Sweet Milk Dinner Rolls Recipe – Quick Yeast Rolls Recipe

Welcome to Nishamadhulika.com. Today we are going to make sweet milk rolls. They are soft and sweet in taste. These can be eaten during breakfast or in dineer. They are so tasty that you can eat it whever you are hungry. So come, let’s make sweet corn rolls. Maida – 2 cup or 250 grams Active dry yeast – 1 tsp Salt – 1/4 tsp Butter – 1 tbsp Powdered sugar – 1/4 cup or 4 tbsp To make sweet rolls, first we’ll knead the dough. So let’s knead the d.oug Put maida in a big bowl. Now add active dry yeast to it. If we have dry yeast then we need t.o activate it first To activate the dry yeast, we’ll add 2 tbsp lukewarm milk to it and leave itfor a whilethen bubbles will appearindicating that it is active. But we have added this directly as it is already active. Add salt. Now add melted butter. Leave a little butter for later use. Add powdered sugar as well. Mix everything well. Add lukewarm milk to it. Keep adding little milk to it and knead a soft doug. Knead a soft and smooth dough. Knead the douh a little more to make it smooth. Apply a little butter on your hands and knead a soft dough. It takes around 5-7 minutes to knead the dough. Keep kneading. Our soft dough is now ready. Press this way, we’ll see the dough is quite fluffy and rises. Apply a little butter on the dough. Cover the dough and keep it aside for sometime, it will double, then we will prepare the rolls. We have used less than 1 tbsp milk to knead this much dough. Keep the doug aside. 2 hours are over and our dough is now double and quite fluffy. Now we’ll make sweet rolls. Take dry maida in a plate. Apply dry maida on your hands and knead the dough once agin. Punch the dough and make it smooth. Now we’ll break balls from the dough. We have prepared 8 balls from this much dough. Now we’ll make rolls. We’ll make the rolls and put it in a tray. Grease the tray with oil. Now let’s make the rolls. Pick up one ball and press it and give it a shape like this. Make it round. Make a round and smooth balls like this. Place it on the tray. Prepare all the rolls similarly. We have prepared the rolls and placed it on the tray. Now grease it with oil. Cover and keep it aside for half an hour. The will become fluffy and then we’ll bake them. Keep for 1/2 hour, they will double in size then we’ll bake them. Half hour is over and our rolls are now fluffy and ready to bake. Preheat the oven on 180 c. If there is an auto button then the oven will switch off automatically otherwise set it on the temperature that you need for 5 minutes. Our oven will preheat. Our oven is preheated. Now we’ll bake the rolls. Put the tray in the oven for baking. Place the tray on the baking rack. Set the oven on 180 c for 10 minutes. Then check. Now set the oven on 180 c for 15 minutes. After tis check. 15 minutes are over, so let’s check our sweet milk rolls. Our milk rolls are now brown. They are baked. Apply a little butter on the top of the rolls as this will increase its taste. Our sweet milkroll are now ready. Delicious milk rolls are prepared. It took us 15 minutes to bake these rolls. In fact this will take different time in
different ovens depending on the temperature. You should keep checking the rolls when you bake it for the first 10 minutes and then set the time according to the speed of baking. They are very tasty, you can eat it as
it is or enjoy eating it with butter. Children will really like it when packed
in their lunch box along with jam. Make sweet milk rolls, eat it and share your
experiences with us at Nishmadhulika.com. We will meet soon with a new recipe. Please do subscribe to my channel.

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  1. Hi Nisha aunty…sabse pahle to ye k aa bahut meetha bolti hain…dusra ap bahut achche se samjhate ho…main apki gan hun. Sweet milk roll hum baati wale cooker main bake ker sakte hain kya? Microwave na ho to. Pls reply..main jald hi try krne wali hun. Thamk you

  2. Nisha-ji, nice recipe.  One suggestion. If you can show the inside texture, with close-up, for breads, cakes, dhoklas, parathas etc, we can see the texture and get an idea of the spongy, soft etc..interior –  this helps in knowing how good the recipe is since there are many recipes for breads, cakes etc. Thank you.

  3. Hi nishaji ..this is a very easy n yummy recipe.

    Can we make it in microwave…please tell…thanks..deepali

  4. Hi Nisha aunty. meri oven ek electric oven hai(not microwave) jisme doo doo heater hai, ek uppor or ek niche. my ye janna chahatahu ki bake korneka time me tray ko middle rack me place korke  ye dunoo heater ko jalana hai or ek ko ? agar ek ko jalana hai to keya upporwala heater ko jalana ya nicheewala ko jalana hai.

  5. Hi mam,
    How are you???? Mam I tried a lot to make bread in microwave but it can't…… So please Mujeh ye bataiye ki microwave me bake hota hai kya???? Aur kis function ka use karake hum microwave me bake kar sakate hai please……. Mere pas LG ka microwave hai

  6. Nisha mam, my bread and buns won't come brown on top. I have 36 Litres morphy Richards otg, pls let me know in which mode I should bake bread and sweet rolls

  7. hii mam ,
    ,I am a big fan of you .I prepared many dises by learning from your video .I have one question .can we use curd in place of yeast in sweet milk balls ?

  8. aunty ji. way of u explaining is very nice. even children's also can learn. my younger daughter is very much interested in ur recipe's.

  9. today i made this bread, very soft and tasty,but i took 2 cups of maida,but i could make only 4 pcs.the size is little bigger than yours.but in this video your flour looks more than 2 cups.

  10. Hlo nisha g maine sweet milk rolls bnaye the but mere ache nhi bne …voh beech main se kache reh jaate hai aur phulte bhi nhi hai plz muje iska karn btayie mai bhut baar try kr chuki hu.. plz reply kijiye jaroor…

  11. nisha ji can i add one egg to make it more soft? when i refrijirate it, it becomes a bit hard. i want it to be super soft.

  12. Is it possible to bake sweet milk bread the use of airfryer, and how to set the temperature and time kaise adjust karana hoga?

  13. nishaji mujhe aapki sabhi recipe achee lagti hai mane sandesh banaya acche bne ye bhagwan jagnnath ko bahut pasand hai.

  14. Aap ki receipy easy hoti hai or kam time me aap bohot ache se samjhati ho mujh ko Apki receipys bohot pasand hai

  15. नमस्कार मैडम बहुत ही सुंदर और अच्छी रेसिपी आप ने बताई है।बस एक प्रश्न पूछना था।क्या स्वीट रोल को कुकर या और किसी विधि से बनाया जा सकता है? धन्यवाद

  16. good morning mam regarding otg SHOULD WE 1) switch on both top and bottom rods 2) preheat for how many minutes 3) run the convection fan or not 4) tray to be put in which rack middle or top

  17. Thanks for the recipe Mam, it was my first attempt at baking and it came out perfectly… as good as professional baker's

  18. yest ke jga beking soda aur card use ker skty hi kay Aunty.aur yest na dlany se kuch ferk to nhi pdTa reply kerna Aunty plz

  19. mam yeast aur maida ko mix kar oil mein fry (without oven) kar ke chasni me dal sakte hain. please replay and ek video banayen. mujhe griha yudyog me banana hai.

  20. happy teachers day mam..i hear lots of compliments regarding my cooking..dis credit goes to you..u are my guru..thank u so much mam..am blessed to have u in my life mam..

  21. Aap se madam itni si parthna h ki jab aap payaj lausan nahi dalte hu to aap bhagvan bhoj lagaya kijiye aaur savad bad jyega

  22. Ma’am plz Ye bataye mere buns thode hard ho gye Aur crust bhi soft nhi Hua .. kahan galti hui .. plz ma’am waiting for your rply .. thanks

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