Take care of your space! Taking down birthday decorations + Easy Self-care | Raimy Roams

Hey guys it’s Raimy today we’re cleaning
again I’m sorry [Music] mr boy over here is not feeling good and we tried to go on a walk or a run this morning and I got a flat the
jogging stroller got a flat when we got there so we didn’t get to do that and then mr. boys a rash from his cold so that’s what we are doing, is cleaning because I want to make sure everything is clean I look tired, I am tired I usually do/make videos about ecotourism, animals/conservation, and easy self-care but it’s kind of easy self care, taking care of your surroundings alright lets get at it [Music] yes I know these balloons are wasteful but they are like a staple squeek/scream woooh that was loud music continues “dadda” okay but I’m gonna set you on here then
organize what you’re sitting on, it looks crazy. so… they said it (mr boys rash) could get worse then go away she actually looked at it and she asked me if he’s had a cold in the last few days but yeah ok, I hope you guys liked this video and remember to like this video and subscribe I post every Friday and Saturday about animals
conservation easy self self-care and ecotourism so yeah keep in touch for
that and yeah I’ll see you guys next video bye! music

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  1. Great video.
    I think I saw the baby helping out 🤣😂
    Watching this makes me want to clean up and donate a few things to Goodwill.

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