switzerland vlog part 1 : LUGANO | LUNGERN | INTERLAKEN | lakes | swiss folk music | dinner

so this is the outfit of the day for day three
and right now we’re going to Switzerland so I’ll see you guys over there. I apologize it’s actually day number four anyways today we’re gonna go from Italy
to Switzerland & the journey there is gonna be like really really long
probably like a six hour plus drive? anyway without further ado let’s begin
because oh my gosh the journey is gonna be so frickin long so do enjoy this
little road trip of mine let’s go baby!~ okay my friends we have finally arrived
in Lugano and I’m really really hungry so let’s grab some fooooodddd. frickin hungryyyyyyyyy~ after this we headed to the bus to
continue our journey to interlaken we didn’t really do much over here as it
was raining pretty heavily and most of the things over here were pretty pricey
however if you’re looking to get some luxury watches like Cartier or Rolex
then be sure to check it out! tired little darryl took a nap in the bus woke
up from his eternal slumber only to find that all of a sudden the terrain change
and it became snowy what the hell just happened…? so frickin beautiful oh my gosh y’all
just look at this.. after enjoying the short break we headed
over to grab some dinner at some traditional Swiss restaurant accompanied
with some good traditional Swiss music and some games..? so let’s get it man! yer
boy’s feeling so frickin hungry from the super long journey. *sighs* well at least
we’re finally here so no complaints man let’s go!~ but sometimes people take a coin they
turn this coin in the bowl and there is a sound like a cowbell for far away.. hey friends so we finally arrived in
Switzerland and today is really just an ordinary day most of the time was spent
on just like moving around the place but regardless yer boy still managed to get
some scenic footages of the view of the mountains and many many other things
so far Switzerland has been pretty decent especially in the autumn-winter
season so right now it’s probably nearing the end of autumn and the start
of winter so the aesthetic right now is really really spectacular so today is a
really really great day and we ended it off with a very very warm swiss dinner
with performance being performed by the native swiss people and i must say they
really really have a gift for music because like literally anything like i
mean really anything they can just make a kind of musical instrument out of
nothing and that is really really spectacular and impressive like they can
even make music with like a bowl just a simple bowl and a coin being tossed into
it and it was just like turn around place 360 degrees for like quite some
time and they can just make music out of it which is just so frickin impressive
because like you know the creativity level is just like off the roof anybody
that gets really creative with music just gets my hundred and fifty percent
respect like they literally make the night so freakin spectacular. so kudos to
them man! so your boy was invited up stage to do some “spoon performance”
and you know that the thought of going upstage is really terrifying especially
for someone with like kind of like anxiety thing going on so it really
allowed me to push myself over the limit so really impressive darryl! *claps for himself* really
impressive when I was invited upstage, my anxiety literally like skyrocketed
so but yer boy darryl still managed to pull
it through! well frickin done! *claps for himself again* so anyways it was getting pretty late and my camera
batteries just died on me so thank you my friends for staying with me
throughout this whole video tomorrow we’ll be mountain climbing yeah baby
mountain climbing and we must definitely need an adequate amount of rest so thank
you for watching once again and I’ll see y’all in the next video see y’all my
friends! just look at this view over here ah the night ambience in Switzerland is
frickin amazinggg goodnight my friends see ya! 🙂

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