Symphony’s Summer Hatchy Birthday Party!

This video is sponsored by Hatchimals Hatchi Birthday to you! *Scream* Aww! 🎶You are my brother You are my sister Made by the same God❤️ Made by the same heart We’ve got to lift up, We’ve got to give love Oh that’s how the world will know us, We’re in this together! We’re starting the morning with some gift opening Woah! We’re making the frosting for my cake and cupcakes now cause today’ my party! Measuring cup, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla *Instrumental* Now don’t push too hard, okay? I won’t push hard at all What do you think Symphony? It looks so good You think so. I think it turned out pretty good, too Okay, guys, we are getting ready to put the splatters on our hatchimal eggs. Are you ready Symphony? Mm-hmm. I’m gonna start with blue You guys come look at it Woahh Mommy those are different color candles Nana: Oh my gosh, that is so cool Nia and Symphony. Don’t touch it bubby Isn’t it cute! Symphony had all the great ideas that we did you did. You did? Yeah, pretty much All right guys are y’all ready for the party set up? It’s this thing right here We’re gonna make a big nest over here and set everything up inside of it. Let’s get started Symphony Whoo, you guys look at all these things there’s a hatchimal collectibles Woah you guys there’s a secret scene playset in here It opens up and you put all the little hatchimal collectibles in it. Yes! We actually got the hatchimal collectibles, the little tiny animals that come in tiny little eggs. That you hatch open! Swim time! Look Jules! Oh dance party! Lately I’ve been, I’ve been praying hard Oh what? A slide? It was so cool, it’s like I’m wearing glasses underwater This is so amazing! NO! NO! That was awesome, I feel like a kid again Aww theres my baby Julie! Aww there’s my baby Ni-Ni! Here it comes, watch out Knox! Oh no *screams* Whats so funny? What’s so funny? Please don’t hit me. Please, please! I got her, I got her. No guys don’t do it! Hey no no no! Attention!If you guys wanna come participate in a group hatch for a hatchimal, grab a towel, and go over to the corner HATCHIMAL HATCHING Everybody come take a seat! Take a seat everybody! These are from “Fabula Forest” we have a surprise egg and we have a “Fabula Forest” egg So two different ones, we don’t know what we’re gonna get and they take like 15 to 30 minutes So is everybody here that wants to be here? Ready!? You can rub it, you can roll it around Okay so what you do, is they’re already peeling, so you push the heart, and then a little animal hatches out of it! And you might get twins out of it Ready? Oh that’s so cool! Oh it pops up? Oh wow what’s it doing? It’s going to turn into a house for your hatchimal collectibles! Oh my goodness, that is so cool! Oh it’s hatching! Woah that’s a big crack It’s a boy and a girl! It has the same birthday as me! Open the hatchi You wanna open the hatchi? Hey you guys even though there’s not a big hatchimal for everyone everybody gets to take a handful of hatchimal collectibles home, okay Yeah, how ‘egg’citing is that? Right guys? ‘Egg’citing? Erick gets stunned by the hatchimals he’s like is that thing really pecking it’s way up? Isn’t this what you want for your birthday, isn’t it coming up? I mean, yeah? If you don’t mind I think we’re about to hatch this cake open The cake! It’s an egg too! Let’s go eat the cake! All right, you guys ready to sing hatchi birthday, okay not happy this is a hatchi birthday Hatchi birthday to you! Hatchi birthday dear Symphony Hatchi birthday to you! And just so everyone knows this cake was designed, baked and decorated by Symphony Symphony! It won’t come out? That is so adorable! I wan’t some cake! I wan’t cake You wan’t some eggshell you mean? No I want some cake No you want egg. That’s egg buddy. Yes, that’s egg. Get it, get it right Okay you guys present time! Symphony is gonna be her own little hatchimal and sit in the nest to open her gifts from her friends Well guys, thanks for joining us for Symphony’s hatchi birthday party It really was a very hatchi time and thank you to hatchimals for sponsoring today’s video. Pretty awesome. That Symphony got her birthday sponsored Nia: It’s her favorite toy! It’s her favorite toy. Let’s get to comment of the day, and it goes to LeBron Mayne, because Nia and I literally were just talking about this. Today I went to the airport and my passport was expired We have friends who have been saving up for the longest time to go on their 20th anniversary trip They found their passport expires in two months and in France, they don’t allow you to go over there if your passport is going to expire that soon. Can you believe that guys? So they had to go back home, cancel the trip Anyway guys, we’ll catch you tomorrow. Don’t forget We/He love(s) you, and remember to love each other❤️ Do you wan’t me to throw you? I guess? Your turn. Okay? I’ll be the hand that you can hold, when you can’t make it on your own I promise you are not alone, We’re in this together! I’ll be your shelter from the rain Lift up your head, don’t be afraid Oh there is nothing we can’t face, We’re in this together!❤️

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