Surya Celebrating 40 Years

Surya is a family business. I’m the second generation. My father is truly a visionary man. He started this business in India in 1976. This year is our 40th year anniversary. We have made a lot of milestones. We had six employees or ten employees when I joined Surya and now we are 400 strong and we have more to go. We are here because of all of you guys that have helped us come all the way. And the good thing is this is just the beginning. We feel very excited to build a beautiful building and build our business for our customers, our vendor partners going forward. Surya is very innovative when it comes to their styling. They always have the leading edge looks and at a good price. They have such a wide selection and they’re always bringing the newest trends and new styles. There’s so much variety, styles, textures. There’s really nothing that surya doesn’t have to offer. They have so many things that are different that you don’t see anywhere else and at all price points. They have such a great look and the quality is there. Surya is always able to provide us with that specific look that we have for our clients. And when you’re in the business like we’re in you have to romance, you have to set a visual, you have to paint the picture. We have to be a visionary for our customer. I love putting together combinations. I love taking a room that’s completely empty it’s almost like doing a painting. And of course surya has such a great selection of different colors and different options available that you can always find something that’s going to work with your design scheme. They’ll come in and do anything for us. Helping us learn all the process of selling rugs. Picking product for our clients. And that’s a really nice service to have in a company. We have been in the furniture business for a long time, and we have dealt with a lot of people a lot of reps. She knows our product. She works extremely hard for us. They know our business. They’re so professional. They’re so helpful. They really have their act together. You want the lines of communication to be seamless between the salesperson and the customer I think having the sample wall that we have is a wonderful tool to use. To do business with a company as much business as we do with Surya, it has to have a good product, it has to be updated, it has to have a great price point, but it also has to have good people behind it. Surya has a huge passion for their rugs. It’s evident in the way that they service their clientele and the product that they carry. Surya is a company that I know have worked really hard to pull all aspects of their business together and to be helpful to my end of the business as the retail location and then ultimately the end product, which is our clients, and that’s who we all be happy. It’s very necessary that we have to fulfill our commitment. Honesty. People trust our company. We have many years to go and quite frankly, Surya will outlast all of us. That’s how we want to build it. The only thing that’s immortal is the learning you pass on with others. For me Surya is very family-like it’s a group of amazing individuals that come together and collaborate with each other and support one another and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. I could not be more thrilled with my relationship with Surya. They’re wonderful to deal with and I look forward to dealing and working with Surya for many, many years to come. I think Surya probably has one of funnest atmospheres. Surya has the most wonderful showrooms, always have such an incredible selection. The showrooms themselves are beautiful. They feed you wonderful food. The sales help are so helpful. Definitely energetic. You walk in the door, and they’re right there saying “what can I do for you? How can I help you? Where can I direct you?” The last 40 years we’ve had the benefit of working with talented craftsmen, designers and employees who have dedicated their time to making Surya great. I’m honored to be a part of the team and a part of the family that’s celebrating 40 years of accomplishments. Happy anniversary, Surya. Happy anniversary, Surya! Happy anniversary! Happy 40th birthday, Surya. Cheers to the first 40 and here’s to the next. Felicidades, Surya, en cuarenta anos de exito! Happy 40th anniversary, Surya. I love you guys. Thank you so much for everything that you do for us and I hope to continue a very long relationship with you all. Wishing you a wonderful and happy 40th anniversary, Surya. We want to thank all of our Surya customers for the last 4 years. Without you we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

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