Talking about social anxiety while making dinner

Hey, everyone. I hope you’re doing well I’m sitting down to make dinner and I Just wanted to chat with you about social anxiety Talked a little bit in my random facts about me video about how I’ve struggled in the past with depression and social anxiety got so many comments [from] people who had gone [through] the same thing or who are currently going through something similar and Since then I just felt super called to make more videos on the topic I want to limit this video to sort of my story where I’ve come from with my social anxiety [I’m] not doing this because I want to dwell on my past I’m doing it because I know we have a tendency to believe we’re all alone in our negative experiences and for that reason we feel a lot of guilt and shame about it like we look around and everyone around us seems to be so Normal and happy and functional and then we beat ourselves up about it So I want to share this story, so that you know that you’re not a weirdo [you’re] not the first person to have felt the way that you feel and Once you sort of relax with the way that you feel and sit with it instead of resisting it. That’s when you’re able to Go into it and move through it and become the next best version of yourself, okay? I have been socially anxious my entire life my entire life in first Grade I Would [actually] start crying I would throw a little tantrum every time That we had to work in partners or in groups, and I was also just terrified to ask the teachers to use the restroom [so] I was constantly peeing my pants and so my dad would always have to come pick me up in the middle of the day because I was crying I was Peed my pants, and then [I] just continued to be extremely shy, [I] remember I was always terrified to like order things at a restaurant to go places on my own Just you know things that normal people completely take for granted Don’t give a second thought then the few friends [that] I did [have] I really started [to] push away in High school because I started dating this boy And I was just super into him thought he [was] the only person I needed in my life To the point where if he you know missed a day of school or if he was sick I Would just eat lunch in the bathroom or in the hallway [because] I didn’t have anyone [else] to talk to my first panic attack I Had in senior year of high school. So [I] was always a really good student I have a great memory [and] on top of that. I didn’t have a social life, so I could just spend all my time studying doing community service So every year usually I would be student of the month for at least one month and then in senior year They have this banquet at the end of the year where out of all the students of the month they choose a senior of the year so this student of the year banquet it was off campus and I had to get this waiver signed by my Parents that said that I could leave campus [I] was freaking out I didn’t want to go because I knew I would have to be sitting at this table with a bunch of other students that I Was pretty sure hated me and okay [if] you have social anxiety you’ll understand that not only is there this base level of anxiety about [being] in social situations but also There’s an added layer [of] anxiety because you know how other people perceive it And they don’t understand they [think] that you are just really into yourself, and you’re too good for them And you don’t want to be friends with them when really it’s the exact opposite It’s like I desperately want to connect with other people, but I don’t know how okay so I don’t want to go to this banquet at all and I just decided I’m not going to have my Sign the waiver, and then I can just say oops. I forgot to have it signed, but that’s fine You guys go on without me. It’s all cool. [but] for some reason my assistant principal just really wanted me to go [to] this so she called my mom and got verbal consent from her and Then she called me. I remember I was sitting in latin class and said okay I just got the go-ahead from your mom Go ahead and meet us in the parking lot in however many minutes as I’m walking from my latin class to the parking lot I have my first panic attack And if you’ve ever had one you know you feel like you’re dying like you’re having a heart attack and from then on not only are you anxious in every other way [that] you already were but you have an Extreme fear of having another panic attack in public so I got into stanford and they have this admit weekend [which] is where all of the prospective students get to go stay a weekend on campus? Hosted by a current student the entire time I’m just having panic attacks because everyone else around me is having fun They’re networking meeting new people and like I can’t handle any of it. I can’t talk to strangers. I’m terrible at small talk [still] [am] [and] like all those icebreaker events freaks up out of me There’s this tradition during new student orientation week where the stanford band runs around campus playing their instruments They stop by all of the freshman dorms they pick up all the freshmen and everyone’s just running around campus dancing having a great time Meanwhile I am just running around following them having a massive panic attack. Have no clue where I am because I’m new to Campus and like everyone around me is just like not really sure what to do So they just kind of ignore me, but I don’t blame them. That’s fine. My freshman year was really difficult [I] didn’t get along with my roommate So there were a lot of times when I would wake up, and I would just lie in my bed and pretend to be asleep Until she left the room so that I didn’t have to talk to her Then I would really quickly gather all my things and leave and then I would try not to come back till super late I would Make sure that the light was off in our window before I would go into the [room] again So I knew she was sleeping, and I didn’t have to talk to her I Would you know like I wouldn’t go into the bathroom if there were other people there because I didn’t want to be like you know Brushing my teeth next to someone else it just it was that extreme. So that’s how my freshman year goes I’m pretty miserable, and then that summer after [that] freshman year I go through a breakup I’ve [been] dating this boy for like three or four years, maybe and I just completely Lose it. I’m devastated I think I’m gonna Die I’ve always had this tendency to sort of absorb other people’s Personalities um because I never really had a sense of who I was what I liked So like when he changed his major. I changed my major when he was out of my life, I Didn’t know what I was honestly so I had been on Lexapro That’s an ssri and antidepressant and anxiety for all of my freshman year, and it really did nothing for me But after I went through this breakup And I was just so depressed I could barely get out of bed my parents took me to a pSychiatrist and a pSychologist So I did a little bit of therapy [I] did learned some helpful things there, but the psychiatrist just upped my dosage when I went through this breakup There was a period of time where I? Felt so sick to my stomach and sad that I couldn’t eat and I lost a lot [of] weight when I started to Regain my appetite when I wasn’t as devastated about the breakup anymore, I Got scared that I would gain the weight back and I had never Struggled with my weight before I always ate whatever I wanted. I [always] had a healthy relationship with food [it] was just this breakup then as soon as that eating disorder element came into play I feel like a lot of my negative energy Got funneled into that and social anxiety was not as much of an issue for me for a long time because I was on an extremely high Dose, Lexapro and also throwing up Three sometimes four times a day I know that I wasn’t absorbing all of that medication and as a result I just became extremely up and down with my mood I my personality 180 that year there were times when I was extremely social in fact I was My dorms social manager that year, okay? My mood was so up and down that year that I actually got diagnosed with Rapid cycling bipolar [-] which was ultimately it was not what I had it was just I think you know like I said having this very unsteady supply of medication to my brain and also just barely ever sleeping and just being Undernourished and all of these other factors social anxiety didn’t stop being an issue for me at that point But I want to say at least for a good year or two It wasn’t the prevailing issue in my life. I was more struggling with my eating disorder and extreme depression then the year after that is the year that I was 5150, so I stayed in the psych ward and Yeah, so that is where I’ve come from again this video is more just me sharing my experience Because I think sometimes that can be really helpful just to hear what someone else has gone through Even if there’s no advice attached to this all I can say is that like look at me look how great I turned out right what I really want to get through to you. Is that first of all I love you. I really do and You’re so special And I don’t want you to wish that you could be like someone else who’s more normal because I used to feel [that] way Too [there] were times when I thought that I would never feel okay and I just wanted to die and I would have traded anything to be just normal and Now that I’m out on the other side of it. Which is not to say that there aren’t days that I feel like Complete crap and like extremely anxious and just want to like bury myself in my covers and not leave the house I have those [days] okay, but I love those days. I love that part of me because it’s the reason that I understand people and I understand myself, and I think deeply and I love people and [I] Wouldn’t I wouldn’t trade any of it and having come from the space where I hated myself? And I had no friends [and] I felt alone and I felt so unworthy and unlovable it blows my mind like that [there] like [70,000] of you guys who watch my channel and you leave such nice comments and um Fuck man I would not appreciate it in the same way if I hadn’t come from where I was so it’s all part of my journey and now when I feel socially anxious or Sad I sit with that, and I say like this [is] fantastic because This is going to give me the perspective that I need to experience the opposite of this feeling I’m sorry this video was kind of all over the place. I didn’t even finish rolling the sushi I just got completely like excited about it. I love talking about this stuff. Share your experiences down below anything you’re comfortable with and I’m sending you lots of love, and I will see you very soon. Bye with [bass]

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  1. Wow…..thank you so much for sharing I really thought I was alone your videos are amazing and so inspiring just ughhh thank you

  2. i have only just found your channel and i wish i'd found it sooner! your cooking videos have been so comforting to me if i'm feeling anxious and now i know you have been through something like me!
    i think you're such a lovely person and that really comes out in your videos, sending all my love ❤️❤️❤️ xxx

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your story !! I relate in so many ways and it's nice to know I'm not alone 👍🏼 love your channel you rock!

  4. Been Vegan for a month now and what lead me to this lifestyle was how unhealthhy my relationship with food was due to axiety its been a tough year finishing my design degree but seeing videos like this really reminds me that empathy is a gift and im so excited to try all the meals you make. Thank you for being such a bubbly, and I think role model for this situatin. <3 😀

  5. You're such an inspiration! Keep those videos coming – you've doubled to 140k followers now, 6 months later! How amazing is that? All because you keep it real and are so passionate. I love your videos! x

  6. I needed this so much. Muchas gracias para este video. I just commented on another one of your videos earlier today, but I had to comment again. Like can we be friends in real life lol ? I hate small talk too, so we can just cook vegan ish together and skip past the basic stuff. Haha. But really…this video makes me feel so heartfelt. Truly amazing and inspiring story.

  7. I love you and Thank You….sometimes it feels like the loneliness of it almost swallows me whole, but you reminded me that I'm not alone in this.

  8. just when i thought i couldnt like your channel any more then i already do. keep on keepin on cause you are rockin it 🙂 much love

  9. While i know i can always look at stats and know that theoretically i'm not alone when feeling these sorts of things, I always do because i have no one to talk to about it. And I do feel alone when i say that i have no friends, yet technically i know that i do but i never feel like they really are my friends or that i even really want them? Idk, but hearing other people say they have/had no friends is something that always makes me feel a little better, so thank you so so much for that. And hopefully my comment will help comfort someone else. So thank you again, for creating this wave of unbiased, cyber support <3

  10. When you said that thing about absorbing people's personality I shouted OMG! I really thought I was the only one who did that and I hate myself for I don't think I have a personality that's why I do that, thank God I'm not the only one.

  11. Hi Sarah wow! Very strong to do this, gave me goosebumps and nice to know I'm not alone. Just been diagnosed social anxiety at 30!

  12. Hi! I'm new to your channel and I just wanted to say that I love your videos! And I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the song you had playing at the end of the this video?

  13. Thank you Sarah for such an incredibly vulnerable and authentic and courageous video! We all love you so much! I would've never thought you had social anxiety. Your video helped me think about my social anxiety too – never diagnosed but I just know. Look how great you've turned out! That gives me confidence too. The real foundation really is self-love, self-acceptance, and knowing that we aren't alone. Some of us just do think and feel deeply, and are more vulnerable to outside noises, negative energy, and interactions. I feel eating plant-based vegan also helped ground me and make me feel good and peaceful. Again, thank you so much for sharing! We love you so much! You're a gem.

  14. Thank you for making this video, it`s great to have people share their experiences to help others or make people who`re not suffering from any disorder that it`s not just whining about your emotions and feelings. It`s serious problems that require treatment.

  15. Thank you for this video. I have been going through depression and anxiety. Thank you for the love I really needed a friend. Huge hug.

  16. So proud of how far you have come Sarah.You are such a sweet,beautiful and intelligent young lady that has brought so much joy to peoples lives.Keep on keeping on.We LOVE YOUUUUUU!

  17. I'm in a pretty desperate place. I know I need to start my career as I just graduated college last spring, but I'm at a stand still. I'm too petrified to interview anywhere and I feel like my depression is spinning out of control as a result. I am never happy… I genuinely can't see it getting better. However, hearing about your journey does motivate me. Knowing that you were able to overcome makes me believe that one day I can as well. I just have a very long journey ahead. I think I expected that once I started taking lexapro, buspar, aderall… a whole slew of drugs, that I'd magically feel better. I've even been going to therapy… I guess I have to take it one day at a time.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. My daughter has suffered from mental illness, social anxiety, deep scary depression, and so many undiagnosed problems. My heart feels so broken, guilty, helpless, frustrated, sad so sad, angry, and emotions all across the board. She is so flipping strong it blows my mind, to go through what she has been through and goes through and learn what she learns and to be this extraordinary being and she has always been extraordinary through out her entire life, her mental health has been very very difficult and painful and so incredibly challenging at times. She is such a loving, giving, brainy smarty, blow your flipping mind talented visual artist, writer, wise, highly Spiritual, conscientious, hard working, hilarious, badass, empathetic, gorgeous, young woman! When I hear you sharing your life so incredibly generously it warms my heart and reminds me that she’s not alone, I’m not alone and we’re all not alone, thank you so so much! I’m sending you lots and lots of love and I’m so proud of you and appreciate you❤️!

  19. Has anyone used the Atoractove Secrets to completely erased your anxiety? Just do a search engine search. On there you'll find an awesome suggestions about how you can completely erased your social anxiety. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  20. In the very beginning at 1:10…I couldn't have said it better myself. Can't say that it's good to hear others are out there that are just like me, but I can say it's good to hear that I'm not alone. When I try to explain it, others don't seem to understand. Hope that maybe you've explained it better and others will begin to comprehend the struggle within.

  21. Thank you so much for existing. You’re brave. You’re strong. You’re willing to be authentic and vulnerable and that is exactly what this world needs. You’re struggles are the catalyst for so many people. But I am so glad now you can see the inspiration and the fulfillment that comes from the pain you’ve dealt with in your past. Thank you. I feel your love and I send it back twice as much!!!! ✨✨✨✨✨❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. I am kind of like this. I am married and have four kids but around other people it is extremely difficult sometimes. I constantly feel awkward, wonder if people are talking about me, nervous, sick to my stomach… I wish I was able to be more extroverted. I was more when I was younger but it's only gotten worse as I've aged. 🙁 Thank you for sharing your story.

  23. I totally understand what your talking about in this video! I’ve always be “outgoing “ I guess I can say until I got in high school.. when everyone was in their stupid little “clicks”. I’ve always been the girl to just like who ever that had respect for themselves and others I hated when others picked certain people! 🤨 you know?! But I completely shut down in high school.. I ate lunch outside of my next class that was after lunch. I tried joining dance and eventually got into cheer.. but I just felt out of place. 🤷🏻‍♀️ sorry if I’m ranting.. but it was a lot I especially got out of tune with myself in my early 20s drank a lot of alcohol and never wanted to go out! I love you girl and I’m happy that your happy! For reals for reals! Girl are you a water sign? You have all the wonderful crazy emotions like mehhh!

  24. Thank you for sharing! So glad to see what a strong person you seem to be today after all of that. I just found you today and have been watching your videos for a couple of hours now. I'm new to plant-based eating and really learning a lot from your videos. Please don't stop I'm feeling very inspired by you.

  25. I lost a lot of friends because they thought I was no fun lol in actually I can’t step foot inside the places they wanna go 🤷🏽‍♀️ lol clubs and bars are extremely uncomfortable for me… even some restaurants. It’s weird because it’s not all social settings for me but apparently there are different types of social anxiety and they all affect people differently. Glad you made this video 💜.

  26. What are some ways to completely cure your anxiety? I read many good opinions on the net about how Atoractove Secrets can assist you completely eliminated your anxiety. Has anybody tried this popular social anxiety treatment?

  27. Do anyone know about Atoractove Secrets? Does it work? I hear most people completely stop their social anxiety with this popular anxiety methods.

  28. thanks for sharing! it is nice to be reminded that I/we are not alone in that. I've worked from home for over 10+ yrs which has turned me into the biggest hermit. I moved to denver last year and I'm much older now than I was last time I moved. It sure is hard to make friends when you have social anxiety and work from home.

  29. It was no coincidence i found this specific video of yours today. I needed to hear all of it! Feeling alone and like it’s never going to end is the most devastating feeling ever. Thank you so, so much for this ♥️✨

  30. I just found your channel and have been watching videos for a couple of days lol. I too had panic attacks. Haven't had one in along time but do get anxious. I am on anxiety medication and am having a hard time stopping it. I started eating whole food plant based about a year ago and my perspective on life has changed. I feel more calm and don't sweat the small stuff… are an inspiration!

  31. I just want to give you the world's biggest hug and give you a shoulder……wait……only if it didn't make you anxious.

  32. Hey Sarah, I'm binge watching vegan content trying to get inspired to eat more as I heal and recover from late-stage neuro Lyme disease and this is the second time I started crying while watching your videos. I just want to reach through the screen and give you a big hug! I've experienced depression and anxiety my entire life, definitely have struggled with eating disorders off and on, have gone through loosing my brother and father, was an in abusive marriage for almost a decade, and am queer and gender fluid- that's not all but thats enough to give you an idea that I get it, I've been where you've been in that darkness many times and have come to much the same conclusion as you- love and gratitude. As I fight this disease I am just all the more grateful for every moment, every day, every thing and every one in my life. It's like Modest Mouse says, "if it takes shit to feel bliss, well then, I feel pretty blissfully." I just wanted to take a moment and express how grateful I am that you created this channel and provide such informational and inspirational content. I feel kinda exposed just leaving this comment, and I truly admire and appreciate your bravery and courage putting yourself and your story out there. Thank you for you! <3

  33. I can relate to a lot of this. I also was petrified to ask to use the bathroom to the point of peeing myself in early elementary, and really struggled with the way other people interacted with each other, girls especially. It wasn't kind, the way my family had taught me communication should be. I never had the patience for the politics of social interaction in school, and when I graduated, I was torn between the sadness that I could have perhaps tried harder, and the knowledge that I don't like to be fake or play games, and just couldn't connect to as many people as most people appear to.

    College was hard for me in that way as well. Luckily, I found a best friend to glom onto, and I ended up making a few good friends, but I never had the social situation a lot of people in college seem to have. I really appreciate you opening up & I feel like you are a kindred spirit. RE a comment you made in another video, I agree that this seems to be a common issue for extra sensitive/ empathic people. xxoxox

  34. Sarah… you're an amazing girl! And on top of that, you're my inspiration for eating healther, more vegan (i'm vegitarian) and picking up fitness again. So thank you <3

  35. Loving the candidness of your vlog, very heartfelt & touching. Also, am loving your dishes too, I'm not vegan but have been considering going so. I also struggle with social anxiety & can relate to much of what you've been through & are going through day to day. Stay blessed & keep keeping on with your heartfelt anecdotes & wonderful recipes, Great material all-around ;0)

  36. Girl. It's like you just shared my life. Undergrad was hell. I grew up in a conservative home, very strictsheltered and so on top of anxiety I didn't want to go get shut faced drunk, or smoke pot and party. I was miss goody two shoes and couldn't find where I fit. Then started gaining weight after having lost some healthily and started losing my mind. Depression, bulimia, anxiety…. Now I'm a therapist and still have all sorts of issues. I food with things better but it's there still. Comes and goes. I have a hard time now being vegan, living in a more rural farmy area I'm a freak, and around vegans Im still anxious I'm not "perfect enough."

  37. Wow. It's alwaysngood to know that I am not alone. I have lived with social anxiety all of my life. I did the meds thing, and though there were some benefits, the results weren't outstandingly remarkable. Getting off Paxil was the worst, as the withdrawls were a nightmare. To this day, hearing the hum from those long tubed flourescent lighting reminds me of the electrical body shocks that I used to feel. Ugh. Now, I have good days and my really anxious days, but overall, I am glad I am still alive.

    Thank you for bravely sharing your story.

  38. Your experience is SO validating to me–specifically about SAD, being seen as aloof/bitchy in HS, and falling apart after a first serious relationship. I know this video is a year old, but thank you for posting it. ♥️

  39. You are a beautiful soul. You, so young, have already realized the goal of mindfullness, which is to meet ourselves where we are and to make friends who we are right now. I'm twice your age, but you inspire me.

  40. So I'm looking to go vegan, stumbled on a video of yours and that lead me here. I am in tears over this video, you are speaking right to me. i know this is old, but you just gained a lifetime sub. im headed to watch everything else now haha! so much love to you and all that you are <3

  41. Your shared experience on this video is beautiful.

    Up until I was 21, thats when I became from a normal person to socially anxious. Im 27 now. Over 6 years Ive improved 10 fold. Expect im soo scared being in groups at dinner tables or in a small room like a house.

  42. Sarah, I love you love you LOVE YOU! Every time I watch you, I fall more in love ! You're so inspirational & funny & smart. You spur me on to create, and to give back. I always think of you as my friend in my head. Thank you for continuing to put out fresh , inspiring videos. Thank you for giving us a part of you. Every time I get onto YouTube, I search for anything you've done that I might've missed LOL. You are JOY!

  43. Honestly, everything you mentioned is so much like mine when it comes to social anxiety/depression/eds, and I feel after watching this video and seeing other people’s same one on the topic that it has reminded me that I’m not alone in my struggle, which is so incredibly helpful in a time like now where social anxiety and depression is creeping up on me and making me feel isolated in this world. Thank you for sharing this 💕

  44. You are so genuine. I wish I was ever lucky enough to have you as a friend in high school. Your talking vids make my day. ♥️

  45. Anyone tried the Atoractove Secrets (google it)? I've heard many amazing things about this popular social anxiety secrets.

  46. I have social anxiety too. I often have the impression I pee in my pants when I'm with people I know less since I was about 15.

  47. THIS video was damn helpful.. I understand you because I think I have social anxiety too.. and yes.. it is conforting to not being alone..

  48. This video is a breath of fresh air. I struggle with social anxiety and have been since I was a kid. You are so beautiful and strong and I love watching you make delicious vegan food!

  49. I felt the same way. I still suffer from social anxiety and I’ve pushed many of my friends away. Thank you for making this video.

  50. Mental pain is hell…be the saint in hell making things better…I'm 46 and have a similar story for the last 25 years…Each moment of facing/falling/crumbing and sprouting again is a life cycle. The souls landscape is vast and filled with empathy for the suffering of others. You seem to give out of Self-fullness…not Self-lessness…hugs, tears, and joy! Love your becoming story.

  51. We are so much alike . Childhood and up . Thank you for this . We are not alone in this big world . We love you so much!

  52. Whenever I feel down because of my social anxiety, I come to watch this video of yours. I feel better every time. Thank you☺️

  53. This is a year old but it really helped me think because I have really bad social anxiety and watching your video makes me want to work on. Thank you so much.

  54. darling how you do realize that most of your recipes mimic the real food 🙂 real animal products ? i mean why do you think you do that ? BECAUSE YOUR BODY CRAVES FOR THE REAL THING> no wonder u have depression. Educate yourself you are doing the worst possible diet or lifestyle or movement call it however you want that is available to humans … i cant even begin to explain how many things you do wrong with your food choices . Learn from people that know more about diet than you. Watch Frank TUfano videos . learn what to eat its not so hard. YOu are eating disgusting poisinous food that tastes terrible and most of all is unhealthy for you :))) and you think the exact opposite .

  55. I just wanted to thank you for making this video. It really made me feel good hearing somebody else have those kind of experiences as a kid, and currently. I am 30 and am still struggling with social anxiety to the point where i can't even look for a job because the thought of it scares the shit out of me. I hope one day i can be like you and feel more free and less trapped inside myself.

  56. I'm 16 and I am an exchange student. I have social anxiety but I don't even have my parents around me. I am alone here. I love to know more people and talk to them. But I am so confused. I can't talk to them because I feel anxious. I don't know if I want to back to my country soon or how to enjoy this exchange. I am learning so much during this time period but at the the same time I am so frustrated with not just my life but also my own self. It was nice knowing about you. Above all, it takes a lot of guts to say for a person that he has social anxiety. You did it, you did a great job 👍

  57. thank you for making this video. i've been struggling so much with social anxiety for years and right now i go to college with "friends" who don't want anything to do with me and i just feel so alone. but i needed this because now i feel less alone. i love you sarah, thank you for all of the videos you make

  58. First, ALWAYS remember: You are Great and Adorable!!!! I LOVE watching your stuff.

    I somewhat feel the same way – except that I KNOW, for a fact, that practically EVERYONE (with a STRONG emphasis upon all people related to me by blood) hates me. But, unlike in the remote past, I know my value – and there is a simple way to achieve this:

    Our finger-prints are unique, no two people have the same. The fascists have been using it to their own sick ends, but Truth is, their uniqueness is there solely in order to remind us of our Sacred Uniqueness!! As it is there to ALWAYS remind us, that we are unique – and that each person's Individuality is Sacred.

    So, whenever I feel the doubts, I look at my index-finger = at its unique lines, at this ONE UNIQUE FINGER, which had never been before and shall never be again – and think of the things I am MOST proud of!! And kissing it, I'm Loving Myself.

  59. It's a good feeling to know your not alone. Not many people understand or care to understand social anxiety,it can feel isolating,when your family or friends say your bieng dramatic or stuck up. We need to find a better solution and raise awarenes! I never knew what was wrong with me,i just thought i was weird.Thank-you for sharing your story, truly inspiring and brave💕💗.

  60. can someone please tell me how to make social anxiety go away, i feel like mine is minor but I'm like awkward to i can't even talk to guys that are somewhat good-looking, i been really bad at making friends too lately

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