Suyoung decided to get married to Hasun after she denied to kiss? [Happy Together / 2017.04.20]

Suyoung. You and Hasun fell in love with each – other starring a drama together, right? / – Right. – At that time, we were just colleagues. / – Really? – We didn’t have feelings for each other. / – Then? After the drama ended, we would have gatherings with Lee Joongi – and other cast members. / – It was after the drama? A year later, we were going to meet up and almost did, – but we never met up. / – I see. We didn’t get to have the gathering. We sort of happened to meet up. She was in the neighborhood for work. So we ended up having tea together. After the gathering didn’t work out, you two met. It was just the two of you? It was. After giving it some thought, I wondered if this was a date. – That’s what I was wondering. / – Gosh. Didn’t you suggest to meet first though? We were texting each other. It turned into a casual meeting. She was done with work and so was I. – So we did meet briefly. / – Just two of you? – My heart was racing when I was on my way. / – Gosh. – This is amazing. / – I dressed casually since I was coming from work. I felt I smelled bad since I sweated from the filming. Since I was worried, I wondered if I liked her. When I did meet her, she was wearing a dress since she came from a shoot. She had a jacket on her shoulders – and was sitting down. / – She did? She was so pretty. I thought why she was so pretty. I was nervous. We went for tea, but I drank a bottle of beer instead. My heart was beating fast. And the meeting was over. We didn’t contact each other – for about ten days? / – Your heart raced for nothing. Yes, it did. After that, ten days passed. A lot of time passed by. I asked her to go hiking with me. If we met without any plan, nothing would come of our meeting. – You were also shy. / – I told her there was a mountain near my house and it had great night views. I told her she could see the whole city at a glance. I asked if she wanted to join me since I often hiked. – You asked her out. / – At night? She said yes and I was happy too. Hiking at night means she’s interested in me too. Is there a difference between night and afternoon? – Hiking in the afternoon is for friendship. / – True. – Really? / – He hikes – in the afternoon with me. / – I see. (He hikes with her at night.) (The sky prepares the glow of the setting sun.) It’s a bit low to call it a mountain. – The paths are all paved. / – Is it more of a walk? It’s just dark. We went there together and saw the night view. I read it somewhere. When a woman’s heart pounds, they think that they like the person. – It applies to men too. / – Right. Beating hearts are about the same with hearts in love. They can be mistaken for love. When we hike the mountain, our hearts would pound. I thought she’d find me handsome and vice versa. So we climbed up the mountain. During the hike, we talked about our everyday lives and climbed down. There was a staircase. – The lights were out and it was dark. / – Then? – It was dark. / – Then? I reached out my hand to her. (I reached out my hand to her.) – She held my hand. / – Goodness. We climbed down and reached the ground. (We climbed down and reached the ground.) We reached the ground, but she didn’t let my hand go. (She didn’t let my hand go.) (How romantic!) – Goodness. / – This is just like in the movies. – Oh, my. / – When we climbed all the way down… – You won’t ever forget that moment. / – I won’t. (Just the two of them met.) I haven’t felt that thrill for a while. – This is unforgettable. / – Right. I realized that I could date her. – I knew she liked me too. / – You were certain then. We started to date each other slowly. Did she say that was a crucial moment too? She did. She thought why I didn’t contact her for 10 days. – She said that. / – You took your time. She wondered why I didn’t call her when she put on makeup, wore a dress and awaited me. I found her very pretty that day. There was a long period of time we both hesitated. I’m curious about something. When you star on a drama, you get into the role. Didn’t you think about the reason you liked her? Was it because you actually liked the person or it’s just that you got into the character? When were you certain she was the one for you? Was there a time you felt that? – Well… / – I don’t get your question. – Is this “Morning Forum”? / – Goodness. What do you mean? Are you Lee Jaepo? – He sounded like Jaepo. / – I was… – Hold on. / – Can you give me five questions? – Just like you said before, / – It was my question. Suyoung is really nice. He was going to answer the question. – I don’t think he understood it. / – It’s so funny. You wanted to ask when I decided to marry her, right? That’s right. The funny thing is that… Men want to start the relationship with a kiss. – Really? / – I didn’t know. – That day would be / – I wanted to kiss her. – the first day of the relationship. / – The first day? Exactly. I was pushing her on the swing at the playground. My best side is this side at an angle of 45 degrees. – She was on the swing. / – Goodness, Suyoung. – The story is detailed. / – You thought this through. – I was pushing her gently. / – How scientific. I sat next to her and looked at her at this angle. I went closer to her as the swing started to slow down. I figured that at some point, our lips would meet. I think I filmed too many dramas. I thought our lips would meet. I got closer when the swing was almost at a stop. – I looked at her affectionately. / – You’re romantic. I wanted to ask naturally that if she wasn’t going to kiss me after all this. (You are not going to kiss me after all this?) (It’s like an episode in a drama,) (but this is a real story.) I wanted to ask that question, but she pushed my forehead. – I thought this would occur. / – You thought so. She pushed my forehead. I fell backward and laughed for a while. She realized I was trying to look cool. She knew it. At that time, I thought of marrying her. – Really? / – It was when she pushed your forehead? The moment you two laughed… At that moment, I thought I should marry her. (He’s the man of an indomitable will.) – Goodness, Suyoung. / – I thought that because it meant she wasn’t easy. She wasn’t easy. She pushed me in a way that wasn’t too embarrassing. For me, that was very lovely. She pushed you in a way that wasn’t too embarrassing. – I fell backwards though. / – Did she push hard? I fell because I was too embarrassed and ashamed. Everything I did was for nothing. It turned from a romantic drama to a sitcom. Who proposed first then? I proposed. At that point, we had been dating for half a year. I thought about ideas, and my friends recommended recording a tape. When she’s in the car, you’d make her play the tape. The tape will play. “Hasun, are you watching this?” “The man you’re watching is me.” “If you like me, will you turn on the headlight?” – He tried hard. / – It’s what my friend did. – But it was too old-fashioned. / – It was from your… – That’s old-fashioned. / – So I bought a ring first. I took it whenever we went on a date. But when I had it, my heart pounded too fast. I had to give it to her, but I didn’t know how. I didn’t want to make it come out of a car trunk. So I just carried it around everywhere. We often walked on the trail of Mount Nam. When we were walking there, I had to give it to her. It was getting too tough on me. So while walking, I stopped her, knelt down and gave her the ring. – Suddenly. / – Did she cry? – Did she push your forehead again? / – No. So did you roll down Mount Nam? When I gave her the ring, she cried. – A simple proposal is good. / – She must’ve waited. – It’s lovely. / – That was the moment I dreamt of. I wanted to propose before we agreed on marriage. I wanted to propose the marriage first. I thought maybe I should’ve made it fancier. But she loved my proposal and cried. When I got up to wipe her tears, my head hit her teeth. And it hurt very much. It was very funny too. – Did you laugh again? / – We laughed again. (He becomes Eo Namsun when he’s clumsy.) – That’s like a scene of a movie. / – Right. I accidentally saw Hasun’s social media, and I envied them because of one photo. – Is that right? / – Here’s the photo. I’m sorry, but did you prepare it? – Did you? / – Yes. – What is he doing? / – Is he fixing the house? When we moved into our house, that wall was covered in cloth. It was a bit old. But it was expensive to get it professionally fixed. – So you did it. / – Yes. I went to Dongdaemun and got some cloth. I put it up on the wall using a staple gun. I didn’t know, but my wife took a picture of me. I looked nice in the photo, so I was happy. Did she write anything when she posted that picture? – Saeho, you must know. / – Right. – You prepared it. / – What did it say? – What did it say? / – What did it say? – There were various hashtags. / – Okay. She wrote “my husband” and “I’m a great husband”. What if you’re wrong? If I’m wrong, I’d just apologize. – He’d correct himself. / – Yes. More than 5,000 people liked it. “Would I get scolded for posting this? But he’s out.” Hashtag “fixing the house”. “He bought the scary…” – Hashtag “I bought him those pants.” / – She did. I only wore those trousers in dramas, but… she bought them for me, and they’re comfortable. We can tell how happy they are. Don’t they remind you of when you just got married? – Yes. / – Wearing pajamas… Did you take a picture of him in pajamas? I’ve never seen him fixing things at home. He’s always wearing pajamas. (They’ve become a part of him.) Even when he’s in a shoot, he likes things that are glamorous. He always asks, “How is it? Is it glamorous?” – In what situation? / – There was a scene where we were fighting. He pushed me to a wall – What was my line? / – and asked, “Did you drink?” – Right. / – And I said, “I drank. So what?” Let go! I can’t. Did you drink? I drank. So what? There was such a scene, and he wanted to be cool. I could see his face while acting, and he did his. (He pretended to be cool.) I only knew it when I watched the drama. You should’ve focused on the situation. He wants his face to look great, and he always tries hard. And I think it’s cute. Since you’re close, you must be in great harmony. – Aren’t you? / – We are. I think Hasun would consider him really cute. But he hates someone telling him that he’s cute. He wants to look cool. I think he’s really lovely. Our team is in great harmony too. (Did anyone ask?) He’s conscious of them. They are not your rivals. We came here at a moment’s notice, but we’re all dressed in pink. I was surprised. – But you’re not. / – He brought something pink. Now we match. We all have something pink. – That’s why I brought this. / – It’s a shoehorn. – The color matches. / – Hyeongyeong,

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