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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I have a masquerade theme party
centerpiece and setup here we go so today I am finally making a sweet 16
slash quinceanera centerpiece so thank you for your patience this theme is
going to be masquerade which can be used for any birthday celebration so let’s
get started I’m going to start by turning my Bowl over because I’m going
to be gluing my paper towel holder right on top of it as so so I’m going to
Center it and this time I am going to be using this fix-all adhesive glue from
Dollar Tree and then I’m going to add some hot glue to the inner bars right
here so I can keep the paper towel holder from moving while the rest of the
glue dries if you wonder why I’m placing a paper
towel holder on top of this bowl that’s because I needed to support the balloons
that I’m going to be placing right on top of the ball and I’m also going to be
placing a bullet so after a while it’s going to weigh down and you don’t want
it to tip over or fall over after a while so that’s what it’s there for
next I’m going to be using these cute foil numbers that doesn’t require any
helium I decided to use the number 16 for a sweet 16 my daughter is going to
be 16 this week coming up so I thought it’ll be a propriety haven’t done
anything for teens in a while so yeah I fell in love with these and I am going
to use them this is very easy to put together all you have to do is unwrap
the foil number and then you are going to insert the straw that comes with it
there’s like a little white piece of plastic right there if you can see that
and you are going to place the straw right under it and you are going to push
through until you get to the inside of the balloon and there it is and now all
you have to do is blow into it and then you’re going to pull the straw and it’s
going to self seal and just pull it out and that’s it
pretty easy the number six is a little weird at first I thought that it was the
letter J and I had to do a double-take and I’m like what’s happening here and
did they give me the wrong thing but once he blows up this turns in words and
he looks like in number six so don’t panic like I did next I’m going to be
glowing my numbers together with my low-temperature gun I’m going to cut these two little pieces
right here it has the little holes through it I guess these are for you to
use in case you want to tie them down but I’m not gonna meet these so I’m
going to cut these and as far as this two I’m going to cut them down a little
bit make sure not to cut too high because you don’t want the air to come
out now I’m going to add a little bit of hot glue to the paper towel holder which
is going to glue to the back of the balloon and therefore it can stand on
its own to decorate my centerpiece I’m going to be using a masquerade mask from
Dollar Tree this one is very very cute for a dollar it is very very cute you
can also find very nice ones at Party City or you can order someone Amazon as
well I’m going to cut off the ribbon that he came with you use this to tie
the mask on I’m not gonna need it so be gone I’m going to switch back to my high
temperature gun and I’m going to glue on my mass right over the bottom of my
paper towel holder so what you want to do is basically cover this metal part
right here so it’s going to go right on there like this very pretty very pretty so far look at
that love it alright so here’s the thing if you’re going to use this centerpiece
for your dessert table then you will want to the next step which is to add a
boa a nice purple bull to the back of the number alright and you will arrange
it in a way they will look really really cute but if you are going to use this
centerpiece on your table as your table centerpiece then you will have to do the
very same thing you did on the front on the back okay so let’s do that I’m going to arrange my boa and this one
is from Dollar Tree and I actually got two but you can use either one or two or
three Oh as many as you like here is with one okay so that’s what one and of
course you get a arrange it to your taste or you might just want to put it
to the side of that best cute on one side as well and here it is with a
second boa of course is going to look fuller and more dramatic and if this
wasn’t romantic enough for you I’m also going to be adding a push light and this
is also from Dollar Tree alright so I’m just going to place it right underneath
the bowl alright guys this is it this is my sweet
16 masquerade party centerpiece and it’s absolutely fabulous I love it
of course I do you know I love it I love it because it is so cheap and it is so
darn cute only 14 bucks 14 bucks the whole thing
and you’re going to use this we’re a dessert table you’re only going to spend
half of that seven bucks and another good thing about this centerpiece is
that you can use it for any birthday party your 21st your 25th your 30th your
40th your 50 60 70 80 90 100 you can do this the same for 14 bucks except for
the hundred then you have to spend another two bucks I hope you guys enjoy
this video and if you did please make sure to give me a thumbs up and if you
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anyway because I love to chitchat with you guys all the time and make sure that
shares your share if you know of a friend or family member who is having a
sweet 16 or a quinceanera or is having a party and need theme ideas make sure you
share it with them on your social media page alright guys
until next time bye member

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  1. AMAZING AS USUAL… Is your daughter having a sweet 16,if so what are some of the AWESOME ideas you have for her ?

  2. Beautiful and love the colorsπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ’™πŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ‘ 

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  4. Omg… how cute, hey can you do a centerpiece of the power rangers? My son's birthday is in July and he is asking for the power rangers.

  5. I really like this my sister is having a Mardi Gras theme Birthday party and this will be great…. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. So, your daughter is a 2002 baby huh?? I say that because I also have a 2002 baby. My son will be turning 16 on July 23!

  7. Podrias hacer una torre Eiffel con estos mismos colores para centro de mesa porfa πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

  8. I love it. I have a strawberry shortcake party next month can you give some ideas for a center piece for the guest table.

  9. Hi Tayra
    This project was simple but so decorative as always I love everything you do. Keep it moving and continue to reach for the stars ⭐🌟🌠

  10. Snazzy, adaptable, frugal! Is this cheapest design you've done so far? "I LOVE IT!" In my Tyra voiceπŸ˜‰

  11. Hi Tayra love your videos next year my great niece is getting married and she wants sunflower center pieces was wondering if you could make one so my sister and I can get some kind of idea what it would look like and if it can be done for $50 or less faux flowers are fine. Thank you and tfs😊

  12. Hi, TayraPerez where did you get those type of number balloons that doesn't need helium "you use a straw to blow"???

  13. Hi Tara if you could do an old gas pump center piece for a girl race car babyshower pleasee. Love your work!

  14. Hi, I'm actually doing a Quinceanera masquerade party, so this actually gave me a great idea. I wanted to know if you can help me out… I need to make one of those things that have all the 15 candles on the back and my daughters name (dianna) on the front. I think that looks so nice but when I go to purchase one it cost 150 and up. A mother of 5 I dont have that kinda money to spend on just the candles, I'm running out of time because her party is in a month I dont know if your able to help. Thanks for taking the time to read, luv your creative thinking and will keep watching!

  15. Hey Tayra! This is super cute. I'm loving it. I'm hosting my first collab. It's a 4th of July collab. It would be an honor if you would participate. I posted the invite on my channel. Many thanks!

  16. Can someone plz tell me why my likes are removed. I dont skip, foward, stop watching or just like and move on.

  17. Love the centerpiece and tablecloth. Where can I pick up a table cloth like that at the beginning and end of your video?

  18. Beautiful!!!! How long do the air filled balloons last? I would like to make these centerpieces a week earlier as I have to make so many lol

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