Talking Angela Sings – Happy Birthday to Me! (NEW Song)

Here’s a question for you, my Little Kitties… …what do you call a day you can have a cake for breakfast? Ok, here’s a hint It’s a happy day… Got any ideas? No? Well, why don’t I sing you the answer? Chocolate cake with some cream Almond pie is my dream Cupcakes, tarts and macarons Glitter cards and ballons Happy birthday to me All the cakes are yummy When my friends come along Let’s all sing a song Happy birthday to me Happy birthday to me Happy birthday, dear Angela Happy birthday to me! Ha ha! That’s right! You call it a birthday! I don’t know about you, but now I’m really in the mood to celebrate Time for cake! And happy birthday to you! Whenever your special day is. Hey, what’s your favorite kind of birthday cake? Let me know in the comments bellow. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss any of these fun videos! See you next time, my Little Kitties! Bye!

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  1. Oh muy birthday is this day! 2 february! OMG! The birthday of Ángela and me is the 2 of february! Happy birthday Ángela and me, Happy birthday Ángela and me , Happy birthday dear Ángela and toooo me! 🤣

  2. Angela my birthday is on 18 may don't forget ok happy birthday to you. Love navya : happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Angela happy birthday to you.

  3. I can't wait for my birthday in March 22 because at Peter pipper pizza where actually been booked on . my real birthday

  4. Happy birthday Anegla . May you live long. May god blaze you. You give happy nes to every body. You are the coolest kity that i know. You will very fames.

  5. Happy birthday but I don’t want to offend you but I hate cats but not you or Tom I like dogs (: pls don’t kill me for this D:

  6. Happy birthday angela you are my favorite super star and my favorite birthday cake is chocolate cake

  7. Happy birthday Angela….You are the best singer,your voice is so cheerful and sweet and my favourite cake is black forest chocolate

  8. Hi Angela l have gift for you 💍💎 happy birthday do you like this face 😍🦄 Ooooo you are very good cat

    By 😘🤗😍

  9. im your biggest fan i lve your sining i wil watch you ever week and my mom and dad are duvors im with mom happy birthday tel tom he is funny

  10. this is a song about a really useful engine named thomas the tank engine

  11. I like you angela a wanna be you your freind and I wanna be u freind of tom 😊😊and he little cute Geiger haha and hank and ben you all same nice you help each other and I'm wanna hangout with tom an nd you angela and you all❤💓💞💋

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