Sydney Children’s Party – Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Hi This is John Bennetts from Pop Idol Parties and this is a bit of a brief overview of what a party would look like in your home. We begin the party with a pre-production meeting. This is to show some of the previous parties we’ve produced and to also let the children know the structure of the next two hours. Here’s the inside cover – wow awesome! Each song is rehearsed and then recorded at least twice to make sure we get a fantastic recording. Because when the sun shines we’ll shine together Told you I’ll be here forever… After each recording we have a listen to how we sound and we do any fixes if we need to. Once we’ve finished our recordings we then proceed to the Pop Idol Paparazzi Photo Session to get a good selection of images for the front cover of the CD Pop Stars – Loving That. For the inside cover we take another batch of photographs to find out the more colourful aspects of all our party goers. We’re going to get nice and close on your faces on this one – ok? Here we go To complete the session the party boy or party girl get to have their own special photograph session for the inside cover as well. Fantastic – Oh, you’re working that camera! Oh you’ve got the look – you’ve got the look! To finish the party we have the Pop Idol Party Autograph signing session. This is what some of our happy customers have said… “The girls were really excited about having a CD for their birthday so that was a big deal for them All little girls love to dress up and the idea of being a Pop Star for a Day was really appealing for them” “We’ve just completed a Pop Idol Party. The kids are excited. You can probably still hear them in the background. They’ve had an absolute ball. Do the party. It’s just fabulous” The finished CDs are a precious piece of memorabilia that friends and family will enjoy for years to come. If you’d like to book a Pop Idol Party for your child’s birthday please email or call for available times.

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