Talking Angela’s Premiere Party for Talking Tom and Friends Season 2

Hey little kitties! It’s time to celebrate! Season two of our animated series is coming out soon So I’m planning a super special premiere party so we can all watch the first episode together Do you want to throw a screening party so you and your friends who watch the first episode of season two in style? Here are some tips and tricks that I use for party planning. I’ve thrown all kinds of parties Christmas parties… Halloween parties… birthday parties You name it I’ve planned it One, two, three, four! There are some simple rules no matter what you’re celebrating You ready? First: keep it simple. The main thing is that you and your friends have an amazing time hanging out together It doesn’t need to be fancy just good friends and good times! Next: food! Talking Hank would never forgive me if there weren’t delicious snacks. For a premiere party, I’m gonna stick to finger food Chips, dips… Pizza… You know what I’m talking about. Delicious to eat and not much to clean up at the end I’m also going to sneak a few fresh veggies into the mix I bet if there’s a yummy hummus or a homemade guacamole I can trick the guys into eating healthy For true Talking Tom and Friends style when it comes to drinks, I’m gonna serve smoothies and shakes We can set up a little drink station with loads of fresh fruits and juices Then we can also blend up whatever concoction we wanna drink creative and delicious Have you got lots of places for people sit and watch the episode? That’s the most important thing, but if you don’t have lots of chairs or sofas don’t worry, just create a chic cushion corner instead throw some soft pillows and cushions on the floor for a cute comfy place to sit And finally one of my fave party planning things Decorating! Since this is such a happy occasion I’m making a banner to hang above the screen that says Talking Tom and Friends Season 2 Oh, I’m just so excited saying that! And I’m gonna string up bright colorful streamers Ooh, and balloons too! I think I’ll also stock up on party-poppers that we can pop at the end of the screening As the big finale Every premiere screening has an after-party so make sure you have a little corner for dancing Have you seen talking Tom’s moves? They’re pretty epic I hope that gave you some ideas Are you going to throw your own super special season 2 premiere party? Tell me about it in the comments below This is going to be so much fun! It’s party time Little Kitties! See you next time

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