Sweet 16th Birthday

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We will go to church, and then, we
will come home. Take a nap, and then we’ll have dinner
and birthday cake. You always wanted a box. Oh, shoot. I forgot– I forgot to put the present in it. What? It is Sunday,
and it is not just any Sunday. It is a very special Sunday. You know what? This entire morning, nobody
said Happy Birthday to her, and I was getting ready,
I was like, “Happy Birthday,” and she was like, “Oh, thank you.” I was like,
“Am I the first person–” No one has said that? Except for Abby. Oh, Happy Birthday. All my sibling ate
half my candy, then Julie gave it to you. They opened it, yeah. Now, it’s halfway gone. You guys ate her candy? It was mostly Chad. I was hungry
when I found it so… Whoa, your face. My face is… I’m trying to pull
off the Thanos look. I had a chemical peel,
so my face is peeling. Look at that. It’s pretty bad. So if you can just ignore
that for the day, that would be awesome. Happy happy birthday to Shari. She’s 16, which means in her mind, she’s
a full-fledged adult, right? She can drive where she wants. She can date. She can do whatever
the she wants. Okay, we’re getting
on our shoes. Kevin’s shoveling
the driveway outside. You guys have to
check out the snow. Can you see Kevin all
the way over there? Kevin is snow
plowing all of our– Is that what you call
it, snow plowing? He’s doing everyone’s
driveway first. Before he does ours. Come on, let’s go. Go get in the van. We gotta go, go, go, go. I think Kevin is going
to be late to church because he wants to get the snow
out of people’s driveways. We will go to church,
and then we will come home.>>Take a nap.
>>And then a birthday. I wanna take a nap. I’m so sorry, you guys. I’m using an old camera. I can’t find my new, better one, and this one like makes
everything really really bad if I move it really fast. See? I’m sorry. We’ll come home, take a nap, and then we’ll have dinner
and birthday cake. Well, you came
with a mother load. Yeah.>>This is so cute.
>>That’s from my parents, and that’s from me. Awesome. Thank you. Where do you want
me to put these? All of this is from you? Yeah. Just in the table works. I remember last year when they made
that video for you. The what? That video email thingy? Oh, yeah. It’s your birthday today, Shari! I was watching the birthday
video from last year, and it was snowing
this much last year. Oh, yeah. And Dad was out shoveling snow. Oh, it did happen last year. That’s crazy. We’re trying to figure out what to do with Shari’s
birthday balloons. I asked for high float
to be put in them, but I don’t think she did. I think it may
have been overlooked. So, her birthday balloons
keeps ending up on the floor. But think I might tie
’em right here. That might work,
so they can just… This is what Shari’s
birthday dinner looks like. It turned out amazing. And I really think we need to do
something easy, little– Oh! We’re planning Grandma’s
30th Anniversary. When we’re what? Married 40 years,
which is next year. Uh-huh. You will be 20 years, right? We will be– Oh, I thought the member of– In 2020. Yeah. Right. We’ve been married
19 years, Kevin? Because we’ve been
married 39 this year. Oh, yeah. This year,
we will be– Yeah, you’re right. Oh, that’s crazy. So we’ll have to do
something fun, but… Just something. Something simple. Oh my gosh! Landon just sent me this. Happy birthday. Oh. Happy birthday. It looks so funny. Come on. It’s like just melting the wax. Dude, so one
of my Instagram post, I was like, “What’s wrong
with this picture?” And they said,
“Your cake says 16, when you’re clearly turning 6.” I thought that was like,
that was funny. [inaudible] fingernail,
and lift that wick up. Or use the edge of the– your fingernail, and lift
that wick up? Yeah. It shakes. It’s like shaking. That’s not gonna light, guys. Just use your finger. I don’t wanna use my finger. You do it. Here we go. Can you light it? You did it. [singing Happy Birthday] Julie’s face! I saw like– Sweet 16. Gotta make a wish. I’m hoping for a better brother. I’m hoping for a car. Wow. Sweet 16. [inaudible] Oh, that was so nice. Shari, Happy Birthday. We love you so much, and I
hope you enjoy your sweet 16. I can’t believe it’s been
16 years since you were born, and I became an aunt. Thank for being a great
example to my kids. You are the sweetest. PS. Drive safe. Love you, Aunt Julie. Oh, that was so cute of her. She was in the hospital
when you were born. Really? Was all– Who is in the hospital? Bonnie, Julie…>>Ellie.>>Ellie was not there. Ellie was– Yeah, Ellie and– Ellie was? Ellie and Julie were there. Okay. So we’re– We’re all– How did Beau feel? Was he on his mission– I thought one of girls was
at home for something. I don’t know. Let’s just make something up. Okay, all the girls were
there for your birthday. Beau was on his mission, right? I was there. You have to say that again. She got me the same
card as Aunt Julie. Is this Grandma Franke’s? Yeah. Please get yourself
something you would like. This is a very special
birthday for you. We are so proud of you for the lovely young
woman you have become. We love you, Grandma
and Grandpa Franke. Is it $20? It’s not. Oh my gosh. It’s your birthday. Dear Shari, I can’t believe
you’re a 16 years old. How can this be? I remember turning 16. All my siblings came
over to the house, and I was allowed
to invite my boyfriend, and we all celebrated my birthday by watching
old home movies. Can you believe that? We had a projector
and a screen… Really? You are our oldest grandchild. You taught us
how many grandparents. You did a good job. They are– I had no idea you
invited a boyfriend over for your birthday. I think that says
on the next page. Happy birthday. Love, Grandma and
Grandpa Griffiths. No, milk it for all it’s worth. Oh. Milk it for all it’s worth. Full [inaudible].>>What?
>>That’s another term we all use. I really don’t know
what that means. It’s longer than me. It’s 6 feet. Awesome. And another charger. You always wanted a box. Oh, shoot. I forgot– I forgot to put the present in it. I’ll be right back. Wait, actually, actually? Actually actually. You gave Shari an empty box. I always wanted a box for my birthday. We’re joking on that in the past. We never thought anyone
would be that despicable to really do it. Here, you hold this. You hold this. I’ll be right back. Now, I can– Chad, stand right there. No, go back. Stand right there. Okay, do a funny post like… That booty. Okay. Here you go. Chad was like,
“This is so light.” What? Actually? Yes. I’ve been looking at this
on Mom’s drawer. We got her this for Christmas
like two years ago. Hoping this is
like half of the– I’ll find the other half. No, we we’re hoping
that she’d answer her phone, because she never
answers her phone. But then she
never used the watch. I don’t like being– It’s been sitting in her drawer, and like, I like
to track my steps, and I like to do
stuff like that. I was like,
“Mom, can I have it?” She’s always been like, “No.” I’m like, “Why?” She’s like, “Just because.” It’s like… And the reason it
wasn’t in the box is because I wanted
it to be charged. So I was charging it, and I forgot to put
it in the box. You told me
you’re gonna do that. Yes.
A couple months ago. Yeah. I’ve been planning on it. Dude, thank you. So you can track
your steps with that? Yeah. If I knew that,
I could have used it. You don’t get to take it back. All right, you keep it. Okay, and then
we’ve got these books. Robert Frost. So do you know which poem
in there is the one I like. Is it Two Roads [inaudible] or something. Yes. The Constitution. Did you know, I’ve actually
never read all of it? I’ve memorized– There’s a preamble,
the thing that’s in here that everyone memorizes,
or is that the Declaration? No, it’s this. Yeah, we had to memorize the Preamble
when I was in like first grade. I know, I believe what
these two boxes are. Because I asked Mom
for it, right? Yeah. The last one was empty so… Just be grateful that
if there’s anything in it. They are workout clothes. Okay. It’s a bra, diverge your eyes. Close them. Oh my gosh,
these are so cute! A bra. A shirt. Wait, I remember that shirt. You do? Eve was with us
when we went shopping. She helped pick it out. Yeah– Oh my gosh!>>Is that like a headband?
>>Yes.>>That’s so cute.
>>Is that silk? Yes. What do you use it for?>>Like for just like bed–
>>Whatever you– Um, no! Working out,
whatever you want. That’s such a cute shirt. Yay!>>I picked out some cute stuff.
>>You did. I love this. I don’t know if you’re
gonna love this. But I like it. I thought it was fun. Yay! You know me so well. Is it a box of Netflix? Protein ba–>>They’re all protein bars.
>>Protein bar. I know what my next gift.>>Yay!
>>[inaudible] ones? Okay, this is Brev– Look at how cute
the wrapping paper is.>>I know, it’s–
>>[inaudible] at all. Chad, stop. You know her. Our sister loves socks. That’s the closest thing
to a ring for Shari. Look at how cute
these are. Look at the little flowers. And look at the little– I just don’t understand
how it will fit on Prickles. That’s so awesome! We can play tonight. We’re gonna to like– We’re gonna be like,
we have to play a game tonight. Like, what are we gonna play? You brought it! Yay! Let’s play it. I have loved this game ever
since I was little, and then we had it, and then like we lost
all the cards, and… Well… That’s cool. It’s gonna be another game. Okay, I have to tell you, this one, um… It was my dad. He suggested it, but then, completely
meant it as a joke. But then, my Mom was like, “No, that’s like the best idea.” And like, “You have to do it.” The more we thought about it, the more we’re like,
yeah, that’s pretty funny. So, this… I thought I’d let you know that. A lap– Is it a MacBook? No. It’s a calculator. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! Oh, yes! There’s something in the
tissue paper. There’s something in the– Okay, now,
I believe it’s a ring. Oh my gosh! One date night including
dinner and a movie. Accompanied by Brevin. No substitutes. That is so cute. Yes, and let’s see.>>Captain Marvel comes out
>>This week.>>Right?
>>Next weekend. Oh my gosh. Guys, you know what? I think it’s time that our audience knows about Brevin’s family’s
YouTube channel. Come closer. I would tell you, but
nobody would take me seriously. With my skin condition. Why don’t you have
Brevin explain? So yeah, Shari said to my Mom, “You guys should start vlogging.” We started a channel, and it’s called,
“What Are We Doing?” Every time Brevin’s Mom
would draw on the camera, she would say,
“What are we doing?” What are we doing? So, they now actually called it, What are we doing? And it is one of the very
few family channels that are out there
that are unfiltered,>>unscripted, and completely real.
>>Completely real. Those kinds of channels
are getting less and less, and they’re like
just like our family. Cute. Well, Happy Birthday, Shari. Happy Birthday, Shari. Thank you.>>Happy Birthday.
>>Eat the cake. Eat the cake. She can drive her
Daddy around now.

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