Sydney’s first autism dinner fights seclusion

Chicken schnitzel, and could I have the… I’ll have one chicken schnitzel and could I have the chips on the side? There are a couple of benefits of me
coming to this social dinner outing. It’s like me meeting people with autism, like,
the same disability as I do. Well, this event is a peers social event for
artistic adults. It’s the only type of its kind in Sydney. We’ve been wanting to
do something like this for a long time because there’s just nothing else out
there for adults on a consistent level We want people on the spectrum who
routinely tell us that they feel isolated and lonely, for them to know
that there is a place they can come to where they can meet other like-minded
people, no one’s going to judgeanybody, put pressure on them to behave in a particular way. They can order a meal, they can socialize, they can learn
vital life skills. I love coming to an event like this
because I have more in common with people here. It’s been kind and nice and I introduce myself. Normal people, they just, they sometimes
don’t get autism, you know, and that’s bad because, hey, I hate how we’re
misrepresented in the media. Autistic people have a higher than normal rate of
suicide and that’s tragic. We have had, for too long, people calling
us and asking, ‘is there anything out there for me?’ And sadly I’ve always had
the say no, but now we have found a way that we hope is going to help them
to connect with other people and to never have reason to feel lonely again

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