talk about my experience. Therefore, the UK visa and immigration should ensure
that torture survivors are not detained. And also we need the Home Office, UK Home Office, to recognise our special needs as survivors, torture survivors. UK visa and immigration must not make a
decision about us without us, because a meaningful engagement of survivors of torture will better inform policies. Survivors should be encouraged more so
that issues around torture can be exposed with assured protection.

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  1. Very refreshing to watch all the best for integrating a safer platform and advocacy for kinder compassionate policies

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