Talking Angela – Lunar New Year Celebration

Lanterns, dragons, paper cut-outs, party crackers! This year we’re going to take our Lunar
New Year celebrations to the next level. My friends and I have come up with some really
great ideas. See these perfect lanterns? I found them in the store right across the
street! I’m going to hang them everywhere. I’m also going to make paper cut-outs and
Talking Tom said he’d lend me a giant dragon puppet. Oh and last but most certainly not least
– I have a new dress! You know what they say? New year – new clothes! That’s why I had to get myself this beautiful
new qipao – it’s a traditional Chinese dress! I love the combination of gold and purple, don’t
you? I was also thinking about putting my hair
into a bun so that my beautiful butterfly hair
clip will really stand out! What do you think? And finally – you’ve gotta have a think
about your wishes and hopes for the new year! My wish for Tom is that his new app will be
a smash hit. I hope Ginger gets a mountain of candy, and
that Hank’s TV show doesn’t get cancelled, and as for Ben? My wish for him is that he invents something
that will change the world for the better! Mwa! Happy New Year of Dog,
Little Kitties! Oh and you can download the My Talking Angela
app and get my amazing Chinese dress.

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  1. Eu tenho seu jogo vc já tá com 18 anos eu coloquei seu Nome De Mariquinha te amo ❤😻❤ 😍😻😍

  2. Banjo Ângela anjo Ângela você você mora em Paris sou de Brasília não entendo em inglês então por favor dá para você tentar falar em Brasília

  3. 💟💗💗💗💗💗❤️engela ini bukan aku tapi anak ku yang perempuan 👍oke 👌 mengerti kan kamu da,da,da,da……..!

  4. i want to play my talking angela but my tablet's touch isn't working. I'm using a mouse but apparently i can't do anything with a mouse ONLY on this app PLZ FIX THIS I WANT TO PLAY!!!!

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