SWTAD Huge Toy Baby Haul ! Toys and Dolls Fun for Kids Adopting New Toy Babies Pretend Play

Hi, guys, are you ready for another destroyer Haul? I have this box here with new neonate babies and distroller your toys. Yay! [ok] let’s open it up Woohoo. I’ve been wanting [this] one for a while. It’s a newborn mini suitcase. Let’s see. What’s inside, [ooh]? a warm blanket a little newborn tag This one looks [like] a diaper. [oh] my gosh. This like it is so soft and warm [I] want to feel it again so cuddly the babies are going to love it and Here’s another tag in the shape of a bunny Very nice newborn mini suitcase friends Destroyer toys Usually come in bright happy colors which I love but I also love pastels and this newborn kit is adorable what else Ooh a new baby! Yeah, we get to adopt another nerlie boys and girls I usually call my nerlie Scottie videos because that’s their name is Spanish But now the destroyer is getting ready to [open] a store here in the us I’m going to start calling them nerlies because that’s their name in English So anyway this one is sketcito, so let’s take him to the nursery Here’s his incubator in the back. We see the other nerlies We already have Susikin, Machicuepa, Chivatita, Guats, and now we have K-chito We already have Isabelonga too so we just need these two here. Okay. Let’s get them out And I’m going to give him a welcome kiss. [Mwah!] Aww!! He’s so cute And according to nurse Tonya we have to check his wristband and write his initial here It’s been a while since I’ve adopted Nerlies, so I hope I’m doing everything right I think we need to take care of his umbilical cord next And now with the cotton ball and some water we have to clean the area and put a bandaid on And let me check his diaper. [oh] Friends this one has poopie! Of all the Nerlies we’ve adopted this one is the first that comes with poopie Guess what guys nurse [Tonya] says it’s good luck when they come with poop How fun, and now that he’s all clean I’m going [to] put him in the incubator And I’m going to connect him to the drippy drop so he can have a good night’s sleep Fill out his paperwork. [oh] Here’s his gossy gonchito! We need this to pull out his milk tooth in two weeks Okay back to the box. What else do we have here? Oh a special baby food for Sandy and Papito! yay, special, baby food!! Yummy!! They came as soon as they heard special baby food It’s because I’ve been [having] to feed them homemade baby food and they really like this kind let’s see what we got we got strawberry flavor grape and blueberry and I also got this baby food here. It’s tuna flavored, but I don’t know who this baby food is for oh Two destroyer store bags Let’s see another baby. Yay, and this one is from a different species It’s from the furry kind and she looks so cute She comes in an incubator [too]. It says here. She is from a very rare species, and her name is Neoneja And this is how they look like before they mutated the thing is they like costumes a lot so they decided to mutate to look Like animals and this one wanted to be a bunny. [Aww!] Her bunny ears are so cute and she’s so soft and cuddly and she comes with her drippy drop a super nutritious substance that will help her grow strong and healthy and I’m going to put her in this spaceship like [crib] Which is super comfy and I’m going to connect her to her lemonade Flavor drippity drops Because she’s probably weak and tired from the trip And I’m going to leave her right here while I fill out her paperwork her picture what else [oh] I recognize this incubator. Let’s see if it’s what I’m thinking of It is it’s another one of these furry babies like the one we just got And her story [is] the same as Neoneja’s, so let’s open her She has her dripply drop Lemonade Flavor I Love these dripply drops they have glittery nutrients and Her name is Pinguineta. We’ll call her Pingui for short [Ha] and Here’s her paperwork I’m going to put her in this spaceship like crib as well, because I want her to be happy here She likes it and so she’s more comfortable I’m also going to connect her to her lemonade flavored drippity drops so she also recovers from her long journey And let’s put her [over] here while I fill out her paperwork Let’s continue. Oh another nerlie! Her name is Pastelisa and she’s a special edition nerlie from the same pearlized kind as Tonito so her story is the same She comes from the same mines in Neonajuato as Tonito. Oh She’s so cute!! Something I like about this incubator. Is that the drippity drop is the same color as Pastelisa. Oh? She’s so cute Mwah!! Let me check her wristband write her initial Friends look how pretty her pearly skin is super shiny Okay, let’s take care of her umbilical cord clean the area and Diaper Check oh her diaper is clean, but I’m going to change her anyway because she has been wearing this one for a while and Now let’s put her in her incubator Connect her to the super nutritious solution and fill out her paperwork and Here we have three extra bottles of course with all these new babies. We’re going to be super busy in the nursery We got more clothes. We got two of the same. [oh], I have an idea. Let’s dress Machinquepa and Chivantita in matching outfits. The bows and Chivantita is ready! Now Machinquepa Well, they’re not exactly [the] same The Pattern of the dress is slightly different these flowers are different, but they’re still pretty similar And here I have more clothes. Let’s see what else we got [oh] another baby She’s also a special edition her name is Marineves. We’ll call her Mary for short. Here’s a picture of her She looks like she’s a very happy baby and here they tell us She was born in the wrong place because she loves cold weather and she was born in a super hot place So as quickly as she could she moved to a snowy place But the snowflakes wouldn’t play with her because they were scared [that] they would melt Except this one right here. He became her friend and now he follows her everywhere But we have to put him in the refrigerator from time to time She loves tuna [ice-cream] guys, I figured out was this tuna baby food belongs to Mystery solved the Tuna, baby food is for little Mary here. We have a picture of nurse Tonya. I love her she’s so cool and here’s her dribbly drop and And here’s her snowflake friend. His name is Copito and Here’s Mary. I love her hair her species is so fancy She reminds me of Elsa from Frozen Look at her pretty dress and she has an umbilical cord. We have to take care of Yay, I’m so glad we adopted them So let’s take her to the nursery I’m going to put her in this crib But first let’s take care of her umbilical cord wow that was so easy that umbilical cord is ready to come off Now let’s put a bandaid on Hi, Mary. I think you’re going to like it [here]. Yes, you are Let’s connect her to her drippity drop and Now let’s take care of Copito. Oh, he’s also very tired from the journey and he’s in desperate need of cooling off So let’s put him in this refrigerator with an ice box and let him recover and I’m going to put him here next to mary and now let’s fill out her paperwork and now back to our box What do we have here is it a baby? [oh]? No, it’s not a baby. It’s an anti nightmare kit It says it works against any night spooks. It comes with this anti nightmare spray Mmm. It [smells] good. This is going to be so useful for the babies. And It has these anti nightmare pills. And Carn. He’s the anti nightmare guy if she’s so soft and colorful. I Love it. I’m definitely going to [use] this guy in the nursery.

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